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Which casino currently has the largest jackpot pool? How many players are chasing the pot right now? How does the current pool compare to the average? We’ve got answers to all of these and other questions. Thanks to our online progressive jackpot tracker you’ll get up-to-date information on some of the most popular jackpots.

Monitor the changes to join the chase whenever you feel is right. On this page, we provide continuous updates to the jackpot pools in numerous New Zealand and worldwide casinos. As time progresses, we will be adding more jackpots and gambling sites so make sure to check out this page for updates.

Enjoy our easy-to-use and convenient NZ progressive jackpots Tracker. We have partnered with casinos and generate a variety of data directly from them so that you have a reliable source to track the changes in the pool sizes. We keep the collected information for one year and offer statistics for different time frames. You can also switch between currencies.

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Popular NZ Pokies with the Progressive Jackpot

This category of games caters to many players and the more variety is added to the selection the wider range of gamblers it attracts. Games connected to the popular network jackpots are played by millions in New Zealand and around the globe. Below we discuss a few epic networks.

  • When it comes to mouth-watering pools, Microgaming is the most dominant performer and it keeps strengthening its position. Mega Moolah is one of the most appealing options to anyone willing to grab some colossal wins. The network connects a few old pokies and a growing number of recent releases so that players have an option of playing more up-to-date games while chasing the win of their lifetime.
  • WowPot! is another Microgaming product that is offered as the way to riches. However, only a few will walk away fulfilling this dream. Seeded at 2 million Euros, this network is there to break the records. It is available in a series of video slots such as Sisters of Oz, African Legends, Queen of Alexandria, and Sherlock & Moriarty.
  • Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams are two NetEnt’s largest networks. These are two separate jackpots with the Dreams version being an update to the original Mega Fortune. The pokies don’t share the same pool and each accumulates its own pool. Both award on average over 3 million Euros, but the biggest wins are different. Seeded at just a quarter of a million, Mega Fortune once dropped over €17.8 million. Meanwhile, its Dreams version’s biggest win was €5.5 million.
  • Age of the Gods is Playtech’s long-time hit. It’s a jackpot network that connects multiple video slots which are the reskins of the famous Marvel pokies. The wins are smaller as well as the seed value compared to the above-mentioned networks. But it still is one of the most recognized jackpots. The average win is a bit over €660,000 with the largest being over €1.3 million.

In the local jackpots division, there are also a few popular choices.

  • Divine Fortune is NetEnt’s most popular local jackpot slot. Every casino accumulates different pools, but you can expect it to be somewhere around the €100,000 mark. It’s a relatively simple, yet engaging slot in both base and bonus games. Central to the main round is the Falling Wilds Respins. During the jackpot game, players need three rows full of golden coins to grab the Mega Jackpot. One or two rows with coins award smaller pools. Available to New Zealanders, Divine Fortune is a must-have title for many casinos. Our progressive jackpots Tracker online will help you to monitor how the pool size changes on multiple gambling sites.
  • Yggdrasil’s series of local jackpots is another popular choice. The studio has built a decent catalog of this type of pokies with new titles being added regularly. One of the advantages of their catalog is that it’s versatile. Yggdrasil is known for creating impressive video slots that feature fantastic artwork. Some of the games that feature local jackpots are Atlantean GigaRise, Big Bucks Bandits Megaways, Jackpot Raiders, Ozwin’s Jackpots, and Holmes and the Stolen Stones.

What Is Progressive Jackpot Tracker

The concept of progressive jackpots is simple. A share of every qualifying bet is set aside to build a decent and sometimes massive prize pool. Considering casinos have thousands of players chasing the same pot, it can quickly grow into a monster size payouts.

The problem is visiting every individual operator to look up the pool size is time-consuming. That’s when trackers like ours come in handy. You can keep track of the changes on multiple gaming sites at the same time. The information we provide can be used to decide for multiple purposes, including choosing the casino to play.

Along with the current pool size, we offer some interesting statistics such as growth rate within the last hour and the comparison of the current pool to the average. If you follow the More Details link, you’ll find even more data specific to the jackpot in a specified casino. One of the most exciting pieces of data is the number of gamblers playing the slot at that moment.

NZ Casino Jackpots Infographic

Take a look at the chart provided on this page. It’s a visual representation of the jackpot data we collect from casinos. You can choose to view information for different time frames ranging from daily and up to yearly charts. This information is relevant to players from New Zealand and anywhere else in the world and there are a few currencies you can switch between.

