Curacao Licensed Casinos

Curacao is one of the most popular places for online casinos to obtain their licenses. There are already more than 450 online Curacao casinos registered in the country. If you do not want to pay extra taxes, that might be the option to go, as casinos licensed there will not hit your wallet as badly as casinos licensed in other jurisdictions.

You can reach out for a license any time, and the application procedure will not last longer than a few weeks. Another great bonus is that you can pay with cryptocurrency.

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Curacao Casinos

Curacao is a country that belongs to the Netherlands. Many companies around the world consider the country to be one of the best places to register their casinos and get all the necessary licenses. Online casinos are places where people come to have as much fun as they possibly can.

That is why it is so important to choose the right place where you can gamble safely without having to worry about anything. To prove to players that a casino can be trusted, they obtain licenses confirming its legality.

Best Casinos Licensed In Curacao

Since Curacao is a very attractive location for getting a license, many online casinos take advantage of this. When choosing between the biggest casinos in the world, you will find that a lot of them have a license from Curacao. If you want to get more information about the application cost, visit the official Curacao casino website and look it up.

Curacao Casino License Requirements

Licenses for online casinos are difficult to get. However, they are definitely a lot harder to obtain in some places than in others. When applying for a license in Curacao, the process of obtaining a license is pretty clear, fast, and honest. Make sure you have all the necessary documents:

  • Passport;
  • Banking reference;
  • Letter of reference confirming you are not going to default (from an accountant or lawyer);
  • A certificate from the police

There are also some more documents regarding taxes, so check the full list on the official website of the representative company of Curacao. Remember, any Curacao casino had to go through the same process, which is, again, not as painful as it could be.

Integration With A Local Company

To get a license, you will have to cooperate with a local company based in Curacao. This company will take all responsibility for the general requirements of the local administration. These companies are important intermediaries. They are the ones who will apply for your license in that country. Make sure you find out about current prices for their services. Usually, there are different integration options for different prices. Therefore, choose the one that will allow you to operate on acceptable conditions. But aim for an amount of approximately 30,000 euros for the first year.

Ownership Of Physical Hardware

A prerequisite for obtaining a license is physical ownership of a server in the state of Curacao. Without owning hardware, your online casino will not meet all the requirements of the local establishment. The procedure itself is quite easy and does not take much time. You can always find what you need on the island or get it shipped there. You will also have to pay for server maintenance and hosting services (a cryptocurrency payment option is available).

Local Bank Account

Many online casinos are interested in registering their business in Curacao. It is more appealing than other Caribbean countries, as the law system is pretty close to that of the Netherlands. That means your assets are highly secure and the taxes you will pay are not as high as in most European countries. So another important step is opening a bank account. There are a lot of benefits of opening a bank account in Curacao, such as:

  • Banks in the country are used to cooperating with international companies;
  • There is a wide variety of banking services available;
  • The quality of service is top-notch;
  • You can manage your assets in any way that is convenient for you;
  • Being a part of a developed European country, banks there are transparent and legitimate in terms of fiscal policy;
  • Great customer service results in fast financial transactions without having to wait for weeks.

When obtaining a license, you can choose between one-time or annual licensing fees (the price varies).

Investment In Payment Solutions

Online casinos licensed by Curacao attract many players from different countries. Of course, the license will not be considered valid in all countries. But at the moment, there are no licenses that are suitable for all countries. In many European countries, people play online Curacao casinos to avoid scams. They are especially popular in Scandinavian countries. Therefore, when choosing payment solutions, pay attention to your potential target audience. However, certain methods such as deposit and withdrawal via debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and even crypto wallets should always be made available.

A Detailed Business Plan

A plan is a crucial part of the success of a business. It is also used to prove to authorities that there is no money laundering involved. But to ensure that everything is going as planned, you have to map out each step accurately. Each business plan is divided into main sections and has to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • What products are going to be presented at your online casino?
  • How much money do you want to raise to finance the company, and where do you want to get that money from?
  • What is the mission and vision of your project?
  • What is your management team? What will your management structure look like?
  • Sales forecast: How much do you expect to earn in a certain period of time?

These questions represent just a small fraction of your business plan, but these are the most important questions to consider when starting any business, including an online casino.

A Clear Criminal Record

A criminal record is a history of all your criminal actions, which is reflected on a National Criminal Register. As a customer, you want to join betting sites that have a clear criminal record. Of course, having a clear criminal record is great, but having a criminal record may not prevent you from getting a license for your online casino. The type of crime and how long ago it occurred is also very important in this case. Trying to hide anything from relevant authorities is not the way to go.

The country you are going to operate in or get a license in will still collect information from the country of conviction. Also, there will always be concerns if you are to disclose any information an authority will want to get. It will be nearly impossible to obtain a license if you have used the proceeds of crime inside the gambling industry.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner Identification

Jurisdictions should ensure that legal and beneficial ownership and identity information for all relevant entities and arrangements is available to their competent authorities. In Curacao, companies are either public limited liability companies (NVs) or private limited liability companies (BVs).

All NVs and BVs (including international offshore companies) must have at least one director resident in Curacao and a registered office in the country to obtain a business license and conduct any business in Curacao. This also applies to obtaining an iGaming license for Curacao casinos, including poker sites.

Software Providers

Curacao is the only country where a single license covers all participants directly related to the online casino business. Software providers get the same type of license as service operators and service providers. The jurisdiction of the island makes it easy to get a license for almost all kinds of online gambling activities, even lottery.

