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Trust is important in the iGaming industry. Can you trust people behind the projects without ever seeing them and not knowing their credentials? The answer is yes and no. We are here to help you make the right decision and tell safe online casino operators from rogue.

Gambling site will never be safe if it has no license, hence the first and foremost goal is to see if there’s a genuine permission to operate. It’s very easy and should take a few seconds. Usually at the bottom of the page there’s a logo of the authority that issued the document. Click the link and see if it takes you to the original website and the license is genuine.

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The Safest Online Casino Sites

Having extensive iGaming affiliate experience and mediating dispute resolutions, we’ve collected a massive amount of valuable information on how responsible different brands are. By putting together the rating, we share this precious information with readers. Operators topping this list are legitimate and have a proven record of providing high-quality services and treating customers fairly.

The Safest Online Casino Sites

There are many operators that target international markets. Joining any gaming site is accepting the possibility of something going wrong, which is totally ok. But how they deal with problems is what matters and exposes their true nature. Those we list here are safe, secure and resolve player complaints fairly. So, unless rules get broken, players will have justice restored.

Most Trusted Sites in 2022

Players, especially those lacking experience, are confused about which companies are trustworthy, and there are two ways of picking operators. To do their own research that takes time and requires certain skills, or to find a resource they can trust and choose gambling sites from their ratings.

Both options have pros. Making your own conclusions takes time and effort as you need to consider player reviews, complaints, ratings and lots of other information. But the more time you invest, the more accurate your conclusion is. Meanwhile, Clash of Slots can spare you from this task providing the list of the most reputable online casinos. Our opinion is drawn from experience working with those operators.

What Do We Mean by “Safe Casinos”

Gamblers would often have some concerns when joining a gambling site. A lot of things can go wrong as they provide sensitive information and deposit money without knowing for sure what’s happening behind the closed doors. By “safe” we mean you can put your mind at ease and enjoy fair gambling.

Trusted companies are legitimate, have original games which can’t be manipulated and a proven record of treating customers well. And when small or big winnings land, money will be withdrawn following the standard rules. But always read T&Cs to avoid any misunderstandings later because iGaming companies often set out withdrawal rules.

How We Find The Safest Online Casino Sites

Look through our rating and see which one of them you’ll find the most interesting. These are all legitimate operators and you can double check their credibility. If safety is of primary concern, then pay attention to the license.

How We Find The Safest Online Casino Sites?

Licenses issued in reputable jurisdictions are preferable. These are, for instance, UK and Malta. Curacao, which isn’t highly rated, will do as well. But regulating authorities there give more freedom to their licensees. Still, many operators have a high degree of integrity without the need of external control.

Safe casino sites are always licensed, have a solid reputation, and do not have too many player complaints and when they do, issues get resolved quickly and fairly. A lot of operators can be trusted. These aren’t necessarily big brands known internationally. Sure they are legitimate and reliable, but they are not the only ones. Smaller sites focusing on specific markets can be as reliable as top tier global projects.

Regulation for Safe Casino Gambling Online

Local gambling operators in your country should comply with the local laws. But if you join sites that are regulated outside your home country, you will rely on regulations set out in other jurisdictions.

Reputable gambling authorities design regulations to prevent operators from treating players unfairly. To ensure safe online casino environment, operators get punished with hefty fines and even cancelling licenses for not complying with the rules.

Top authorities take this safety issue even further by holding companies responsible for preventing problem gambling. That means they need to detect customers showing signs of addiction and limit their access to services.


Not all online gambling licenses are equally reliable and it’s important to know the difference. Local authorities such as in the UK and Sweden are very strict and control many aspects of gambling. International licenses might have more loose rules, but still keep the integrity of the industry.

If you, for instance, wonder is Spin Palace casino safe or not, look first at what license it has got. It’s licensed in Malta, which is a reputable gambling jurisdiction, so it’s less likely to treat gamblers unfairly as there will be consequences. Knowing how to validate a license is useful as some rogue sites tend to provide links to fake validation pages.

The Weakest Licenses

Among popular licenses relevant to multiple regions, the weakest one is Curacao. The problem with it is this jurisdiction doesn’t even have a gaming authority to oversee online gambling. Instead, there are four master license holders and they do whatever they think they should do to protect players and enforce some common sense rules.

Curacao operators aren’t all bad, and some have the highest standards. Players just need to be more cautious when choosing one of them. The key issue is players usually don’t get any official support and rely on third party resources to mediate disputes. But safe online casinos are happy to utilize any channels to resolve disputes.

Adequate Licenses The Safest Casino

Malta is a popular and solid gambling jurisdiction with measures taken to protect players’ interests. You’ll have a lot of great Malta licensed operators that accept players from almost everywhere.

UK is another very popular jurisdiction. This is one of the biggest regulated markets and a lot of top tier operators get the UKGC license. For gamblers this means better protection from fraud and more tools to gamble responsibly.

The answer to the question, if Zodiac Casino is safe, reveals another decent jurisdiction, which is Kahnawake. It’s rather unpopular but has a decent reputation and players can feel safe and protected.

Reputation and Age online casinos

Reputation and Age

These two aspects are important and are usually correlated. It takes months to build reputation and those running shady businesses do not stand the test of time. But you don’t have to choose decade old brands to make sure these are reliable. After a few years there should be enough information to draw conclusions, especially when operators are more or less popular.

Many companies regularly launch new projects and in this cases overall gambling family reputation transfers across all their brands. So, if you see young sites that haven’t built reputation yet, look at their older sister brands to figure out if these are safe & secure online casinos.

Role of Online Gambling Commissions

The importance of gaming authorities is huge. They are the ones responsible for the environment within the industry. Strict regulators are better for players as they feel protected. However, excessive control does some damage as it results in operators leaving the market as it becomes less appealing.

If your priority is safety, strict and even overly protective gambling commissions should be ok. But they usually introduce a variety of limits and enforce rigorous player verification processes, while bonuses are also regulated. For instance, allowing only one bonus per player, introducing blanket deposit limits or setting a max bet cap. Such measures chip away at the fun so, many players switch to jurisdictions with looser regulations.

Dangers of Using Unsafe Casinos

Avoid those operators that aren’t reliable as different bad things can happen. Depending on the scale of the fraud, there can be different scenarios. Licensed gaming sites, which are seemingly decent, cheat players by delaying account verifications and withdrawals hoping customers will spend their winnings while waiting. They can also do other things to make you spend more money, but eventually pay the money under pressure.

The most dangerous operators are those without any license as they offer fake games. That means RTP can be easily manipulated and in an unlikely event of winning, players won’t get their money, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Licensing ensures integrity of the industry. Reputable jurisdictions check companies against multiple rules before issuing a license and then closely watch their activities.
It’s a piece of software responsible for random game outcomes. It must be tested and certified before games are allowed on the markets.
Learn to check license validity and analyze player reviews and complaints. That would give you a great insight into how safe mobile casino sites are. Or find resources you can trust and rely on their opinion.
Operators are required to comply with certain rules and regulations and submit documents to the licensing body. Once everything is checked and approved, the license gets issued.
Yes, as long as you pick a legitimate operator with a good reputation, there’s no threat of being cheated. But always make sure not to break any rules as that might cost you some money.