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Vegas Ball Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

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Basic information

Software: Pragmatic Play

Release: 21.07.2023

RTP: 95.97%

Min bet $,€,£: 0.1

Max bet $,€,£: 900

Max Win: x20000

Autoplay Option: Yes

Multiplier: Yes

Game Shows review

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Written by: , Junior Content Editor May 17, 2024 at 11:34AM
Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 12:15PM
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Vegas Ball Bonanza is a visually captivating, entertaining and fast-paced game show, containing several Bonus features for you to have the chance to win even more. Simply buy the tickets to play with for the value you have selected and complete lines on your tickets, as the numbered balls are being randomly drawn by the tumbling device. The objective of the game is to have vertical or horizontal lines created by matching the numbers on your tickets with the numbers of the balls. The more complete lines you get, the bigger are your winnings!

How to play

Vegas Ball Bonanza is played with 1-9 tickets and a tumbling device, containing 30 balls numbered 1 through 30 that are randomly drawn. Each 3×3 grid ticket contains 9 randomly arranged numbers. If the numbers match and form a vertical or horizontal line, you win. You can collect up to 4 lines per ticket or even get a Full House that pays 250x your bet! In addition to the regular balls, there are also two bonus balls to add to your excitement: the Star Ball and the Wild ball. Both balls act as a special bonus feature to increase your chances to win big! Vegas Ball Bonanza lasts until 9 regular balls are drawn if no extra balls follow in case of a Bonus event. Bonus balls do not count against the number of regular balls to be drawn.

General Game

While the betting time is open, buy the ticket you wish to play with by simply clicking/tapping it for the value you have selected.

betting layout

You can add more tickets after the first ticket is bought and adjust their value while the betting time is open. Your selected ticket value will be automatically applied to all your tickets.

The selected tickets will turn face-up and reveal numbers, arranged randomly into 3 vertical columns. Each column contains a range of numbers related to the balls in the tumbling device and is colour-defined accordingly:

  • Left (green): 1-10
  • Centre (white): 11-20
  • Right (yellow): 21-30

three vertical columns

To cancel any ticket, click/tap it again. It will appear face-down and new random numbers on it will be generated.

If you wish a new set of numbers to be generated on any of your tickets, simply double-click/tap the selected ticket.

When the betting time expires and bets are closed, the tumbling device starts drawing balls one by one. You can follow the game progress easily.

All the numbers that matched with the drawn balls get darkened on your ticket.

matching numbers

If there is only a single number missing in the ticket to complete a pattern, it gets outlined.

single number

Complete patterns are displayed instantly.

payout patterns

The drawn balls are automatically updated and displayed on your screen.

desktop draw

desktop allballs

As soon as any of your tickets have complete patterns, the winnings are calculated automatically and updated in the Total Win field.

Bonus Features

Bonus Multipliers

After the betting is closed, 3 to 5 Lucky numbers are randomly generated and assigned to the Bonus multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x or 50x.

special bonus numbers

The Lucky numbers that are present in your tickets are highlighted and reflect the respective Bonus multipliers assigned. If the number of the drawn ball matches any of the Lucky numbers, the multipliers get activated.


The ticket below contains two Lucky numbers “II” and “26” assigned with the Bonus multipliers of 2x and 3x, respectively.

lucky numbers

When the Lucky number “II” matches the number of the drawn ball, the assigned multiplier of 2x gets activated and becomes a Ticket multiplier.

ticket multiplier

If the Lucky number “26” matches the drawn ball, the assigned multiplier of 3x gets activated and is multiplied by the existing Ticket multiplier (3 x 2 = 6x).

ticket multiplied

Please note, that the Ticket multipliers apply only to the tickets featuring payout patterns and do not produce winnings on their own.

Star Ball

Drawing the Star ball activates all bonus multipliers on the ticket instantly, combining them into the Ticket multiplier.

first star ball

Wild Ball

The Wild ball initiates the spin of the Bonus Wheel, to randomly determine the additional 1 to 4 regular balls to be drawn in the current game round to increase your chances to win.

wild wheel

Vegas Ball Bonanza screenshots

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