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Written by: , Senior Content Editor November 22, 2023 at 11:21AM
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Created specifically for countries that prohibit bonus buys, Money Cart seems to find success all across the globe. It’s the ease with which you can get a bonus round that appeals to players. And there’s no better experience than entering a feature multiple times within a single gaming session.   

Money Cart 4 slot

Every Money Cart title is tied to its corresponding Money Train iteration. So, this slot was created following the release of the fourth and final Money Train title. That’s how you know that the game is absolutely worth checking out. It’s a high volatility slot with a 15,000x max payout.  


Unlike most other online slots, Money Cart 4 doesn’t have any base game. You will spend some time waiting to trigger the bonus game, but you don’t win anything in the process. Activating the feature is the only way to have some action in Money Cart 4 or in any other Money Cart title.  

Money Cart 4 bonus game

The bonus gets triggered every time any 3 symbols land on the screen, and that means you should generally have plenty of them if you play the slot for a while. The initial layout is 6×4, but as the bonus game progresses, it can gradually expand to 6×8 as extra rows get unlocked.  

To unlock one extra row, there should be one existing row completely filled with symbols. Alternatively, a special Unlocker symbol must land in view.  


This is a signature Money Cart bonus round that is packed with boosters. The round can 3 spins that are initially credited or much longer because as long as any symbol lands the counter resets. But the round always ends once the 15,000x potential is reached. 

You can jump right into testing this free Money Cart 4 slot and learn about all 20 boosters as you play. If you are familiar with this Money Cart/Train franchise, you know that a multitude of boosters during bonus rounds is what makes these slots so thrilling.  

Regular Boosters 

Money Cart 4 Slot Boosters

Unlocker, Reset Plus and Upgrader can be considered as a separate category as they don’t have advanced versions. Regular boosters are Collector, Sniper, Payer, Arms Dealer, and Necromancer. And some of them have the properties of two boosters. For example, Collector-Payer. All of them are active for a single spin only.  

  • Collector. When this symbol lands, you better have a nice set of coin symbols already in place because it will collect all of them.  
  • Payer. This one is the opposite. Existing symbols increase by the value. 
  • Sniper. Shoots 3-8 rounds to multiply affected symbols x2.  
  • Arms Dealer. Transforms regular coin symbols into boosters.  
  • Necromancer. Reactivates feature symbols that have already been used.  

Persistent and Adjacent Boosters 

Money Cart 4 Upgraded Boosters

Some regular boosters have their upgraded versions. If a symbol is Persistent, that means it will remain active for the rest of the round. Those boosters that are Adjacent, are applied to 8 adjacent positions. For instance, Adjacent Collector would collect all values from 8 symbols around it. There are also boosters that are both Persistent and Adjacent, such as Persistent Adjacent Payer.  

One interesting booster is Persistent Shapeshifter. It can convert into regular boosters or an unlocker symbol and every spin can produce another symbol. 


Money Cart 4 is all about the famous bonus game that is featured in some of the iconic online slots. You’ll spin without any payouts until a bonus game gets triggered. And the fact that it doesn’t take long to enter the bonus, appeals to many players. The game features an insane number of boosters that can deliver some memorable moments. 

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4 ratings 0 reviews
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Money Cart 4 Symbols and Paytable

Icon 1 Money Cart 4
Icon 2 Money Cart 4
Icon 3 Money Cart 4
Icon 4 Money Cart 4
Icon 5 Money Cart 4
Icon 6 Money Cart 4


Money Cart 4 Slot FAQs

Yes, our site is the place to play demo Money Cart 4 with no sign up required. Any casino site partnering with Relax Gaming would also give free access to the test mode.
Yes, registered account with a casino operator would be the only option to enjoy real money Money Cart 4 and hit real winnings.
When it comes to test mode any trusted gambling operator or casino related site such as would be fine. Once real money gets invested legitimate operator with solid reputation and premium services must be selected. Best choice would vary depending on one`s personal requirements.
Yes, this video slot is mobile optimized and can be played on any device.
This is a licensed video slot that generates random results, and all you need is a good luck. Look through the paytable to find out how and how much you can win.

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