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Football Blitz Top Card by Pragmatic Play

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Basic information

Software: Pragmatic Play

Release: 30.04.2024

RTP: 97.15%

Min bet $,€,£: 0.1

Max bet $,€,£: 100

Max Win: x5000

Autoplay Option: Yes

Multiplier: Yes

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Written by: , Junior Content Editor May 17, 2024 at 12:24PM
Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 12:33PM
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Football Blitz Top Card is a very easy and fast-paced game. The objective of the game is to guess which hand – Home or Away – will draw the higher value card and therefore win. You may also guess whether the cards dealt for Home and Away hands will be of the same value by placing a bet on Draw.

To add to the excitement, Spread Bets for Home and Away sides are available. Furthermore, in each game round, some lucky bet spots are randomly selected to receive multipliers, increasing your chances of winning even more!

How to Play

To play, select a bet amount to bet on Home, Away or Draw. You can also place your bets on the Spread Bets. You are allowed to place or modify your bets while the betting time is open. Your total bet in the current round will be displayed in the Total Bet window. After the bets are closed, random multipliers are applied to the lucky bet spots. The Dealer then deals two initial cards in the following order: the first card to HOME and the second card to AWAY.

Once the Dealer has revealed the cards of each hand, the game round is complete. The hand with a higher value card wins. If the hands are of the same value, the game round is a Draw. The winning bet spots are highlighted on your screen. If any of your bets cover the winning bet spots, you are paid according to the type of bets placed. Your total win is displayed in the winning message.

Card Values

The game is played with 8 standard 52-card decks. Only the numerical value of each card is relevant in Football Blitz Top Card game: the suit of cards (diamonds, hearts, spades, or clubs) is irrelevant.

Main Bets

The main bets in Football Blitz Top Card are Home, Away and Draw. A winning bet on Home or Away is paid at 1:1. If the card value for Home and Away is equal, it is a Draw. In this case, half of your main bet (the Home/Away bet) is returned and wins pay out 11:1. Bets can be placed on Home, Away and Draw bet spots on the graphical game layout. Note: Placing bets on the Home and Away bet spots may be subject to opposite betting blocking.

Spread Bets

In addition to the main bets, you have the option to place bets on twelve available Spread Bets, with six for the Home side and six for the Away side. The Spread Bets involve predicting the point difference between the Home and Away cards. To win, your chosen side must win with the selected Spread Bet point difference. It is possible to win multiple Spread Bets if the point difference covers more than one of the bets. Wins and losses are settled at the end of the game round. In the case of a Draw, all Spread Bets lose.

Furthermore, with Spread Bets you have a chance to win up to 500x your bet. Once the betting time is over, 1 – 12 random lucky bet spots are assigned multipliers. If a bet spot has a multiplier applied and is covered by your bet, you will receive the winnings according to the payout visible on that bet spot. The range of possible multipliers for each Spread Bet can be found in the Bet Limits & Payouts section. You can hide Spread Bets by adjusting the Display tab in Settings.

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