Microgaming Casinos NZ

Due to the unceasing expansion of Internet technologies like 5G and virtual reality, a growing opinion in favor of e-casinos is observed. Their number can completely baffle a novice and defining their choice may pose difficulties for them. However, for more experienced gamblers the very name, a Microgaming casino, is enough to settle on.

It would be no exaggeration to say that all gamblers admire this provider’s games, sometimes without even knowing this brand. For them as well as for e-casino platforms and gambling experts, Microgaming is a trusted name.

What Is A Microgaming

Microgaming is a highly respected provider of game software for e-casinos. It develops top-tier games whose number has risen beyond 850+ titles and Microgaming is not going to stop there. In fact, Microgaming worked at ground zero of the Internet casino industry and launched the very first Internet casino in 1994.

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Best Microgaming Casinos To Play In New Zealand 2022

Partnership with Microgaming can boost every casino’s credibility. No wonder, most NZ players regard Microgaming casinos as the most attractive due to the number and quality of the games and their adjustability to various devices. Working with this developer presupposes having licenses to its software. Thus, if an e-casino employs Microgaming technology, it means this e-casino ranks among the best gambling solutions for kiwi players. You may consider the following 10 top-score Microgaming casinos chosen in terms of experts and players’ rates.

How To Choose The Best Casino Site in New Zealand

Sometimes, knowing the brands with which the casino cooperates is enough to decide on it. However, it is still desirable to make a complete research on the e-casino under consideration. This will take you no great length of time but ensure a delightful pastime in the future. The following factors should draw your attention.


Any reliable e-casino must take out a license. The most common and at the same time dependable jurisdictions are Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Man, Curacao, and the UK.
The gambling industry in each geographical area is controlled by specific governmental laws. Therefore, authorized e-casinos take a bunch of responsibilities. This guarantees that – whatever their location is – the player of such an e-casino

  • incurs no liability for any law violation;
  • obtain a secure system of maximum possible payment methods;
  • acquire access to top-notch games from the widely recognized providers;
  • has various incentive loyalty programs;
  • makes secure payments;
  • gain broaden support

Payment System

An e-casino in New Zealand is a scene where people wager and win real money. The more payment methods NZ casino has the easier it is for the player to make an instant deposit or an easy withdrawal. A reputable Internet casino allows the following payment systems:

  • MasterCard, Visa, and other credit or debit cards;
  • e-wallets, notably PayPal, Neteller, Skrill;
  • ApplePay;
  • cryptocurrencies;
  • bank wire transfers
  • e-cheques

Available monetary transactions may include other options, but any reliable Microgaming casino places emphasis on the safety of payments. However, familiarizing yourself with its payment regulations is a rule of thumb that can protect you from harmful financial operations.

Game Library

Microgaming alone can launch over 20 new games a month. Other developers are also on the move. Add timeless classics and recent trends to estimate an average game set of an advanced e-casino consisting of:

  • classic card games like Poker and Baccarat;
  • board games similar to Craps, Blackjack, and Roulette;
  • reel slots;
  • games with Live Dealer

The latter is one of the recent trends adopted by many Microgaming platforms.

Bonus System In New Zealand

Bonuses are probably the first thing in New Zealand to know about a web casino. All they have to struggle in the arena of severe competition, so manifold bonus programs for both newcomers and seasoned players are common instruments to win this battle. Microgaming casinos are no exception, and their offer may include:

  • Bonus for Signing Up;
  • Free Rounds, Free Spins;
  • No deposit bonuses;
  • weekly promotions and Slot Tournaments;
  • special VIP programs

Interface and Adjustability to Mobiles

It is evident how important is a handy user interface for the website, especially if this website is for gambling in New Zealand. Let’s be honest, no matter how well-certified and full of content an e-casino is, if you get frustrated with its website, you would probably abandon it. Moreover, today’s e-casino ought to improve its mobile services in order to satisfy an ever-growing audience of mobile casinos. One of the solutions adopted by the new Microgaming casinos is website optimization so that the gamers are able to use such sites equally comfortably on all devices even without downloading an additional app.

