MGA Licensed Casinos

MGA is one of the first authorities to ever license and regulate the industry of online gambling. Since it was established in 2001, many big online casinos have obtained licenses from Malta Gaming Authority.

Everyone reading this article has probably had some gambling experience or, at least, wants to try it. And we all know that the number one priority to look at is how reliable and safe an online casino is. Proof of this reliability are licenses issued by various authorities located in different countries.

Introduction To Malta Gaming Authority

Malta is quite a small European island with a small population, but this does not prevent it from being one of the most significant figures in the world of online gambling. Hundreds of online casinos around the world choose MGA, and millions of gamblers are willing to choose any MGA casino. Malta is a country with clear regulation and a simplified process of obtaining a license, compared to some other European countries. According to the statistics, MGA has brought nearly one hundred million euros to its budget from gambling services. And the share of it rises every year including through the competent management structure of MGA.

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Best MGA Licensed Casinos 2021

Searching for reputable and trusted online casinos on the Internet, you will find that some of them run with a license from MGA. Gamblers tend to like those casinos and gladly come back for the quality experience. Not only online casinos benefit from having a license from MGA, but also players, since they can be sure their personal information and money are safe. Besides, Malta casinos have been ranked at the top by reputable online casino ratings.

Types Of Malta Gaming Authority Casino Licenses

When deciding to obtain a license from MGA, you need to find out what types of licenses you can obtain. This process is crucial, as each type of gambling game is allowed by different licenses. The country’s authority has to promote a responsible, clear, and safe environment in the industry. In order to be able to regulate it and settle any disputes, MGA issues licenses to online casinos. Any Malta online casino must have a certain license for certain services. Malta Gaming Authority currently offers four types of licenses.

Class 1

The first type of license is issued under different jurisdictions for remote games, where online casinos manage their risks on certain types of games like slots, lottery, blackjack, roulette, etc. Basically, the outcome of those games is determined completely randomly by the RNG. A player cannot affect the end-result of playing those games.

Class 2

The second available license will be suitable for those who wish to provide sports betting or other competition events services. The outcome of those is not randomly generated, rather depends on the skills or luck of one(s) you have betted on. In this case, the odds are the tool for managing the risks of operators.

Class 3

The license of class 3 is for games of chance where an operator does not have any risks of gaming or financial requirements, yet has its revenue from commissions or charges depending on a stake or a possible prize. This type of license is suitable for advertising gaming in Malta or outside the country. The license is meant for games of player versus player (poker rooms, bingo, etc.).

Class 4

The last type of license is for managing and hosting remote operators that provide gaming services (it is usually called business-to-business and issued by the licensing board). This license will be necessary for any software developers because operators with an obtained on the island license can only provide their services with the licensed software.

Requirements For License

If an online casino is wishing to get a license from Malta Gaming Authority, there are five necessary stages to go through beforehand.

  • MGA conducts investigations concerning any business and financial activity of entities that wish to obtain a license of one type or another. So make sure you are all clear in terms of your documents.
  • They will be checking your business plan carefully. How solvent you will be in the event of unforeseen circumstances and whether you will be able to pay the required amounts to the players.
  • The third thing to consider is your statutory and operation terms. Malta Gaming Authority wants to make sure there are no confusing terms or ambiguous rules.
  • If you have successfully gone through the previous stages, then little remains to be done. Preparing for the launch of the website to the general public and retesting the work of all its systems.
  • Of course, with periodicity at some time, the MGA will recheck a platform for compliance with all requirements (the same for software developers). If everything goes well, an online casino continues to operate with the license. If something goes wrong, Malta Gaming Authority can revoke the license or force it to be checked again, depending on the degree of violation.

How Do I Know If A Casino Is Regulated By MGA

Gambling at an online casino that has a license from MGA you will most likely feel much safer, as it’s known for its reputation and reliability. If you want to check whether a casino has a legit license from MGA, you should either go to the official Malta Gaming Authority website and find the information there or find it directly on a website.

When you are on the official website of MGA, you should only enter a name of a casino you want to check or paste its URL. If you do not see it on the list of licensed casinos, there is a reason to think it might be a serious violation. In this case, never provide any personal information or make transactions through that website. Honest online casinos always value their reputation and will never miss the opportunity to show that they are licensed by one of the best authorities out there.

Another way to make sure you will be gambling at a licensed casino is to check the reviews on the Internet. Keep in mind that you should always choose popular and trustworthy websites for collecting information about any online casino.

Main Features Of Malta Online Casinos

Many online casinos around the world choose Malta as a place to obtain a license. And this is not surprising, because MGA is considered one of the most reputable licensors of the gambling business in the world. Whether you are a player or an operator, you can always be sure that the authority protects you from any scam and operates within the framework of the laws and a clear regulatory system.

