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Respin is a simple, but powerful feature that can turn a losing round into a winning one. Available in many slots, respins give a second chance of landing a paying combination by locking reels that you need and giving the rest of them another spin. Here on this page we provide a wonderful collection of slots with Respins feature so that you can explore hundreds of exciting choices.

It’s a favorite tool to keep gamblers entertained and loyal to the games. Developers of all calibers utilize it to add some thrill. The evolution of this feature isn’t over yet. Even though respin is a very simple feature, some suppliers manage to twist it and produce something a bit different making this already amazing tool even more appealing.

Over time, many respin variants have been developed, so you’ll have multiple respin types that slightly differ from each other. This feature can be a focal point of the gameplay just like in the mega popular Starburst by NetEnt, or just add extra flavor to the titles with other more appealing bonus options. But each title will feel different as there are much more to slots than a single feature.

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No one is thrilled to get all but one symbol for a winning combination or entering a potentially lucrative bonus game. This experience can be a hard blow, especially when time is spent chasing a certain combination. Respins give another chance or even more chances of hitting extra wins, and even though they don’t always produce the result gamblers hope for, having them gives a satisfying feeling.

How Many Respins?

Depending on the particular slot, there can be a different number of respins from a single one up to an indefinite amount. Quite often slots award one or a few respins and more of them if they produce certain symbols or any paying combination. One of the most exciting examples would be Giza Infinity Reels or other Infinity Reels series titles by ReelPlay. Similar mechanics is used by NetEnt in their InfiniReels collection.

What Giza Infinity Reels offers is amazing. The whole focus of the title is basically on respins, although the application is slightly different. If the rightmost reel has a symbol that participates in the winning combination, one extra reel gets added, which then spins while existing reels remain unchanged.

As the combination continues to improve, extra reels get added and there can be an unlimited number of them. So, basically, with every new reel players are awarded a respin. What’s even more exciting is that the multiplier goes up by 1 each time the reel set extends. So as a result, there can be an enormous number of respins and a massive multiplier.

How to Activate the Feature?

Unlike other features, respins do not always require special symbols to appear on the reels. Any collection of symbols can trigger respins. Sometimes the feature is there to help land a single symbol that is missing from the combination. Other times it’s used to land more and potentially bigger winnings. Depending on the purpose of respins there will be different ways to trigger them. Very often this tool is used to give players a second chance of triggering a bonus round. In this case two scatters usually get the feature activated.

Slots Offering to Buy Respins

Usually respins are free and get activated automatically under certain conditions. That is the way this feature was for a long time. But a more recent modification, which is still rare, is to let gamblers decide when to respin. One of the examples is Book of Oz Lock ‘N Spin by Microgaming’s content partner, Triple Edge.

After every spin players get to decide whether to proceed with a new round or stick to the current one trying to get paid or improve the combination. It’s possible to lock each individual reel and as many reels as you want and then respin the rest of the reels. This is an amazing opportunity that can produce mind blowing results, or can be a complete waste of money.

The difficulty of making a decision in this case is that a different price is set for each reel, and depending on what you can potentially land as a result of buying the feature, prices can go up really significantly. For some gamblers this feature makes slots more addictive as they get obsessed with the idea of chasing a combination they have in mind and can’t let go of it when things get quite expensive.

What Kind of Slots with Respins Are There?

Apart from the buy feature type mentioned above, there are a lot of other types available. One of the categories is progressive jackpots. Divine Fortune is an excellent example. This slot has Falling Wilds Re-Spins option that gets triggered once wild symbol lands on the reels and ends after it isn’t visible anymore going down one step every respin. Megaways is another exciting category of slots with respins.

Titles can take practically any shape and form, varying from simple traditional to innovative and unique. Look through our collection to embark on exciting adventures in search of the best respin slots.

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