Best Casino Apps

If gambling on the go is your favorite option, a casino app can be a good alternative to playing in the mobile browser. Many game operators chose not to develop any apps but some invest money in designing fully functional and premium-quality applications.


Some of the best casino apps today offer an entire range of games and a complete set of account features that desktop users have. This is an impressive upgrade from the early versions that used to offer just a few games and a limited range of features.

Today casino apps are largely an alternative to mobile browsers. The advantage of using them is that they are tailored for mobile gambling to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. In addition, customers can access an extensive games collection, including live dealer titles.

This mobile solution is supposed to provide a superior experience but having a single website that can adjust to mobile devices is the option many casinos choose. Responsive site design is the solution that has evolved to the degree that it’s now much more popular than having a casino app.

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Top 10 Casino Apps

Above are the top 10 casinos that have built a mobile-friendly environment and offer everything casino players need. The ranking is done automatically based on multiple criteria such as licenses, reputation and games collection. Check out detailed reviews to help you make a decision.

To get to the top of the list casino apps should offer mobile users great games collection, a whole range of features and safety. It should be user-friendly and ensure a smooth experience. Intuitive navigation is a must as players don’t have to spend time getting to know the app.

The competition in the online gambling industry is fierce and player loyalty isn’t strong so that any drawback can make a player look for a better gambling site. For a casino that wants to reach a wide audience, it’s important to consider both iOS and Android. Some operators, however, offer solutions for one platform only leaving out many other mobile users.

Installing a Casino App

The main challenge is to find a reliable gambling operator that offers high-quality services, an extensive games library, and hassle-free withdrawals. Once that’s done, there are just a few steps to take.

Download the App

The best way to download an app is to visit a casino site and find the file there. So, head to the casino site and if you don’t see any download link, contact customer support. Only use reputable sources to download any apps, otherwise, there’s a risk of having your device hacked.

Switching from a casino app to playing in the mobile browser is a great option. It’s a no download option that is simple and convenient. If you choose to play in the browser, you get hundreds of additional operators to choose from.

The industry is moving away from downloadable software because of practical reasons. Technology shifts towards solutions that don’t have to be downloaded and installed, and the online casino industry widely follows this trend. So, you probably should consider widening your options.


Once the file is downloaded, all that is left is to install it. Open the file and follow instructions. The process won’t be any different from installing any other mobile app. In a few clicks, it’ll be done. In case anything is unclear or there’s some kind of error, feel free to contact customer support. In most casinos live chat is available 24/7. After the installation is complete there are a couple other actions to take.

  • Open application. Just like a regular gaming website, unregistered players will have access to most of the demo games. Once you open the app, there will be a variety of slots and table games to test. But to unlock all features, you should join the casino. Use your existing login and password if you are a casino member. If not, register by providing some details such as name, email and a few other details. Depending on the operator, there can be different information required to sign up.
  • Verify the account. At some point, you’ll be asked to verify the information provided. Email verification should be done to complete registration. But personal details are usually verified before withdrawals. The casino will ask to prove identity by providing ID with a photo, utility bills will verify your address, and payment screenshots or statements verify your banking method. Some operators will also request some documents to prove the source of funds is legitimate. Sending verification files can be done in the casino app. To avoid any issues later, always provide accurate information. If unable to submit documents to verify your identity and other information, withdrawals will be locked.

Best Online Slots Apps and Games

There are tons of slots to try in a demo and real money mode. Beware that some casino apps do not offer free game versions. Moreover, in certain jurisdictions, it isn’t allowed to even test the games before you verify your age. Best applications offer an amazing collection of slots and other types of games, including table and live dealer. You’ll have hundreds of titles to choose from and they are produced by some of the most renowned developers.

As usual, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is safety. Only apps offered by licensed casinos can be trusted. After the license is verified, check the operator’s reputation, reading player reviews and complaints. Gambling sites that are actively involved in player complaint resolution, have an edge over others as players appreciate this opportunity.

If you find a casino app on the app store, it’s a good idea not to download it unless the casino confirms that’s the right one. There’s always a risk of something bad happening if you aren’t paying attention to who you get apps from. The best way is to visit official gambling sites and download software from them.

Free Slots Apps and Games

A single app will provide access to the entire collection, and you won’t have to download a separate app for every game. Test mode will be available as soon as you install the software and you’ll usually have unlimited access to demo mode. Except for the live casino category, all other titles usually have free versions.

Free slots aren’t an option, it’s a necessity whether it’s a mobile app or a casino website. There are just so many options that players would have difficulty deciding which title to choose. But with a test mode readily available, it’s much easier to pick the game as exploring new options is risk-free.

Apart from demo versions of real money slots, there are a lot of social casino apps with only free games. So, you’ll never be able to spend real money. Social casino apps are on the rise. But they can’t be considered completely free as players have to purchase additional credits when their initial balance is gone.

Slots Apps and Games for Real Money

If you decide to risk real money, it will give you access to all categories of games, including live dealer titles. But deposit must be made first. To do that, you don’t need to leave the casino app as depositing can be done using the application. If you already have money on your gambling balance, it should appear in the app.