Are Curacao Casinos Reliable

As mentioned above, many first-class online casinos operate under the gambling regulatory body of Curacao. And it is no surprise they choose this country to be the licenser of their services. The advantages are significant. Unlike some other tax-friendly island countries, Curacao’s legal system is much more advanced and reliable. This has to do with the country being a part of the Netherlands.

When gambling at some online casinos based in Curacao, you may find that there are rarely problems with them. Withdrawals are made on time, the games run smoothly via reputable software operators, and the customer support is very professional.

Complaints and Dispute Resolutions

When gambling at a Curacao casino, there might be some disputes or complaints from a player’s perspective. Usually, those can be regulated within a certain casino. But what should you do if that does not help? In the case of any unforeseen situations, you can always submit a complaint against an online casino licensed in Curacao. Make sure the casino does have a license from Curacao E-Gaming, not Curacao Antillephone N.V. These two are often confused.

You can find a list of casinos licensed by Curacao E-Gaming on the internet. If a casino you want to complain about is on that list, feel free to file a complaint on the official website of Curacao E-Gaming. Keep in mind that you have to register before submitting a complaint.


Casinos licensed in Curacao are generally quite reliable and trustworthy. Many entities registered in the country have been successfully operating for many years and attract many players from around the world.

However, you should always check online casinos carefully before you decide to gamble at them. Before obtaining a license, every online casino must be verified. They must comply with a variety of standards, including those regarding the security of players’ data. If you are convinced that the online casino is indeed licensed from Curacao E-Gaming and uses software from trusted companies, there is no cause for concern.

Accepted Payment Methods

Most online casinos nowadays offer plenty of options when it comes to payment methods. Most often, websites and mobile applications provide universal payment and withdrawal methods. Therefore, having debit or credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal electronic wallet, you can make transactions without any problems or additional documents.

Depending on the target audience of online casinos, sometimes you can find payment methods meant for a particular region. With the development of cryptocurrency today, most online casinos licensed in Curacao provide the opportunity to use crypto wallets, in particular bitcoin.

Best Curaçao Casino Bonus Promotions See all

There is always a selection of bonuses and promotions for fans of different games and types of bonuses. You can always find information about daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses in the public domain. Please note that you can always compare casino bonus systems and what suits you best.

What Games Can Be Found in Curacao-Licensed Casinos?

Gambling at Curacao online casinos will give you access to hundreds of different games. Most gambling services cooperate with the biggest and most technically advanced software developers, meaning you will have the best experience possible. Virtual reality games are getting more popular, and you can find some Curacao-licensed VR online casinos. If you are used to gambling in a traditional way, there are many interesting games like slots, roulettes, poker, etc.

There are some significant differences when trying to obtain a license from Curacao. Unlike most European jurisdictions, the process is much easier and faster.

Pros & Cons
  • Speed. If you meet all the requirements, you can get a license within two weeks.
  • Price. You can hardly call it cheap, but compared to other places, the possible revenue will pleasantly surprise you.
  • Bureaucracy-free. This is why the process of obtaining a license does not take so long.
  • Taxes. The biggest advantage of picking Curacao as a licensing country is that you will not have to pay any taxes there.
  • Reputation. Many well-recognized casinos have licenses from Curacao.
  • Location. Curacao is an island country located far away from Europe. If you are aiming to serve users from that continent, payments, along with customer support, will be more difficult.
  • Limited access to markets of other countries. Some European countries like Sweden and the UK do not allow operators with licenses from Curacao.
  • No mediators. Unlike European countries, there are no mediators if disputes arise.

Alternatives To Curacao Casino Sites

Depending on where you are based, you might want to find an alternative in the industry. Since there are certain restrictions of Curacao online casinos in some countries, you may want to consider other options of countries to get a license from.


The United Kingdom also has a major place in the industry of online gambling. Unlike Curacao, when getting a UK license, you need to get a license for each specific type of gambling activity. For instance, if you wish to operate as a casino with bets and slots, these will be two different licenses with different requirements and prices.


Another popular authority in the world of gambling is Malta Gaming Authority. It was established back in 2001, and since then, its popularity has grown significantly. MGA was one of the very first regulators to legislate online gambling, including online casinos. The cost to obtain a license is higher than in Curacao, plus the tax system is more complicated. But if you expect to have European customers gambling at your casino, this would be an obvious choice.

Belgian Gaming Commission

If you want to obtain a license for gambling services in Belgium, you should apply to the Belgian Gaming Commission. While being one of the more reliable and reputable places, BGC is also considered to be one of the strictest European authorities, mainly due to financial requirements. This license is definitely a great plus for players because when gambling at an online casino that has obtained a BGC license, you are safer than anywhere else.

Jersey Gambling Commission

This licensing board is also based on the European island belonging to the UK. JGC is responsible for regulating any gambling activities on the island, as well as licensing online casinos. You can obtain two types of licenses: an iGaming license for operators and an iGaming license to recover from disasters.

Curacao is considered one of the best places to obtain an online casino license for a reason. The zero tax rate and fast acquisition process make the island an attractive destination for operators around the world. However, consider the specifics of your business plan: operators, software developers, etc. It might be more reasonable to draw your attention to some other place that provides licensing services.

You can trust online casinos with a Curacao license as the country has quite a reliable jurisdiction.
This information can be usually found on the main page of an online casino on which you are gambling. You can also check the list of casinos regulated by Curacao on the internet.
Yes, the Curacao authority carefully approaches the licensing process for online casinos that wish to obtain a license in the country.
There are several legit online casinos with worldwide reputations that are licensed in Curacao and are seen as places with the safest and most fun gambling options.
Curacao online casinos typically provide an opportunity to use all popular payment methods. This may vary depending on the casino.