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We’ve put together the collection of all the upcoming slot releases to help you keep track of what’s coming up. You’ll have a chance to demo games that aren’t yet available in casinos and get first-hand experience. No sign-up is required, just click on a Play button to launch yet-to-be-released online slots in practice mode.

There are dozens of titles on this page that are being developed by all sorts of studios from young and promising to established and recognized around the globe. You won’t miss any major releases and will learn about many more exciting new slot games.

Titles are sorted by their release date. Those that are about to get launched come first. This calendar includes slot machines that have hours left till their launch as well as those that are half a year away from the release. Scroll down to the end of the page to look into a relatively far future of online slots. What’s even more exciting is you can test them long before they appear in any casino.

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Some operators give players a chance to demo their upcoming slots even before the final version is finished. But many of them make games available when they are technically ready to be launched, but await certification results, which can take quite a lot of time. So, meanwhile, gamblers can get first-hand experience for free.

The Popularity of New Slots

Most developers today are on a mission to increase their output levels. Two new upcoming slots a week is something of a norm for big, medium, and even some small studios. And as the number of providers steadily grows, players enjoy a vast selection of fresh titles every month. Look through the list on this page to find out that every day, except for holidays, there are usually multiple releases scheduled.

To keep producing a large volume of games, many producers sacrifice quality. As a result, new games feel and sometimes look familiar. The theme may be different, as well as the game artwork, and math is tweaked a little bit but that’s basically all that is done to deliver a game.

However, once in a while, there are truly new slot games getting launched. They make big waves in the gambling community and have the potential to remain relevant for years. Usually, players can learn well in advance of something big that’s coming. Take a close look at this list, some of these major releases might be in this selection.

Importance of Fresh Releases

Why is everyone so excited about soon-to-be-released slot games? Players have dozens of epic hits to enjoy at any moment and some of them remain popular for over a decade. But despite the abundance of great games, we all want to have fresh experiences and explore new opportunities. Not to mention the fact that slots are fast evolving.

After a relatively slow development phase, the slot landscape started to change pretty fast. If you as a player take a break from gambling for some time, you may come back to a quite different world with lots of stuff to catch up on. As time progresses, slots become increasingly entertaining. It’s not only about exciting visuals, but gameplay as well.

For developers, a constant flow of the latest slot releases is a way to get maximum possible exposure. The competition has become so strong that If they choose to remain silent for too long, they risk being forgotten. A small number of providers, however, prefer to put the quality of their games first and roll out a small number of premium games every year.

What Kind of New Slots to Expect?

Slot creators adopt different strategies, and this largely contributes to the versatility of the catalog. Some prefer launching plenty of similar titles every month while others occasionally invest in more expensive projects while at the same time having a streak of moderate titles. Very few aim for top spots with all their new slot releases. So, you can find a wide array of options from uncomplicated to the most engaging ones.

Even though many suppliers see the most potential in slots with high entertainment value, there’s still a pretty large number of new classic titles. A lot of times they have some modern features to spice up the gameplay, but largely remain true to their classic nature.

Slot Games Trends

One thing that you shouldn’t doubt is that there are a lot of great slot developments to come. One of the major trends that make the future even more exciting is the cooperation of many big content creators with smaller studios. This creates a lot of opportunities for startups and further boosts creativity as new industry players have to stand out by bringing unique features and solutions to the table.

Programs like Yggdrasil’s YG Masters, and Relax Gaming’s Silver Bullet allow smaller providers to channel all their resources towards creating powerful content without thinking about many other things such as marketing and distribution. That significantly increases the number of upcoming online slot releases to benefit all parties, including players.

  • Bonus Buy. This is a major trend in the new online slot releases world. Many developers have integrated this feature and their number increases over time. This Feature Buy thing hasn’t become that widespread overnight. It took some time and a series of mind-blowing titles by Big Time Gaming, to promote this option. Big Time Gaming was the first to introduce it to online gamblers by rolling out White Rabbit in 2017. The feature itself hasn’t changed much. Most upcoming titles offer to buy a round of free spins for a price of around 50-100x total bet. But certain developers still try to add unique twists to it, and one of the ways to achieve that is to add a gamble option like in Extra Chilli, or set an extreme price like in San Quentin.
  • Jackpots. Progressive jackpots have always been a big thing. But recently this vertical has attracted a lot of new studios and they bring their unique ideas to the table. For quite a long time there weren’t many changes in the jackpot segment. But within a couple of years, it has become a center of attraction for gambling content creators. There are quite a lot of new slot machines players can enjoy that feature progressive jackpots. Guaranteed jackpots were an immediate success. First presented by Red Tiger, the concept was later adopted by other studios as well. Once a specific threshold is reached, these jackpots are guaranteed to drop. The threshold can be a certain time or a pot size.
  • Unique Features. Not all providers strive to deliver innovative solutions, but there are many of those working on developing something that truly stands out. Studios get credits for being creative, but only when their unique ideas prove to be exciting for gamblers. That’s when each upcoming online slot release is anticipated. Bonus rounds, boosters, and slot engines are the main avenues to deliver innovations.

Where to Play Upcoming  Slots

That is when casino sites can’t help you. Unless certified and officially released, gambling operators won’t offer you access to games. Use this calendar to stay informed of all new releases coming out within a few months. Whenever developers roll out demo versions, we add this option so that users will have an opportunity to test yet-to-be-released slot games well ahead of the official launch date.

On this page, there are always some of the most anticipated releases that are expected to become extremely popular. Look through the calendar and chances are you’ll see a few sequels to some exciting hits. The collection is sorted by the release date and guides you through all new upcoming slots.


Content creators often roll out demo versions of their upcoming slot games well ahead of the official release date. That’s a great chance to get first-hand experience and choose which new slot releases to wait for. Check this page back regularly as we continuously add more titles and update information about them as soon as we find out more about latest slot releases.

We’ve created this page to introduce you to the vast selection of games scheduled for release within several months.
Test titles before their official release date to know which of them are worth waiting for. Demo versions are available not for every upcoming slot, but keep checking back as we add them as soon as they become available.
Most of the time, developers do not set a lot of geo-restrictions. So, there’s an entire collection of new slot machines slot fans can test.