  • Player Safety. The MGA needs to ensure the safety of players who play on platforms that have obtained a license from the legit Maltese authority. Before choosing an online casino to play or a platform for other activities related to real money, everyone should make sure that their finances are safe. Bear in mind that in any difficult situation there is a regulatory body for resolving various kinds of problems. This body is Malta Gaming Authority, being the first and one of the most reputable in the industry.
  • Anti-Money Laundering. Over the last few years, Malta has been an advanced country in terms of regulation of the gaming market, including online gambling. Being an EU member, Malta has all the directives regulating money laundering. MGA is tightly cooperating with the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit against any type of money-laundering on the territory of the country. They published documents stating obligations for license holders and how licensees should comply with those obligations.
  • Responsible Gambling. Malta casinos are also promoting responsible gambling to everyone. They are doing so by cooperating with several NGOs that are fighting against gambling addiction. But do not forget to be responsible as an individual. Most of the time playing at reliable online casinos you will find that there are many options to avoid uncontrolled gambling. For instance, you can set up a deposit limit, exclude your account from gambling at a certain time, and many more.
  • Payment Method Integration. MGA is also known for being an authority with wide options to choose from when it comes to payment methods. Any online MGA casino operator has the opportunity to connect a variety of payment methods, including those focused on a particular country or region. This means that it will become easier to attract new players, as there will be more options for depositing and withdrawing funds. In addition, you can set bonuses for using certain payment methods. This is a frequent occurrence in the current gambling industry market in the case of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

MGA Licensed Casino Software Providers

Apart from online casinos, software developers can also obtain a license. This is very important, since every online casino that plans to operate honestly and openly in terms of legislation, in addition to a license, needs a licensed software developer for various games. The most important condition here is complete transparency and openness. All random-result games must use a random generator. Otherwise, the provider will not receive a license or will be deprived in case of violations. MGA closely monitors compliance with all fair gambling conditions, which is why it is a place with the best reputation in the industry.

Casinos Safety

If an online casino wants to obtain a license from Malta Gaming Authority, it has to make sure players and their funds and personal information are going to be safe and secure. The top priority to MGA is to cooperate with reliable operators who are not intending to break the rules and will provide equal terms of gambling to all their clients. However, we still recommend anybody who is going to gamble at an online casino to check whether it really has a license from MGA. It is not so rare when online casinos are disguised using fake licenses and claiming to have one. In a case of an online casino having a legit license from the Malta Gaming Authority, you can be sure your data and money are secure and comply with all the requirements of the regulator.

Pros And Cons Of MGA License

Keep in mind that there is no perfect licenser that will be a universal choice for everyone. You should always consider costs, conditions, and target audience that will be gambling at your online casino or any other type of platform with a license. Take a look at some guidelines before applying for a license.


  • The country is one of the very first states to create a regulatory authority. It has well-thought regulating laws for the online gambling market
  • General Data Protection Regulation is on a high level compared to other places
  • MGA is recognized by many jurisdictions outside the island
  • The process of obtaining a license does not take a long time
  • Licenses from MGA are considered ones of the most prestigious in the industry


  • The United Kingdom does not approve licenses from Malta, which is a sad thing for British players and a loss of big market for online casinos
  • Strict conditions for obtaining a license

Alternative Licensing Institutions

If for some reason the licenses offered by the MGA do not suit you, you can consider other options. When choosing an authority for obtaining a license, take into account the needs of your particular business and the terms of the licensors.

Curacao EGaming

The Caribbean e-Gaming authority offers licenses for remote operators, software developers, and also server providers. Unlike Malta Gaming Authority, the licensing fees for obtaining a license from this island are not as high. Although the country is considered to be a pretty secure place as its jurisdiction is close to the one of the Netherlands. It has been operating for quite a while and many online casinos consider Curacao EGaming to be another great authority to get licenses from.


UK Gambling Commission is one of the most powerful entities in the industry of gaming, including online casinos. The body issues licenses for different types of gambling activity. You cannot get a license for sports betting or other types of bettings for this authority. MGA and UKGC are some of the most reputable commissions regulating online and offline gaming. The jurisdiction of the UK makes it strict to obtain a license, but it also means a more secure and safe place for gamblers playing at platforms having a license from UKGC.

Belgian Gaming Commission

Europe is more progressive than any other place in the world when it comes to online gambling. Belgium is a European country that also has its own body to control and regulate operators, software developers, and providers that have obtained a license from BGC. The commission is primarily internally orientated, meaning the jurisdiction of Belgium makes it reasonable to obtain a license from this authority to operate within the country. The situation with taxes also makes it more complicated as the country is divided into three main regions with their local rules and regulations.

Jersey Gambling Commission

The authority regulation gambling activity from the island of Jersey is one of the younger commissions out there. It licenses and regulates remote and land-based gaming businesses as well as the other authorities described above. They offer licenses of five different categories, so you can look up more precise information on their official website. While being young and having licensed only a few gaming businesses, it may be attractive for consideration for its tax system and a relatively lower price compared to Malta casinos.

MGA Casinos Final Thoughts

MGA is an interesting place to obtain a license for online casinos and other related businesses. Many online and offline casinos have been cooperating with this authority for many years and successfully provide their services on the market. Summing up, it should be said that in conjunction, a license from Malta Gaming Authority is the best option due to its reputation, tax system, and speed of obtaining. For players, online casinos licensed by the MGA can be considered safe places to enjoy gambling all its fullest.


What Are MGA Casinos?
MGA casinos are the places that have obtained a license from the commission based on the island of Malta.

How To Apply For A MGA License?
You can look up the application procedure requirements for a license on the official MGA website.

Where Can I Play MGA Online Casino Games?
You can find platforms with a license from MGA on different betting sites on the Internet. Do not forget to check the legitimacy of a casino on the official website of the authority.

What Is The Best MGA Online Casino?
It all will depend on what kind of games you are enjoying. Many online casinos are providing top-notch services so it is up to you to pick some.

Can MGA Casinos Be Trusted?
The security of player’s funds and personal data is the number one priority of the MGA. All the casinos that obtained a license from Malta Gaming Authority went through a thorough process of checking and regularly being rechecked.