To upload funds, go to the Cashier, pick the payment method and follow simple instructions. In a few moments, you’ll be ready to gamble for real. The minimum deposit is usually 10-20 EUR and a wide selection of banking options is typically offered.

The greatest benefit of betting real money is that payouts are real and can be withdrawn. Moreover, operators often reward depositing and it’s possible to claim bonuses using a casino app. Whereas demo play will never win you real funds.

Casino Game Apps Compatibility

Casino website users have no compatibility issue. But when it comes to apps, there’s different software for each platform, and sometimes casinos offer just one application that is compatible with only one popular mobile platform.

Apps for Android

This platform is one of the most popular and sure enough many casinos that offer mobile apps have a version for Android devices. Usually, casinos have a wide range of devices compatible with the apps. Because this is a very common operating system, apps are continuously improving and you can expect a high-quality, smooth user experience.

One of the greatest downsides of having a mobile casino app is that users can literally gamble anytime and anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. This can encourage problem gambling. But some casinos have a set of responsible gambling tools that can be activated in the app or on the site. These tools should help fight the urge to gamble and keep the activity to an acceptable level.

Apps for iPhone

Owners of iPhone devices are considered a priority as there are so many of them. That’s why casinos usually offer apps that are compatible with iOS, and some even prefer this operating system to Android and develop apps for iPhone users only.

Developing an app for iOS might be expensive as starting from 2019 Apple allows only native to this system gambling apps. While the cheaper HTML5 games were removed. That significantly increased the development costs. However, some gambling operators seem to be ready to spend extra money because the share of iOS devices is significant.

Contact customer support if you are unable to locate, download or install an app. If you like a casino but it doesn’t have an iOS app, it still can be considered. iPhone users don’t need any downloadable software to enjoy gambling as they can access instant play games on a mobile browser, which is a great alternative.

The same is applied to iPad owners. They can upload iOS gambling apps or use a mobile browser and have the same features and content.

How to Play Casino Game Apps

Casino apps are usually easy to navigate. You’ll go to the games library and choose one of the categories. Then click the title you like and play. Those with experience playing on the casino sites will have no difficulties using the app. To play in real money mode, players will have to log in or sign up and upload some funds.

To sign in, use the existing username and password as players have a single account that is used across all devices and apps. All features such as signing up and depositing will be available in the app so that you won’t have to exit it to perform any of the tasks.

How to Claim Bonuses at Online Casino App

Read bonus terms and conditions to learn how to claim it. Usually, casinos offer deposit bonuses so that a certain minimum amount must be uploaded to be eligible for the offer. Depositing and claiming bonuses can be done using the casino app. To claim the offer, you’ll either have to add money or enter the promo code. Most of the time bonuses are credited automatically after the requirements are met.

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For no deposit promos, there will be other requirements. After you fulfill them, the money will be credited. If free spins are issued, open a slot that is mentioned to activate the spins as you’ll have a limited time for activation.

Sometimes players are asked to contact casino live chat to claim the offer. So, you should read bonus rules to follow the instructions. Otherwise, there’s a risk of becoming ineligible if you miss some steps. Everything that is required to claim promos, will be available right in the casino app, from entering bonus codes to contacting customer support.

Tips for Staying Safe with Gambling Apps

Gambling attracts many scammers, and some of them may offer fake casino apps. That’s why downloading unverified software to be avoided. It’s always safer to download files directly from the operator’s site and definitely not get them from some unreliable app stores. Another thing is to only install apps that are offered by licensed, trustworthy casinos.

There are numerous ways hackers can exploit your devices when bad apps are installed on them. Privacy and safety concerns should be taken seriously. And considering players often provide sensitive information to casinos, including payment information, being careless can be a costly mistake.

There are general precautions every smartphone user should consider taking. Protect your phone with a password and log out from all the apps that are given sensitive information. Don’t forget to delete all the apps and information if your phone will have a new owner. Otherwise, they can have access to your data.

Payment Options

Multiple payment methods are integrated into mobile casino apps so that you can easily upload funds. Casinos typically offer transactions made through e-wallets, bank cards and other solutions. Cryptocurrencies in online casinos are on the rise.

Most of the time the set of available banking options depends on the currency players choose. Some operators allow accounts in multiple currencies while others want users to pick just one and it can’t be changed later. If multiple currencies are allowed, players can switch between them and have some payment methods specific to a certain currency.

How to Top Up Account

In the Cashier choose a payment method and enter the amount to upload. Then follow simple instructions that vary slightly depending on the chosen option. Sometimes during depositing, you have to claim a bonus. So, make sure you know the bonus rules and won’t miss a chance to claim it.

Most deposits are instant and fees aren’t charged. But sometimes transactions are slow and operators may charge commission even when players top up their accounts.

How to Cash Out Winnings

To withdraw winnings, you need to have a minimum cash-out amount, which is usually around 20 EUR. If there are no active bonuses, you are free to request a payment. But if there are bonuses that aren’t cleared yet, requesting a cash-out will cancel bonuses.

The process of cashing out is very simple. To request the transaction, go to the Cashier in your casino app, choose a payment method and enter the amount. Only registered banking options can be used, meaning that a deposit was made using it.

Before withdrawals get processed, players can be asked to verify their account, address, and payment method. Read terms and conditions to see if there are some specific withdrawal rules. For in