Top Online Blackjack Reviews 2022

There’s something mesmerizing about blackjack online game that attracts millions of gamblers globally. Apart from a classic type that is common in casinos, there are multiple other variants as this product keeps changing. iGaming industry has introduced many developments to make it more immersive and appealing.

Live online blackjack is at the forefront of innovations. Recently the competition in this vertical has intensified significantly, and casino fans benefit a lot from that as they get to play a rich library of blackjack online. Small and big markets celebrate this versatility along with the rest of the world because they have access to all the latest developments.

Live Casino Games

Best Online Blackjack Bonus

Gaming sites often reward new and existing punters for making deposits. The match bonus up to around 100% is what new members typically collect, and it’s followed by reload promos. However, extra credits can’t be usually spent to play online blackjack as the primary purpose is to encourage slots wagers.

But some best online blackjack sites do offer special promos for the fans. Or at least bets will contribute a small share to the bonus playthrough. 10% or less contribution is what usually can be expected. So, don’t be discouraged by the lack of great promos tailored for online blackjack play for fun or for real. There are always few decent options.

Bonuses do matter, but never choose operators solely because of appealing promos. Best online casino for blackjack should first of all be reliable and fair. Everything else is secondary except for, probably, payment options because if you can’t pay real blackjack online won’t be an option. Usually casinos offer popular methods to fund online blackjack and even paypal is sometimes an option.

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Basic BJ Strategy

Control it gives players is hugely appreciated along with the high RTP achievable when right decisions are made. Anyone, willing to learn how to win at blackjack online, should know a specific set of rules on when to hit/stand/double called basic strategy. It’s about pure math and tolerates no improvisations. Refer to the table provided here as it explains all the rules in the most convenient and intuitive manner.

As you can see, every possible scenario is covered and users are presented with optimal decisions that must be taken. Enough to maximize the potential return the strategy isn’t about how to win at online blackjack constantly, but rather about squeezing max payout in the long run.

Basic BJ Strategy

Advantages of Online Blackjack

The opportunity to enjoy blackjack online for fun is precious. It’s unique to iGaming and is very useful. This experience is precious as in this case practice does make perfect. Inexperienced players who join the table wouldn’t feel intimidated as the transition from free to real money online blackjack is smooth.

If you want to visit a land based casino, live dealer variant would be a perfect rehearsal introducing a social element. This online blackjack is enjoyed with other players and their presence can be felt through live chat. Dealers responding to the chat messages make it even more fun.

Play Online Black Jack Games for Free

New or hardcore players all benefit from the demo mode. Those new to the game boost their confidence, while those familiar with the basics get to test online blackjack strategies. Don’t hesitate and jump right into the action as joining cash or demo online tables is easy and hassle free.

Except for live dealer blackjack, other online variants are available for free at practically any casino. And these would be exactly the same games you load in the real mode. So, whatever experience you’ll get from the demo play, it will translate to the real mode. Online blackjack casino is the only thing that is required.

Most Common Blackjack Variants

The game evolves continuously, resulting in the creation of numerous variants. Online real dealer blackjack was a huge leap forward that had forever changed the landscape. This arguably is the major development. But overall transformation has begun since the inception of the product, and intensified during the recent years as online blackjack gambling has attracted attention of the few major content suppliers.

The industry came up with interesting choices that are quite rarely seen. For instance, Switch, Single Deck, Speed, Free Bet and other variants. Unique virtual environment is offered by Yggdrasil products featuring 3D dealers such as Sony. It’s not about manipulating rules, but reimagining the way online blackjack game is presented. Side bets, different payouts and rules make each version unique, but true to the original.

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

Traditional variant, that’s time tested and proven to be a major success, is tops the ratings. It’s simple yet powerful and slightly twisting the classic rules is what content suppliers do to design versions that feel fresh and unique. Online blackjack with real dealers is also usually offered in the classic form, but there’s much more versatility in this vertical than in the RNG. Here are major classic rules:

  • Getting a pair of cards worth 21 is the way to win or at least not to lose.
  • Gamblers each get two cards face up, while dealer also has one of them always face down.
  • Decisions to make are to hit, stand, split or double.
  • Anything above 21 is considered a bust.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack

This variant of blackjack online game is very similar to the classic one, but it gives players fewer decision making opportunities. The process itself slightly varies and that impacts the overall feel of the game.

