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Extra Chilli Epic Spins by Evolution

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Basic information

Software: Evolution

Release: 25.05.2023

RTP: 96.74%

Min bet $,€,£: 0.10

Max bet $,€,£: 40

Max Win: x20.000

Autoplay Option: No

Multiplier: No

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Written by: , Junior Content Editor April 15, 2023 at 8:39PM
Last Updated: April 15, 2023 at 8:43PM
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Game Objective

Extra Chilli Epic Spins™ is a unique blend of the Extra Chilli game with a LIVE gaming experience, where you can play with your friends in the same rounds and share the excitement! Staying true to its predecessor, Extra Chilli Epic Spins™ comes with six reels and reaction wins in real time, all featuring the exclusive Megaways™ mechanic. The game consists of six main vertical reels and a secondary, horizontal reel at the bottom. The secondary reel may contain WILD symbols that substitute any symbol, boosting your chances of making winning combinations! Additionally, you may get extra multipliers, as well as trigger up to 16 Free Spins and the Gamble Wheel.

Game Rules

The game features three different environments:

  • Base Game
  • Free Spins
  • Gamble Wheel

Base Game

The game begins by featuring six vertical reels (with a variable number of symbols), plus one horizontal reel at the bottom. The horizontal reel adds one extra symbol to each of reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, creating 2–7 symbols in total per reel. Each round of the Base Game consists of five consecutive spins. Start by choosing the amount of your Bet per spin and clicking/tapping the “Play” button to join. If the round has already started, your bet will be played in the next round.

The round starts with the first spin. The vertical reels spin from top to bottom, and the horizontal reel is populated with symbols from right to left. During the spin, a Crate is smashed, which may reveal:

  • nothing, or
  • random multipliers that increase your prize between 1x and 5x, or
  • the letters H, O, or T, (to form the word “Hot”, all three letters must appear).

If you get a Piñata instead of a Crate, you may get even higher multipliers ranging from 10x to 20x, or the full word “Hot” at once! Any multipliers you get from the Crate or Piñata are accumulated at every spin and applied to the current spin and the following ones. After the Crate is smashed, the reels come to a stop and display the result. A winning combination happens when there are matching symbols in consecutive reels, starting from the leftmost reel (reel 1). All winning symbols are part of a reaction and replaced by symbols coming from the top in the primary reels, and from the right in the secondary reel. Multiple chain reactions are possible, and all winning combinations are added together to give you an even bigger win. When there are no more matching symbols in the reaction chain, the second spin begins, and all consecutive spins happen the same way. Each round of the Base Game ends when all five spins have been completed. If you get the word “Hot”, it triggers the Free Spins feature!

Free Spins

Triggered by the word “Hot”, the Free Spins phase begins once the Base Game is finished, and it consists of eight Free Spins (which come with no extra cost). Each of the Free Spins plays in the same manner as the Base Game, and every smashed Crate and Piñata may bring you:

  • nothing, or
  • additional multipliers, or
  • one more trigger of eight more Free Spins.

Winning combinations also happen the same way, and multipliers accumulated in the Base Game are still applied to the next Free Spins in this round. All additional multipliers revealed by Crates also accumulate. Your payouts in this phase are also calculated using your Bet per spin. After completing the eight spins (or 16 spins, if a re-trigger occurs), the Gamble Wheel starts.

Gamble Wheel

You play two Gamble Wheels after the Free Spins. In the first Gamble Wheel, you must choose one colour on the wheel: red or purple. The game host spins the wheel and, if your chosen colour wins when the wheel stops, you have two more Free Spins. Once all the Free Spins of the first Gamble Wheel are complete, you go to the second Gamble Wheel, where you must choose between four colours: red, purple, green, and blue. The game host spins the second wheel and, if your chosen colour wins when the wheel stops, you have two more Free Spins.

The colour you selected in the first Gamble Wheel is your default choice for the second, but you can choose another yourself. If you have not selected a colour before the decision time expires, a colour is randomly selected for you. The gameplay and the wins at the Gamble Wheel happen the same way as in the Free Spins, except now it is no longer possible to obtain the letters or the word “Hot” from Crates or Piñatas and, therefore, no more Free Spins can be triggered. You still have the multipliers won during the Base Game and the Free Spins phases, and they accumulate as the Crates reveal additional multipliers.

Once all the Free Spins of the second Gamble Wheel are complete, the round is over. Your total winnings from the start of the round are displayed and credited to your account, and a new round of the Base Game begins.


A win is made of matching symbols in consecutive reels, regardless of their position on the reel, from left to right starting from the leftmost reel. You need at least three matching symbols to form a winning combination — except for the Purple Chilli symbols, of which you need only two for a winning combo.

Your payout depends on the matching symbols. Highest win paid per winning combination. All winning combinations are added together. All payouts are multiplied by each individual Bet per spin. Only winnings are credited, and bets are not returned.

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