The Best Online Gambling Sites 2022

International market is targeted by variety of gambling sites from small to the best online brands. We’ve compiled the list of top tier operators that accept players around the globe, ranked and reviewed them so that you have complete information about available choices and how they compare to each other.

Selecting the most well known brand is tempting, but isn’t always the most optimal decision as you can miss out on something more valuable than a brand recognition. There can be more appealing bonuses, faster withdrawals, more attention to each customer, best online gambling slots and overall premium services delivered to a smaller player base. So, make sure to approach the selection process with an open mind and knowing what you would like to find.

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More Gambling Site Rankings

Internet casino market is still growing and new operators enter all the time. Any of the newly launched casinos is widely available except for few restricted territories. As the time progresses, we will be adding more casinos to our rating, along with their detailed reviews so that you have the best selection of online gambling sites.

Only operators worth player attention by offering decent services will be reviewed and listed. So, stay tuned for our rating updates. It isn’t only about new entries, but about changes in the existing list. We have an automatic ranking algorithm that recalculates operator’s rating as additional facts become available. For instance, new license is acquired; relationships are built with more game developers; better/worse player reviews appear. There are multiple factors affecting the end rating and our list of top ten online gambling sites can change any moment.

More Gambling Site Rankings

How We Find the Best Gambling Sites

We have an algorithm that is designed to rank casinos. One of its main goals was to be as objective as possible. We have reached this goal by introducing different casino characteristics and assigning certain weights to each variable depending on how important they are.

Different licenses have different significance based on the reputation of the jurisdiction. Casino content, banking options and multiple other factors also contribute towards the final casino rating. Once all operators are run through this algorithm, we automatically get the top 10 online gambling sites.

Player reviews and complaints filed with Clash of Slots also make a difference. Unresolved complaints will lower operator rating as we believe best real money online gambling sites have to communicate with players through any channel and fix mistakes they make. However, this feature is not to be abused by rogue players as illegitimate complaints won’t negatively impact the ranking.

Our Gambling Site Reviews

While casino rating is generated automatically by our algorithm and provide only with a number, casino reviews give a great insight into what players will get. Each casino is viewed from various angles and carefully examined to learn as much as possible about the operator. Top online gambling sites are also subjects to thorough research just like any other brand.

Each time writing a review, we go through casino terms and conditions, revealing all the interesting details that otherwise would go undetected. And here can be a significant difference between the best online gambling websites and their less popular competition. Well written, fair and clear T&Cs is a benchmark, while some operators make it difficult to understand their rules with the purpose to confuse players or due to the lack of skills.

Our Gambling Site Reviews

Gambling Site Guides from Expert Gamblers

Expert opinion we provide on this site is based on years of experience as gamblers and as a result of continuous research into the industry. iGaming world seems uncomplicated, but there are much more than players can see on the surface. Our casino reviews are written with the deep understanding of where the true value lies, and it’s not always about things that are already there, but also the potential operators have.

In addition to the casino rating and reviews, Clash of Slots provides essential information to better understand online gambling in general, and how to choose best sites. By sharing our expertise we hope it will teach you to make more educated decisions and be able to tell myths from facts.

What’s the Best Online Gambling Site

Look through our top rated online gambling sites. These are some of the greatest operators with huge game libraries, nice bonus offers and overall excellent quality services. They treat its customers fairly and are ready to resolve any issues and if mistakes are made, ready to fix them.

Casino rating for players from a particular region is the same as for the rest of the world because practically all listed operators accept customers from all corners of the world. But you can have choices that are fine tuned for the region by setting filters we provide at the top of the list. Choose, for instance, your preferred deposit method and currency. There will be fewer options left so you won’t bother selecting one out of dozens of options.

Ranking doesn’t always correspond to the value some operators have for a player as each gambler has his/her own requirements. So, do not write off lower rating options without having a proper look at them and at least reading their reviews as they can offer the best online casino gambling experience for you.

Improve Your Chances of Gambling Success

Most of the casino content is games of chance, and there’s no way to twist them or somehow affect their payouts. So, strategies and betting systems obviously aren’t the option. But there are some things you can make to ensure a more pleasant experience and possibly better return in the long run.

In general, the best way to make money gambling online is by making wise game choices. This won’t ensure more winnings, but give higher chances of landing them. The higher the RTP, the more wagers are paid back in the form of winnings. Each gambler individually probably won’t notice any difference in case of slight RTP differences, but they are there. You just need to play a significant number of rounds to have the actual return close to theoretical.

Wide popularity of adjustable RTP in slots made savvy gamblers develop a new habit of checking RTP level of slots every time they are played. Certain developers roll out several versions of a single title, each with a different return rate. Top online gambling companies or not, operators tend to pick some versions that are set to return less than the maximum value. So, just check game files to see which version is in front of you. Do it for every casino.

Volatility is another parameter to pay a close attention to. To enjoy casino sessions, it’s important to pick the right volatility level as this metric is responsible for the way payouts are spread.

Yes, but only if you pick the right operators that have a license and original software. Top online gambling websites listed on Clash of Slots are all safe and have a history of treating their customers fairly and keeping information they provide secure.
This industry is well regulated in some jurisdictions and lacks regulation in others. When it comes to three most popular licenses the degree of control varies. UK is sometimes referred as overregulated; Malta is moderately regulated; while Curacao lacks regulation. Curacao licensed casinos are basically self regulated as there’s basically no one to oversee them. Huge iGaming community, though, keeps a close eye on the industry and preserves its integrity. So, the best online gambling sites get approval of multiple players before they can get to the top.
It’s up to everyone’s individual interest, but slots are basically the easiest and most thrilling category for beginners. The best online gambling casino would hundreds of titles to fit any taste, and demo mode is there to try games for free. If not the best online gambling games, they are obviously the most popular.
There are a lot of top online gambling operators that offer Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Yes, you can use this cryptocurrency if that’s your number one option. The only thing that might bother some players is that the Bitcoin price is at times extremely volatile and gamblers can get smaller than expected amount after exchanging it to fiat currency.
Yes, but not all of them. You should be able to make sure casino is really licensed as some rogue operators only pretend to be legit. The best online gambling operators and every operator listed on Clash of Slots are licensed.
First and foremost thing to consider is if the operator is legit and trustworthy. Then check if it has games you wish to play, payment methods and currencies you would like to use. It’s also important to know whether they respond to player complaints filed with third parties, and if they have overall a good reputation. Ask yourself, what’s the best online gambling site for you and look for the perfect fit.
It is fair as long as you play original, certified titles. Each game goes through a series of tests conducted by specialized labs. If the tests are successful content is allowed to be distributed to markets. Best online gambling developers supply their games to multiple markets and their content gets tested by numerous labs.