  • Doubling down is only possible when there are 9, 10 and 11 points.
  • A pair of the same cards from 10 to K can be split. For instance, having J and K doesn’t give this option. Three splits is the maximum.
  • Unlike classic versions, when playing European online blackjack game, dealer doesn’t peek when Ace is the face up card.
  • One minor difference is in the process of dealing. Dealer doesn’t get a hole card until everyone has played their hands.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack

The name of this variant sounds intriguing, and you might think that it’s something extravagant. But it’s actually pretty close to traditional online blackjack games with only minor differences. One of the most significant being the shoe is filled with 4 decks, making it more predictable in the latter rounds. Practice online this blackjack variant to learn the rules.

  • Doubling down is allowed regardless of a hand.
  • Soft 17 means dealer doesn’t take an extra card.
  • Splitting of mixed 10 value cards is allowed, for instance, J and K.
  • Aces can’t be split more than once, but any other pair is split up to 4 times.
  • When there’s an indication of the highest hand, dealer in strip blackjack online has to peek.

Live Dealer Blackjack

The atmosphere of the physical casino is now as realistic as possible with the availability of live dealer online blackjack. Specially equipped studios replicate casino environment for a more thrilling experience. Chat option adds a social factor into this mix as it opens the possibility of having a dialogue with fellow players or online blackjack live dealers.

Live Dealer Blackjack

This live casino vertical has gained momentum and develops really fast with developers always working on revising and twisting traditional games. New variants appear regularly offering variants that perfectly suit all kinds of gamblers. It takes a lot of efforts and investments to design a new game, that’s why suppliers aim for the best online live blackjack versions that would pass the test of time.

Terminology of BJ

Only few specific terms are used when playing this game, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the flood of information to remember. Online blackjack practice mode will help memorize them effortlessly. These are just key words that everyone has to know.

  • Decision making terms are: hit (request an extra card), stand (no more cards needed), double down (match the current wager and get just one extra card), split (split an existing hand into two separate). Load any online blackjack in the fun mode and place a bet to see those options.
  • Card combinations. Ace can give 11 points or 1 point depending on the situation, this fluidity earned hands that feature Ace the name Soft Hand. Hard one is when there’s no Ace and the value can’t be changed. Hole card – the one that goes to a dealer and is face down.

Blackjack Rules 2022

The goal in online blackjack is opposite to that in poker. Players should beat the house and not each other. That means getting an upper hand without exceeding 21. Some of the rules were mentioned above when discussing terminology. The rest are:

  • Cards from 2 to 10 worth their denomination. J, K and Q worth 10 points. Ace is either 11 or 1.
  • A pair worth 21 is called blackjack, which is usually paid 3 to 2 or 6 to 5.
  • Splitting is possible only if a pair of the same value cards is dealt.

Blackjack Combinations

When playing online blackjack game, there’s no chance of making the wrong move. There are different rules on when and how many times splits and doubling downs are allowed. But leave it to the software, because it’ll display all possible choices.

Blackjack Combinations

There are numerous possible combinations in this game. Just few of them deserve mentioning. When playing for money, best online blackjack combination one would like to see is the natural blackjack, which is a hand with Ace and 10/J/Q/K. This combination never loses and the worst scenario is a draw. It beats even a three card hand that’s worth the same 21.

Blackjack Combinations

Another important combination to remember is Soft 17. It’s no different from other combinations, but is usually used to explain when dealer stands. Some blackjack games online stand while others hit on Soft 17. This information helps gamblers adjust their decisions to win more frequently. Not taking into account when dealer has to stand is equivalent to taking unnecessary risk.

Useful Online Blackjack Tips

Everything that can be advised for a better performance is to learn the basic strategy. One small table gives answers to all questions on what to do in different situations. Choosing the best online blackjack site would be another useful tip.

Pick online casino that offers blackjack variant to your liking and sign up to wager real money or jump right into the demo action.
Best online blackjack for money isn’t hard to find. First check assortment at major casinos as they usually provide extensive selection.
The nature of the game is the same, but the difference between online and real life experience is significant even when real money online casino blackjack is considered. Convenience is the key factor of the online blackjack success as it requires no software download, and players be anywhere.
Yes, it tops the ratings in all corners of the world. Everyone wants to play blackjack online and win some money.
Yes, online blackjack is fair as long as you stick to products developed by licensed, reputable suppliers. Their software gets tested and certified before it reaches casinos.