Support Service in New Zealand

While testing a prospective nz e-casino site, do not forget about customer support. Whatever smooth operation an e-casino shows, there should be always an opportunity to ask questions and receive a quick response to them. Smart support combines:

  • Live Chat;
  • Call Center;
  • Email Support;
  • FAQ section

The e-casino expert team’s assistance by solving problems together with appropriate interaction persuades gamblers to attach themselves to regular clients. So it is vital for every Microgaming platform to maintain a fast-response support service.

Microgaming Casino Bonuses in New Zealand

Microgaming casino sites have an awesome feature – an extensive game collection. But as part of their fair policy, these platforms elaborate a fine mechanism of bonuses. Thus the player may enjoy more gaming time and even boost their chances to hit a jackpot.

The name speaks for itself – the gamers can take a shot at a casino without making a cash investment. On your first visit to one of the Microgaming-powered casinos, you can expect your bonus to be an hour or so of Free Play plus bonus cash. The whole mechanism is usually as follows:

  • You claim a No Deposit Bonus and get bonus time and money for playing without laying out your own cash
  • You play any games you wish and thus sharpen your skills and decide on which title to deposit
  • You compare different bet options offered by the e-casino and choose the optimal one
  • You encash your bonus money since the wagering rules are fulfilled

Traditionally, NZ Welcome Bonus, or Sign-Up Bonus for Kiwis, is what the player earns straight after joining a casino. Microgaming platforms offer different Welcome Bonus packs, but the common strategy to get the most out of them is:

  • You shop around for the most attractive Microgaming Sign-Up Bonus
  • You make a sign-up and receive your Bonus cash
  • You make a deposit and proceed to play
  • Your cash is matched by a sum of up to 200%

Match Bonus

Bonuses of this type serve to increase the deposits by a definite percentage. Its amount depends on a casino, a game, and many other factors. A simple technique to obtain one is:

  • You weigh a few Microgaming casinos bonuses and pick up the one with better betting rules
  • You deposit and get between 50%-200% Match Bonus cash
  • You enjoy the gaming session and thus fulfill the betting rules
  • You can withdraw the winning

Refer-A-Friend Offers

Refer-A-Friend program presupposes small cash gifts as a result of suggesting a newcomer to your e-casino. A usual procedure has the following form:

  • You give your friend’s e-mail address to the casino
  • Your friend accepts the casino’s invitation by the e-mail
  • Your friend makes a deposit
  • You earn additional cash

Microgaming e-casinos appreciate loyal gamers and therefore initiate Cashback Bonuses. The idea is to allow a small compensation for the losses of the long-term players. The Cashback can be a valuable support for those playing a lot.

  • You usually receive Cashback automatically after betting a definite sum thus showing your attachment to the e-casino
  • Otherwise, you claim Cashback via support service
  • Your Cashback equals 5%-20% of the outlaid cash
  • Cashback Bonus is usually free of any wagering requirements

Payment Options

Any self-respecting Microgaming powered casino places at least 10 to 15 alternatives of payment. However, most players prefer only three – credit/debit cards, e-wallet providers, and direct bank transfers. Of course, convenience and easy access should underlie your payment method choice. And your e-casino should definitely make its contribution to it.

Deposits Methods in New Zealand

All Microgaming casino sites are easy to process deposits. Nevertheless, while creating an account, be careful to tick the correct currency. Repairing this mistake can be complicated, if not impossible, so the story may end up with additional fees for conversion. Moreover, your preferred payment method must be available in your location. The top 5 deposit payment methods consist of quite expected participants.

  • E-wallets are regarded as the quickest tool to deposit. Happily, they are available in numerous countries, although there are some of them where e-wallet transactions are impossible.
  • Credit/debit cards are presented with multiple brands like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Solo, etc. One note, check if your e-casino accepts the exact brand of bank card.
  • You will easily deposit via prepaid cards like Paysafe or Ukash, too, but most e-casinos do not allow you to make a withdrawal on them.
  • As to bank transfers, they are in great request as well despite their relative slowness. Both your casino and your bank will ask for certain information, while the transfer itself will take 2-3 days.
  • Bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies have become routine at a huge number of e-casinos, including various Microgaming platforms.

