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Basic information

Software: Evolution

Release: 24.05.2023

RTP: 95.99%

Min bet $,€,£: 0.1

Max bet $,€,£: 5000

Max Win: x10000

Autoplay Option: No

Multiplier: Yes

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Game Objective

Funky Time is an exciting game show and variation of the popular money wheel game of chance. It is played using a large 64-segment vertical wheel, spun by the game presenter. In addition, multipliers are randomly assigned to various wheel segments on every spin.

The objective of the game is to predict which segment the wheel will stop at when the wheel comes to rest after each spin. Funky Time also features amazing Bonus games which grant you multipliers! Simply place your bet on the Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco Bonus game bet spots and prepare to feel the groove! It’s time to get FUNKY!

Game Rules

Main Game

Place your bet on a segment you believe the wheel will stop at. You can choose the regular bet spots (the Number 1, which appears repeatedly around the wheel, or any of the 12 letters in the words PLAY, FUNK and TIME) or any of the Bonus game bet spots (Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco).

Main Game

When the betting time is over, the game presenter spins the wheel and, simultaneously with the spin, multipliers are generated and applied to random segments of the wheel. When the Funky Time wheel comes to a stop, the winning segment is indicated by the flapper at the top of the wheel. If the wheel stops at one of the segments you have placed your bet on, you win.

If the main game wheel stops at a segment with a multiplier, the payout of this bet spot is multiplied accordingly:

For regular bet spots — the payout of the particular bet spot will be multiplied by the multiplier from the wheel segment (for example, if a 20x multiplier lands on the Number 1 wheel segment, which has a default payout of 1:1, the payout will now be 20:1).

For Bonus game bet spots — the multiplier from the wheel segment will be applied for a funk-tastic Bonus game experience. All players can watch the exciting Bonus games but only players who have placed their bet on the corresponding Bonus game bet spot can participate and win in these Bonus games.

Bonus Games

If the wheel stops on a Bonus segment, the Bonus game is played. Depending on the Bonus segment the wheel has stopped at, players can participate in the Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco or VIP Disco Bonus games.


In this Bonus game, you travel to a bar and must pick one of the three different beverage glasses on the counter. If no decision is made during the decision time or any interruption occurs, a glass is picked randomly for you.

When the decision time is up, initial multipliers with random values appear in each glass as the bartender pours drinks. Initial multiplier values range from 2x to 20x. After that, one of the three glasses receives a garnish with an extra multiplier that multiplies the initial multiplier for that glass. The extra multiplier value ranges from 2x to 5x. For example, if the initial multiplier in the glass is 5x, and the garnish multiplier is 5x, the total multiplier value in that glass is now 25x.

Bar Multiplier

If there was a multiplier on the Bar wheel segment, it multiplies the multiplier values in all three glasses before the game ends. Cheers!

Stayin’ Alive

This exciting Bonus game features a ball drawing machine with 90 balls and a multiplier pay table on which players can progress upwards. The higher you go, the bigger your winnings! The multiplier pay table levels consist of a list of multipliers, from the lowest values at the bottom to the highest values at the top.

If a multiplier was applied to this segment during the spin, each level of the multiplier pay table is multiplied by the value of the collected multiplier. This bonus game is capped at a 10,000x multiplier. If any multiplier level exceeds 10,000x after applying a wheel multiplier, the value is replaced with a 10,000x multiplier.

All players begin on the lowest multiplier pay table level — 5x and are granted four lives on their lives counter.

There are three types of balls in this game:

  • STOP ball (black) — all players lose a life from their lives counter and stay on the same multiplier level as before.
  • 1-step ball — if you have chosen this colour, you advance on the multiplier pay table by one level.
  • 2-step ball — if you have chosen this colour, you advance on the multiplier pay table by two levels.

Before the machine starts drawing balls, you must choose one of the three teams, each illustrated with a separate colour. Each team colour represents a ball colour in the machine. If no decision is made during the decision time or any interruption occurs, a random decision is made for you.

After the choice is made, the game presenter pulls a lever to begin the drawing process. If the machine draws a ball in the colour of your team, you advance one or two positions up the multiplier levels depending on the ball type. However, if a black ball is drawn, you remain in the same spot as before and one life from your life counter is deducted. The bonus game ends when there are no lives left on the lives counter. The winnings are paid out according to the multiplier level that your team’s colour of choice has reached on the pay table.

Disco & VIP Disco

These Bonus games take you on an exciting dance adventure filled with amazing winnings. Join Mr Funky on the dance floor and watch him collect a new multiplier for you with every move. While the Bonus game mechanics are the same for both Bonus games, Disco takes place on a 37-square dance floor while VIP Disco takes place on a larger 63-square dance floor.

Disco bonus game dance floor

Disco bonus game dance floor

VIP Disco bonus game dance floor

VIP Disco bonus game dance floor

Disco & VIP Disco begin with Mr Funky in the middle of the dance floor, and the game presenter at the DJ booth. The game presenter initiates a mini wheel spin with eight sectors showing four directions (up, down, left, and right), and whichever direction the wheel stops on is the move Mr Funky will take. The game continues until Mr Funky falls off the dance floor.

The dance floor consists of two types of squares with multipliers:

  • Regular multipliers add to your total. For example, when you collect a 2 and a 10 Regular multiplier, your total in the game becomes 12x. Initial Regular multiplier square values range from +1 to +100 in Disco and +1 to +500 in VIP Disco bonus rounds.
  • Floor multipliers double five random Regular multiplier squares in value. For example, a 2x multiplier would be doubled to 4x, a 5x multiplier would be doubled to 10x, and so on.

When Mr. Funky steps on a square and collects a Floor or a Regular multiplier, the square becomes empty for two consecutive moves. Then it resets to the same type and value of multiplier as when Mr Funky started dancing. Stepping on an empty square has no effect in the bonus game. If a Bonus game segment multiplier was applied to this segment during the spin, each regular multiplier is multiplied by it before Mr Funky starts to dance. This bonus game is capped at a 10,000x multiplier. If players accumulate the maximum multiplier, the game ends.


Maximum payout for all your winnings within a game round is limited. For details see the Bet Limit table. Please note that any malfunction voids the game round and all eventual payouts for the round.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 95.99% based on the Number 1 bet. See below RTP for each bet separately without the max payout cap applied.

Players may achieve a ‘win’ in excess of the maximum payout, but this will result in their actual win being capped. As a result of the cap, players betting the maximum will have the following RTPs: Letter bet 94.96%, Bar bet 95.40%, Stayin’ Alive bet 94.85%, Disco bet 95.20%, and VIP Disco bet 94.81%.

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