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Basic Information

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Max Win
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0.20 - 100
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Slot Review

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Written by: , Senior Content Editor January 4, 2023 at 8:28PM
Last Updated: June 13, 2023 at 12:06PM ()
Read Time: 3 min.

Mochimon is the slot developed by the renowned studio Pragmatic Play. Released on 06.03.2023, it became a hit among slot fans for its immersive engine and high-quality artwork. This review details all of its key characteristics that, along with the Mochimon demo mode available on our site, give a great idea of the experience you’ll be getting.

Mochimon is a slot machine with a 7×7 field and cluster wins that will delight you with high-quality graphics and interesting characters. At the same time, 49 symbols appear on the screen, which form a win if 5+ identical winning combinations fall next to each other.

Multiplier Spots

This feature is active in the base game and during the free spins round. When the winning symbols are removed from the playing field, they leave a mark. If the symbol explodes again in the marked position, a multiplier is added to a certain position. The multiplier spots feature is applied to all wins created on top of it, and disappears from the playing field if the cascade does not bring a win.

Free Spins

They are launched when three to seven scatters land on the playing field. The minimum number of available spins starts from 10, and the maximum you can get is 30 free spins. Unlike the main game, the appeared multipliers do not disappear, but remain on the playing field until the end of the function.

Free Spins Bonus Buy Feature

They are launched when three to seven scatter symbols land on the playing field. The minimum number of available spins starts from 10, and the maximum you can get is 30 free spins. Unlike the main game, the appeared multipliers do not disappear but remain on the playing field until the end of the free spins feature.

Mochimon Slot Verdict

If you are searching for a cutesy slot with a child-inspired theme, Slot Mochimon is an ideal choice. There is plenty to enjoy on this slot, from its visually-appealing anime-featured gameplay and high-quality visuals to its high volatility and exciting slot features.

You can also play this slot on several sites, like and other platforms that provide Pragmatic Play for free. But, the best part of playing Mochimon has to be the multiplier spots and cascading symbols features. Once you trigger the winning symbol by landing at least five identical symbols adjacent to one another, the symbol bursts but leaves a mark, while other symbols drop to fill the vacated space.

If the symbol bursts again on that spot, a multiplier occupies it. Note that the value of the multiplier increases every time you land a winning combination and can increase your winnings by up to x128.

Players can also be lucky enough to land three to seven scatter symbols, which is the treasure chest, to receive up to 30 Mochimon slot free spins. And if you are truly fortunate, you can get a chance to buy the free spins, increasing your chances of winning even bigger payouts.

To sum it up, this slot is the perfect game for novice and experienced slot enthusiasts looking for an intriguing and high-reward game.

Slot Rating

3 ratings 0 reviews
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Mochimon Symbols and Paytable

Icon 1 Mochimon
15+ x150
14 x70
13 x35
12 x15
11 x7.5
10 x5
9 x2.5
8 x2
7 x1.75
6 x1.5
5 x1
Icon 2 Mochimon
15+ x100
14 x60
13 x30
12 x12.5
11 x6
10 x4
9 x2
8 x1.5
7 x1.25
6 x1
5 x0.75
Icon 3 Mochimon
15+ x60
14 x40
13 x20
12 x10
11 x4.5
10 x3
9 x1.5
8 x1.25
7 x1
6 x0.75
5 x0.5
Icon 4 Mochimon
15+ x40
14 x20
13 x10
12 x5
11 x3
10 x2
9 x1.25
8 x1
7 x0.75
6 x0.5
5 x0.4
Icon 5 Mochimon
15+ x30
14 x15
13 x8
12 x3.5
11 x2.5
10 x1.5
9 x1
8 x0.75
7 x0.5
6 x0.4
5 x0.3
Icon 6 Mochimon
15+ x25
14 x12
13 x6
12 x3
11 x2
10 x1.25
9 x0.75
8 x0.5
7 x0.4
6 x0.3
5 x0.25
Icon 7 Mochimon
15+ x20
14 x10
13 x5
12 x2.5
11 x1.5
10 x1
9 x0.5
8 x0.4
7 x0.3
6 x0.25
5 x0.2
Scatter of Mochimon Slot


Mochimon Slot FAQs

Yes, our site is the place to play demo Mochimon with no sign up required. Any gambling site partnering with Pragmatic Play would also provide free access to the test mode.
Yes, registered account with a casino would be the only option to play real money Mochimon and land real winnings.
When it comes to demo mode any trusted casino or casino related site such as would be fine. Once real money gets involved legitimate operator with good reputation and top tier services must be selected. Best casino would vary depending on one`s personal requirements.
Yes, this game is mobile friendly and can be played on any device.
This is a certified online slot that generates random results, and all you need is a good luck. Check the paytable to find out how and how much you can win.

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