Withdrawals Methods NZ

The withdrawal procedure requires the same payment methods employed for depositing. However, here you need to prepare yourself for a bit longer process. Importantly, a careful deposit often results in a successful withdrawal. The most essential things to bear in mind here are:

  • if you plan to withdraw via an e-wallet or a credit card, all of your deposits ought to be made via this exact method, too;
  • your Mastercard may be ideal to deposit, but it’ll be rather problematic to withdraw back to it. The same is true for Delta cards;
  • if you have deposited cash with a card unavailable for withdrawing, a bank wire transfer may be a solution;
  • Paysafe, Ukash, and other prepaid cards are not allowed to make withdrawals in the majority of e-casinos, so you will have to employ either bank transfers or e-cheques for this purpose;
  • an e-cheque is the last resort if all other methods do not work and is the longest way to withdraw cash, generally carried out via post

Reasonable Limits Of Microgaming

Even the best Microgaming casinos cannot operate in a healthy way without explicitly stated rules for their services. At last, each measure of control taken by the e-casino serves to improve that very gambling experience of the player. For them, it is of paramount importance to take a close look at the website’s section with Terms & Conditions before accepting them. Because it is a common mistake of newcomers who just tick “Accept” while signing up without scrolling what they are about to accept. Such players thus stand to join those who send complaints later.

Time Of Takeout

While deposits are processed almost instantly at most Microgaming casinos, the withdrawal procedure always takes more time to be completed. Especially if you request it for the very first time. But the request ought to be verified for the sake of security, so there is nothing wrong with such a pending process. After making all the inquiries, the e-casino will process the winning immediately.

Time frames here depend on many factors and vary from one casino to another. In this respect, e-wallet transactions seem to be the fastest:

withdrawal method e-wallets credit or debit cards bank wire transfers e-cheques
Pending period 0 h – 3 d 1- 3 d 1 – 3 d 1 – 3 d
Processing 0 h – 2 d 1 – 5 d 1 – 5 d 1 – 5 d
International transactions 0 – 24 h 1 – 10 d 1 – 10 d 5 – 45 d

Min – Max Transfers

The limits assigned for deposits and withdrawals are basic features that you ought to examine before you decide on signing up. Microgaming e-casinos place this info in plain view on the website. As a rule, you find it in an e-casino cashier’s menu or in the text of T&C.

  • The minimum deposit limit depends on an e-casino, chosen payment method, and even a country. The most compliant Microgaming casinos tend to fix limits equivalent to 1$-$5, but most frequently, they maintain the level of $10. This does not mean that the e-casino cannot fix a limit of $35 or even $50
  • The maximum deposit limit ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 at most e-casinos, in case you deposit with a bank card, Nevertheless, you will meet several casinos that welcome larger deposit sums from high rollers. When an e-wallet is employed to make a deposit, the maximum limit can rise up to $12,000. Finally, if you choose Ukash or Paysafe, be ready for the lowest amount available – only $500
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is almost the same at all e-casinos and rarely presents any problem. Its common amount equals $10-$20, but if you use bank wire transfers or cheques as your basic payment method, the lower limit will be much higher
  • The maximum withdrawal limit should interest you much more. Imagine, you have won a jackpot. A reasonable question is how to receive it the quickest way possible. However, prepare yourself for the fact that nine-tenths of e-casinos have specific daily, weekly, and even monthly takeout limits. In short, if there is a daily limit of $5,000 and you plan to withdraw $2,500, you will cope with it hands down. But if you request a much higher winning, in the subsequent days you will be getting a daily-limit sum until it is fully paid to you. Moreover, it cannot exceed the weekly or monthly limit fixed by this e-casino.

Thus, all information concerning minimum and maximum payment limits ought to be the subject of your thorough attention. Go the extra mile reading it and it will guard you against bitter disappointment in the long run.


The majority of Microgaming casinos do not charge either deposits or withdrawals with any fees. However, you have to inquire what fees your payment provider charges for its service. Sometimes, it makes the difference, for example, when you claim for a bonus – your deposit may be smaller than it is required due to the fee. By experience, an e-wallet transaction will cost you the cheapest, while bank transfers seem to be the most expensive way in this respect.


Actually, the only restrictions by Microgaming e-casinos are those of age. The common rule is that you ought to be at least 18 years old. However, to become a registered user of an e-casino, you will need to provide all required information verifying your identity.

