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Dive into the world of extraordinary Rabcat free slots. On this page, you get unlimited access to demo versions without signing up. These are premium games that offer all sorts of experiences, from classic to innovative. They are all incredibly fun and worth checking out.

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Company Overview

Rabcat is a company that’s been around for more than two decades. From its first releases, it has maintained top quality, delivering excellent video slots that are exciting and always have something unique about them.

Today it’s a rather known studio with some widely recognized hits such as Castle Builder and its sequel. But the success didn’t come instantly for Rabcat as it struggled to reach a wider audience until it entered the partnership with Microgaming. Later it also joined the YG Masters roster to further expand its reach. Currently, it rolls out slots exclusively for Microgaming and the other set of titles exclusively for Yggdrasil.

The developer is based in Vienna and has a strong artistic background. Its Rabcat Game Art division has an impressive portfolio of 2D, 3D, animation, and cinematic works created for world-famous projects such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Star Wars Kinect, and many more. There are many big names in the list of companies that outsource their art creation to Rabcat Game Art.

Rabcat Online Slots

As you can imagine, having such impressive artwork skills the developer rolls out visually amazing games. Interesting characters and beautiful environments without a doubt boost the entertainment level. But the studio employs more than just a team of incredibly talented artists, as its math experts largely contribute to the success by creating engaging math models.

It seems like Rabcat Gambling doesn’t feel the pressure to constantly roll out new games to stay relevant. It must have a very relaxed but professional approach to slot creation. During all those years the studio was in business, it built a few dozen titles. There can be anywhere from 2 to around 6 new games a year.

Because the content is distributed across the globe, games are translated into dozens of languages. They are perfectly mobile-friendly and can be played on any device.

Common Slot Features

Rabcat Gambling team has mastered a wide range of tools that are used to create various gambling experiences. But gameplays usually aren’t complicated. The studio often uses traditional pay lines and classic reel sets, but sometimes experiments with the shape of the grid. Volatility ranges between low and high, and the RTP range is acceptable.

Surprisingly, the studio has so far resisted the trend of adding a feature buy option and stays away from popular third-party engines. So, it’s just another example of how detached from mainstream Rabcat is, which is great. Below we list some of the common features you’ll find in Rabcat Gambling video slots.

  • Wild symbols are used a lot and there aren’t just regular Wilds. The studio comes up with additional stuff that they can do. Take Tropical Wilds as an example, the slot has four types of this symbol in addition to the regular one. They award multipliers and extra Wilds, move in any direction and create wild paths.
  • Free spins are another common feature that is present in almost every Rabcat game. Triggering free spins is a rewarding experience as it usually activates extra features to boost the win potential. It’s commonly used with another popular element, the Wild symbol. You can have a bunch of extra Wilds or special Wilds. In the Reel of Riches slot, Rabcat introduced reels that expand during the bonus spins.

The studio loves telling thrilling stories and quite rarely uses themes with no characters. Moby Dick, Sherlock of London, Robin of Sherwood, and most other titles all tell captivating stories. One of the greatest advantages this developer has is that it remains largely unaffected by popular slot trends too many content creators jump on. As a result, all Rabcat video slots are unique without offering fancy features.

Return to Player

The top figure you can expect is around 96.5%. Check out Dragon’s Myth, Forsaken Kingdom, and Castle Builder if you want to have the highest possible average return. The majority of the Rabcat Gambling slot machines offer RTP between 96% and 96.5%, which is a generally accepted standard.

There’s currently one title with RTP that varies depending on the game’s difficulty, and it’s the famous Castle Builder II. In this slot, the value increases from 95.5% to 97.75%. The base RTP is 95.5% and players get a higher average return as the Cycle Premium reward after they complete cup challenges.

Best Rabcat Video Slots

  • Castle Builder II is an interactive video slot with plenty of features and challenges to complete. Players choose one of three characters who each have a different set of features. They build castles, unlock new levels, and complete challenges to boost RTP up to the maximum value of 97.75%. It’s an exciting game that caters to a wide range of gamblers.
  • Reel of Riches offers high volatility, expanding reels, and plenty of Wilds. There are three spin modes each having different reel sets, number of pay lines, and multipliers. Pretty simple gameplay is nevertheless engaging thanks to some extra features and three bonus modes.
  • Tropical Wilds would be great for those who love having all sorts of special Wilds. The Mystery Box symbol is there to convert into one of five Wild symbols that not only substitutes for other icons, but also boost win potential by multiplying a current win, duplicating, and moving. They land during the base and bonus rounds.

Where to Play Rabcat Gambling Slot Machines

There’s a wide network of online casinos that have a Rabcat portfolio. Because the content is distributed through Yggdrasil and Microgaming, it reaches operators in all corners of the world. You’ll have a selection of gambling sites from small to the biggest brands. Check out our Rabcat casino rating to see where this incredible content is available. Or test a collection of titles right here on this page.

Rating: 6.92
Bet $25 and Get $10 Bonus
No Deposit Bonus
Rating: 6.92
Min. deposit

Pros and Cons

Rabcat creates premium video slots that cater to a wide range of gambling enthusiasts. Its slots offer outstanding audio-visuals, intriguing stories, and engaging gameplays. It’s amazing how the studio can remain true to itself without jumping on the popular trends that seem to work well for other suppliers.

The developer mostly uses a set of proven engines and features, but occasionally comes up with something unique. Staying away from mainstream influence may seem like a disadvantage for some because many suppliers capitalize on third-party licensed features. But Rabcat’s strategy works just fine as many players would appreciate its unique approach and outstanding content.

Sure, this is a legitimate slot builder with content certified for numerous markets and distributed by top platforms.
The average return is between 96% and 96.5%. Some titles offer slightly higher RTP, and currently only one has a basic RTP of 95.5% which is then increased up to 97.75% as players complete challenges.
You’ve landed on the right page as we offer a collection of Rabcat demo slots.