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Players pay a lot of attention to the RTP values as there is no fun without winnings. This figure shows how much of the wagered amount goes back to players. It’s not about a single gambler, but all gamblers and a significant number of rounds. Best payout casinos opt for higher paying versions when given a choice. Here we provide a list of some of the most appealing operators, payouts wise.

Casino wide actual RTP will always vary slightly as game outcomes are random. But average payout also depends on the selection of games and their RTP settings. Adjustable RTP that have recently gained momentum caused a lot of debates. But the truth is in this fiercely competitive industry some operators choose to cut the costs by choosing lower return settings when possible. Others, in contrast, stick to higher return versions to appeal to savvy gamblers.

Operators do not usually publish their site wide RTP levels and you can find some information on return to player in the audit reports. These are rare today, but still exist. In this case the report will say how much games/game categories have actually paid within a specific time period, and there will probably be average site wide number so that you’ll know exactly which one is the best online casino payouts wise.

Gambling sites listed on this page have a high overall return rate and provide good quality services. You’ll have extensive collection of gambling products, numerous rewards and adequate customer support. Building trusting relationships with them will result in fast withdrawals.

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Best Online Casinos That Payout for Players in 2022

The number itself doesn’t mean much to every individual player. Whether the site wide rate is 95% or 98%, that can be way different from the RTP settings of each individual title. What you should care is the theoretical return of the content that you play.

Table games and live dealer titles are ok as they typically do not have multiple versions each with different theoretical payout. But when considering slots, this issue will most probably arise since many developers today produce different versions in order to give operators the control over their potential profit. The same title can have a bit over 80% RTP as well as 96% versions, so it’s a significant difference.

Best payouts casino games are the versions with the highest theoretical RTP. But your actual return can be completely different from theoretical. The official number is just a guide to how generous the title is in theory.

A single player wouldn’t be able to feel slight theoretical RTP changes, but they can check official RTP settings. So they don’t have to guess or rely on insufficient data they collect to know which titles are more generous. All top tier content providers publish the information about theoretical return for each of their titles. If there are multiple versions with different RTPs, then gamblers can find which version they play by accessing the paytable or other files.

Payout Percentages (Rates) & Gambling Sites

If you want higher returns, you don’t need to pay attention to the overall casino RTP. What you should really pay attention to is the return rate of the games you’re going to actually play. If operator states that it pays on average 98% of the wagers back, and the slot you like is set to return 82%, the first number is nonsense for you. So, make smart choices and check RTP. That’s true for gamblers from anywhere in the world.

Operators can’t choose what their actual RTP is going to be as this will depend on the actual game payouts that are random. It’s an ever changing number, but when a long time period is considered, it’s always somewhere very close to the expected figure, and expected is the average RTP of the collection as a whole.

For instance, suppose there are just 10 slots and 5 of them have 98% RTP, while the other 5 have 94%. In the long run casino is supposed to have close to 96% actual payout rate. If instead RTPs are 90% and 92%, the actual average in the long run is going to be 91% across all titles.

By controlling what content operators get and by encouraging gamblers to play some of the games more, they can affect the payout. Generally, operators would love to boost their profits by increasing the house edge. But in the competitive environment like this, they are forced to reconsider their strategy.

It’s worth noting that the cost of license and other regulative costs can make casinos opt for lower RTP versions. So, gambling sites that acquire expensive licenses are more likely to have less appealing payout settings to make up for the cost. So, top paying online casinos aren’t necessarily licensed in premium gaming jurisdictions.

Highest Payout Casino Games

Some video poker versions take the leading position in the list of top paying titles. Jacks or Better is the one that returns on average 99.54%, which is slightly higher than blackjack when the basic strategy gets implemented. 99.5% is the maximum to get from blackjack. Keep in mind these are theoretical numbers and actual ones will vary.

Most slots are set to return somewhere within 94-97% range, but few titles stand out with their crazy RTP levels. Players will be able to get a taste of the most generous slot titles such as:

  • Goblin’s Cave (Playtech) 99.32%
  • Ugga Bugga and Ocean Princess (Playtech) 99.1%
  • Nemo’s Voyage (WMS) 99%
  • Ooh Aah Dracula (Barcrest) 99%
  • Tropic Reels (Playtech) 99%
  • Mega Joker (NetEnt) 99%
  • Book of 99 (Relax Gaming) 99%
October 2013,
RTP: 99%, Max Win: x200, Volatility: High

The last one is probably the most exciting game. Produced in 2021 by a super talented developer, it features great visuals and the spirit of “Book of” type slots.

RTP is usually in the spotlight, but it shouldn’t be the only parameter to consider when talking about best payout online casino games. Volatility is as important since it tells players how winnings are spread. Low volatility is about quite evenly spread winnings without big swings high volatility titles, in contrast, are less predictable.

Top Paying Online Casinos

Top Paying Online Casinos

Listed on this page are great operators that offer lots of high paying games. These are legitimate and trusted gambling sites that partner with dozens of top tier developers. When given the choice they do not opt for lowest RTP settings and prefer to be more generous to their customers. Coupled with multiple bonus offers, these become appealing choices for many players.

Withdrawals are fast and hassle-free. You don’t want to win money just to realize casino is too slow cashing them out. Another thing to note is the gamification available on these gaming sites. Tournaments, missions, achievements… you can have more options of getting extra credits and making your deposits last.

Payout Percentages & Games

The concept of RTP is often misunderstood, and that’s what causes frustration later on. What many inexperienced gamblers think is that theoretical return is the percentage every single player should get back whether it’s within a single session or a certain period of time. But that’s not how it works. Even the best payout online casino games won’t do that.

Actual RTP for a single customer varies from the theoretical one as the number of rounds played is too tiny. So, when you look at the value, don’t make false assumptions that you are guaranteed certain percentage of your wagered amount back. Otherwise, gambling would be predictable and boring.

Highest Payout Casino Games

The higher the theoretical return, the more players in general get back and it basically means bigger wins or the improved chances of landing a win. Either way, it benefits players. The figure, however, can’t be too high because casinos need to have at least some edge to operate.

For residents of many countries there are no restrictions on games they can play. So, they can have access to any content, including the highest paying titles. We’ve already mentioned that these are Jacks of Better video poker, blackjack (considering basic strategy is implemented) and few slots such as Goblin’s Cave, Ugga Bugga, Ocean Princess, Nemo’s Voyage, Ooh Aah Dracula, Tropic Reels, Mega Joker and Book of 99. They all return 99%+.

On this page we list operators offering high paying games. Players from all corners of the world are welcomed there.
If casino is too slow to process your withdrawals or refuses to withdraw, first contact customer support. If the issue isn’t resolved, file a complaint with Clash of Slots or any third party that can mediate the dialogue. If that doesn’t help, try contacting official ADR service or the licensor.
Look through the list of operators on this page as they offer high quality services and top paying games.
Depending on the games played, there can be over 99% of the theoretical return.
Jacks of Better is set to pay 99.54%, followed by blackjack (99.5%). When talking of the best payout slots in online casinos, these are Goblin’s Cave (99.32%), Ugga Bugga and Ocean Princess (99.1%).