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Explore a catalog of free 4ThePlayer slots. This incredibly talented studio has rolled out some amazing games that feature striking visuals and engaging math. There aren’t many titles produced by the developer, but every game in its portfolio is something special.

The collection of slots on this page can be tested by any visitor from New Zealand or anywhere else without signing up. There are a handful of games and it’s easy to just try them all. But in case you want slots to meet certain requirements, use our filters. You can choose volatility levels, RTP range, number of lines and reels, and some other characteristics.

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About 4ThePlayer

The studio burst onto the iGaming scene in 2018 and made a statement early on. With the industry veterans on board, it managed to draw attention by introducing some fresh and exciting solutions. It implements a mobile-first approach and makes sure games look perfectly and run smoothly on mobile devices.

BIG Reels mode that is available on smartphones and tablets ensures reels accommodate most of the screen in portrait mode. This is achieved by basically turning the entire reel set to its side so that reels spin right to left. This is a simple decision that makes games visually more appealing.

Despite having a relatively small collection, the studio has become very successful. Every year it launches several new titles so that gamblers need to wait for months before they get to try more of the 4ThePlayer pokies. But it isn’t only about slots. The studio also produces table games. One of them is 100 Bit Dice which offers players control over the risk and payouts. They can set a desired payout and the game adjusts the probability of winning.

The studio is recognized by players and experts. It has been nominated for multiple awards for its innovative ideas. 4ThePlayer partners with several world-renowned developers to produce and distribute their games, two of them are Yggdrasil and Relax Gaming. That allows the studio to reach many markets and deliver its portfolio to many casinos.

4ThePlayer Games

The studio focuses on video slots that usually feature one or two bonus games. An exciting engine that is either unique or has some unique twists, is typically used in every slot. That approach requires a lot of effort and time, and it explains low production numbers.


4ThePlayer is a fan of the Ways to Win engine and uses it all the time. But it doesn’t experiment with this proven engine and there are no crazy numbers of ways to win. Slots usually feature up to 4.096 ways. Some suppliers try to impress players by introducing hundreds of thousands and even millions of ways to win. But 4ThePlayer introduces much more unconventional changes that require more creative thinking.

  • High, very high, or extreme volatility is the common characteristic of 4ThePlayer pokies. That makes them great for those who chase bigger wins and are ready to accept the risk of losing a lot before hitting a big win. Whenever you load one of the company’s games, there are key pieces of information provided on the loading screen. You can see the RTP and win frequency. It doesn’t just say how often wins land but breaks the stats down based on the win size and type (any, big, bonus, epic).
  • Max win is typically high, and as time progresses, 4ThePlayer tends to increase it. So, if its early releases often pay up to around 15,000x, its recent titles land in the range of over 20,000x with some titles awarding up to 50,000x, 60,000x, and even 90,000x. Mind-blowing payouts such as 90,000x are possible, and according to the official supplier’s site, at least one lucky player had this massive win.

If you are interested in knowing your chances of landing some massive payouts, load free 4ThePlayer slot and go to the Game Rules. The Quick Facts section will provide information about the average best win after 100 spins.

Feature Buy

A feature buy option is also available. Sometimes there is more than one bonus buy option. The cost of entering the bonus round isn’t usually high. You’ll pay around 50x-200x for a round of free spins. The price varies depending on the features that will be active during the round and the number of free spins. It’s also worth mentioning that the feature buy RTP is usually higher than the standard RTP and in some cases increases up to an impressive 98%.

In 60 Second Heist, 4ThePlayer gives players a chance to control the bonus round entry frequency. By activating a special Bonus Bet, players can choose an average number of spins between the bonus rounds to be anywhere from 400 up to 1. The latter option ensures you get the bonus every spin. But sure enough, you’ll pay a higher price as the number of spins decreases.

Themes and Visuals

The themes and visuals are fun and engaging. The supplier always tells some captivating stories and presents strong characters. There is a variety of popular slot themes, but 4ThePlayers makes sure they look fresh and unique. It uses just the right amount of visuals not to make games look too simplistic or overwhelm players with heavy animation that would affect game performance on mobile devices. All aspects of these games are great and well-balanced: themes, artwork, math, and atmosphere.

Unique Features

Some of the titles offer features that allow players to adjust volatility. In 6 Wild Sharks, for instance, you can win every spin. Wins can be guaranteed in the Advanced Mode which allows buying up to six locked wilds. Players themselves choose where they want to lock wilds within two Wild Zones, which are the first two and the last two reels. The feature is also present when free spins get activated. But this time the cost of adding locked wilds is the decreased number of free rounds.

August 2020, ,
RTP: 96.5%, Max Win: x10368, Volatility: High
Играть 6 Wild Sharks онлайн
Features: , ,
Играть 6 Wild Sharks онлайн

The studio always adds something to spice up the gameplay and make a game more unique. One of the examples is showcased in 60 Second Heist. Central to this free 4ThePlayer slot is the Win Time Free Spins, which awards one minute to play for free. With speed boosts occasionally landing during the round, this can turn into an exciting race with some impressive payouts. A similar concept was used for its second feature, Turbo Lock Respin. Players get 5 seconds of free spins with winning combinations locked on the reels.