Check out the list of jackpots on this page and click on the More Details link to view the chart specific to a single casino. On this page, you’ll also find a live player count along with the infographic. This can be another metric to decide when to join the chase. Some would prefer to wait when there are fewer competitors while others will want to have more players going after the same prize.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are two main jackpot categories: network and local. The key difference between them is where contributions come from. As a result, there’s generally a significant difference in the pool size. These two types were the only option for many years until quite recently a new guaranteed category was introduced. Check out the catalog of instant play jackpot slots.

Network Jackpots

This is the right choice for players chasing some massive payouts. Kiwis and players of any casino all over the world contribute to the pot resulting in the often monstrous pools. Mega Moolah is one of the most famous examples, and it has turned dozens of players into multi-millionaires. More recent WowPot! network by Microgaming is even more promising as it seeds at 2 million Euros against Mega Moolah’s 1 million.

The pool is the same regardless of where you play. Huge prizes attract enormous numbers of players in hundreds of casinos, and because of fierce competition, it’s less probable for a player to win it. But for many gamblers, the life-changing rewards are too appealing to give up that tiny chance they have. Another thing many will dislike is the average time for the jackpot to drop can be years. That certainly isn’t the option for those who have little patience. However, the most popular network jackpots drop within a few months.

Local Jackpots

Accumulated locally within a single casino, local pools are usually smaller and the competition isn’t that fierce. Every casino has its prize pool that is formed by the share of their players’ bets. Players from New Zealand and other countries contribute to the same pool as long as they are members of the same casino. Gaming sites that belong to the same family usually share the same local jackpots.

As the size of the pool varies from casino to casino, that’s where the progressive jackpots Tracker online is the most useful. It’s easy to compare jackpots and find the most appealing ones. The growth rate of a local jackpot is a great indicator of the operator’s popularity. One of the biggest advantages of this category is that jackpots usually drop more frequently.

Guaranteed Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are extremely unpredictable. They can drop minutes after the previous win or take months to accumulate before awarding the next win. If you want a bit more certainty, consider guaranteed jackpots. They are designed to drop whenever they reach a specific limit that players know about. This can be a time frame or a pool size.

The great thing is you know exactly when the odds of winning are the best. The closer it gets to the maximum limit, the higher the chances of landing a win, and during the last few spins before the limit is reached the jackpot drop is guaranteed. Assume there’s only you who chases the jackpot and it approaches the limit. If you keep playing, you’ll be guaranteed the win. One of the first to introduce this variation was Red Tiger Gaming. Its Must Drop product was something unique and made a big splash in the slots world.

Previous Jackpot Wins

Using our progressive jackpot Tracker you can view a recent win history. We keep the records for one year so that older data doesn’t affect the statistics. Previous wins won’t tell when the next one is going to drop but is an interesting piece of information anyway.

  • Average jackpots won is what you’ll also see on our jackpot tracking page. This can help you decide when to enter the chase. There’s no right or wrong moment to start playing because jackpots can drop anytime. But armed with statistics and a variety of extra information, everyone can make up their minds on when they think is the right time.
  • Progressive jackpot hit frequency. Looking at our jackpot chart, you can tell how long it usually takes before a win is landed. You’ll also see the list of the recent wins, when and where they took place.

Casinos Offering Progressive Jackpot Games

Hardly any casino has no jackpot games in its catalog and usually, there are at least a few of them. New Zealand operators as well as those targeting other countries often have popular jackpots we mentioned above. We’ve partnered with multiple gambling sites to bring you the jackpot statistics.

By looking at the growth rate of the pool, provided by our casino progressive jackpot Tracker, you can evaluate which gambling sites are more popular. You can also check detailed casino reviews, check out their promos and wagering requirements, find promo codes and no deposit offers or simply test games for free.

Knowing the history of recent winnings, when and where they landed is something players want to know. We’ve collected all the relevant information that helps compare different sites in terms of their accumulated jackpots. The data is generated by our progressive Jackpot tracker and is presented to you on the chart.

Any jackpot game can be added to our tracking system. We continuously add more pokies and eventually, have an extensive collection of popular titles to keep track of their progressive pools.
Theoretically, there’s no limit to how big they can grow unless it’s one of the guaranteed jackpots. The record-breaking win at the time of writing is €18.9 million.
Switch between different time frames at the top of the chart to view up to a year-old data.
The main chart only shows how the pool size is changing over time and when it was hit. To see where recent wins took place, go to the dedicated jackpot page.