At another point, there may be certain restrictions tied to the player’s location. While gambling online is prohibited in several countries or in separate regions, it is strictly governed in some others. Moreover, the gambling rules differ significantly from one country to another. Thus, it is vital that you

  1. learn the gambling-related laws of your country;
  2. know for sure that the e-casino of your interest accepts gamblers from your country

With regard to this, you may attribute any Microgaming casino to the optimal solutions for international gamers, since it has the required documents to operate legally even in “difficult areas”.

Microgaming Mobile Casinos NZ

Almost three decades have passed since the establishment of the first e-casino. At present, it is a fast-growing industry that scales more and more heights. Microgaming mobile casinos are one of these heights. Their advantages include:

  • compatibility with all sorts of devices, be it a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or iPad;
  • high-class graphical presentation adjustable to all screen types;
  • frequent wins of all sorts applied as a promotion strategy

For Phones / Tablets

The weightiest argument in favor of Microgaming mobile casinos is that a large number of people can start playing on their smartphone anytime anywhere. Since Microgaming in collaboration with Spin3 presented a new HTML 5 “swipe and tap” technology for Android and iOS platforms, gamers are able to play right from their browsers.

For PC / Laptops

For the time being, nine out of ten e-casino players would prefer computers and laptops. No wonder, Microgaming platforms can offer them a great variety of terrific games of the highest quality. However fast the mobile platforms develop, they cannot afford the same number of titles yet.

Software Alternatives For Slot Games

Microgaming has put out more than 850 titles so far. About 600 among them are video slots. Since their producer is Microgaming, these slots are characterized by extra-class graphics, additional features valued by the gamers, and absolutely generous rates of RTP, and this makes them special. By the way, did you know that the biggest online winning ever that entered the Guinness Book of Records was paid by a Microgaming operator? Indeed, it happened in a Microgaming Mega Moolah game and the payoff comprised €17,879,645!

Popular Microgaming Games

Microgaming platform presents tremendous games of all types including card, board games, video slots, and video poker with a progressive jackpot that can be played both for fun and for real cash, on computers and mobile devices, without signing up and with various bonuses.

Most gamers are familiar with such Microgaming classics as Cosmic Cat, Break Da Bank, Cool Buck, Joker 8000. Then, Avalon, Immortal Romance, Dragonz, Thunderstruck II, Lost Vegas are amazing examples of this developer’s video slots. Such widely-known brands as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Game of Thrones are also created by this developer. Famous for its Microgaming Poker Network, this company regularly presents new poker versions such as its latest title Hold’Em Poker – a good old game in a new tech guise.

Table Games By Switch Studios

The creative enthusiasts from Switch Studio performed a series of blackjack versions for Microgaming in December 2019. Now such titles as Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, and Vegas Downtown Blackjack represent a new concept of board games with minimalistic design and stunning animation in Microgaming’s portfolio.

One more spectacular Switch Studios product made for Microgaming is a completely new Baccarat. Besides quality graphical representation, the gamers can test a new level of control by peeling, pulling, rotating, or flipping their cards in this game. These and other features facilitated the refreshment of the classic board games.

Microgaming Licences, Safety, And Reputation

Microgaming is a reputable software provider whose fundamental principles are fair policy and responsible gaming. All Microgaming products have proper licenses granted by the UK Gambling Commission as well as by Malta Gaming Authority. Internationally recognized gambling experts as eCogra attested to these games’ distinctive fairness for one of the highest RTP rates.

The provider has obtained various certificates of quality. For instance, the GLI certificate confirms that the Random Number Generator applied to Microgaming products is not rigged. While the BMM certificate verifies Microgaming functional and technical compliance with the industry standards.

Being an old-timer on the gambling market, Microgaming has proved its reliability and innovativeness. A whole lot of players trust this developer due to its uprightness. Microgaming partners only with reliable, fully licensed e-casinos whose idea of gambling is to entertain and provide benefits. By virtue of its devotion to the craft and passionate desire to create, Microgaming keeps on fascinating the gamblers’ imagination with exciting up-to-date products.

All Microgaming casinos deserve confidence, however, the best is defined individually by each separate user. There are multiple factors like bonus programs, payment methods, etc that one needs to bear in mind to choose the exact Microgaming casino for themselves.
Yes. Give a try to Microgaming’s Hold’Em Poker – a renovated version with tremendous features.
Microgaming Casinos have all the required licenses and certificates to operate with players from all over the world. Their services are secure and time-proved. The software they use is of the highest quality.