10x Rewind has one of the most unique bonus games you can ever find in pokie. A round of win spins (not free spins) is awarded and players get their last spins replayed backward, starting from the most recent one. All the wins they’ve collected in those rounds will land again, but this time with a multiplier applied to them. Non-winning spins don’t count, so you’ll never leave the bonus round empty-handed.

September 2021,
RTP: 96.47%, Max Win: x20000, Volatility: High
10x rewind
10x rewind

Table Games

With the focus being on the production of slots, the studio rarely rolls out table games. These aren’t traditional roulette, blackjack, or other similar titles. At the time of writing, only two games land in this category: 1000xBusta, and 100 Bit Dice. Both are unconventional games.

1000xBusta is very simple and challenges players to pick the right moment to cash out before it’s too late. As soon as a player clicks to Bet, the multiplier starts growing until the game crashes. It can happen at any moment, which keeps players on the edge of their seats. 100 Bit Dice is similarly simple and engaging as it also provides the opportunity to make key decisions affecting the outcome.

Return to Player (RTP)

Average payout 4ThePlayer slots offer is usually around 96%. Several of the titles offer 97% RTP. Pokies with a feature buy option will sometimes pay more when you buy the bonus game. For instance, in 3 Secret Cities players enjoy a 1.5% increase in the average return when they buy free spins. The number goes up from a pretty standard 96.5% to an incredible 98%. If you want to know the theoretical RTP of any slot, you can find this information in the game rules file. As mentioned, this file also provides game statistics on the hit frequency, and you can learn about how often on average you can land different wins.

Table games offer more appealing RTPs. 100 Bit Dice, for instance, returns on average 98% – 99%. It’s a game that allows players to choose their chances of winning, which affects the return. It’s a very simple, yet fun 4ThePlayer game, and just like slots, it is available for free on casino sites. Another table game, 1000 Busta offers 97% RTP, which is similar to some of the studio’s slot returns.

Best 4ThePlayer Pokies

Every single slot that is rolled out by this provider resonates with players across the globe. The studio’s unique approach to designing games deserves recognition and kiwi slot fans seem to appreciate it. Games are very well balanced so that there’s just the right amount of everything from visuals to features. Every title has something captivating, and it’s hard to choose the top ones.

  • 90K Yeti Gigablox and the original 9K Yeti are two of the best performing 4ThePlayer slots. The original pays up to 9,012x and can award up to 880 free spins. Snowstorm is one of the key features, it turns a losing round into a winning one by shuffling existing symbols. Its Gigablox version has an impressive 90,000 max win and up to 46,656 ways to win. Volatility is extreme. The studio added a couple more features in comparison to the original title. New features are Yeti Reveal, which reveals winning symbols hidden behind frozen blocks, and Yeti Giga Summon, which awards up to 6×6 Gigablox. Gamblers are offered four bonus buy options that cost 60x, 120x, 240x, and 150x.
  • 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor. The Dual Spin engine that is used in this 4ThePlayer slot, is something unique. Two Spin buttons are presented and players get to choose one for every spin. If the color of the winning combination matches that of the selected Spin button, payouts are doubled. Instead of regular free spins, the game offers win spins with guaranteed payouts.
  • 10x Rewind. As mentioned, this game features an amazing bonus round when the latest spins from the base game are replayed again. Only winning spins count, and this time they are multiplied up to three times. The number of win spins is random and can be 5, 7, or 10.

Free Pokies

You can access free 4ThePlayers online slots at any moment on this website, official supplier’s site, or by visiting any licensed NZ casino that offers the studio’s portfolio of games. No matter what option you choose, there’s no need to sign up, unless it’s a UK licensed operator. The UK gaming authority requires players to join a casino and verify their age before they can even test the games.

Real Money Games

Practice mode is available for as long as you need it. But once you are done testing and ready to risk money, you need a nice, legitimate 4ThePlayer casino. It should be trustworthy, has a large selection of games, and your preferred payment options and currencies. If you are unsure where to find casinos and how to choose them, you can use our casino rating and casino reviews to help you make an easy decision.

Best Online Casinos to Play 4ThePlayer Pokies

Our rating should give you a good idea of which casinos offer more value to players. We evaluate operators’ trustworthiness, games collection, and multiple other aspects that contribute to a hassle-free and fun gambling experience. You can also compare bonus offers to help you decide which operator is the best for you. To learn about all available promos, go to the casino review link provided in the rating table.

Rating: 6.95
Bet $25 and Get $10 Bonus
No Deposit Bonus
Rating: 6.95
Min. deposit

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Provider

4ThePlayer is a reputable and highly creative studio. Unlike many other slot developers, it takes time to produce amazing games each with its unique features. With the UK license and certified content distributed through the industry giants, it reaches multiple markets.

The strategy this provider has chosen proves to be successful as a small selection of top-tier slots is highly appreciated. Players in NZ and around the world love that every game isn’t just about a new theme and different artwork, but offers completely new gameplay, and there are always some unique features.

The studio doesn’t produce progressive jackpot or classic titles. Video slots that are fun and beautiful are its specialty.
There are several titles with 97% RTP, one of them is 9K Yeti. But the max RTP is 98%. It’s available in 3 Secret Cities when you buy a feature.
9K Yeti and its Gigablox version are two top-performing titles. 10x Rewind and 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor are also widely recognized.
Yes, the studio implements a mobile-first approach, and you can be sure that playing on the go is going to be smooth and enjoyable.
Yes, the company is licensed in the UK, which is renowned for being strict.