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Dreaming of hitting a massive win? You landed on the right page. We’ve compiled the list of all major jackpot slots, and you can play them instantly in the practice mode. Pooled jackpot titles vary in style, max win potential and gameplay. Here you get a chance to explore dozens of old and new games without registering.

Progressive jackpot vertical has become increasingly popular. Recent trends towards whooping prizes have triggered major product innovations and made suppliers push the boundaries further to cater to casual and hardcore gamblers. As time progresses, more and more developers master the art of designing jackpots, and once in a while, they introduce unique ideas to reshape the industry.

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Top Jackpot Slots Casinos 2022

No casino is the same when it comes to the selection of pooled jackpots they offer. Operators aren’t bound to certain catalogs and have the freedom to hand-pick titles. Some gambling sites offer a better user experience for those interested in this slot category. They have a special jackpot collection, and some sites even show the current prize pool that is updated continuously, so you won’t have to launch games in the cash mode just to find out how much money has been accumulated.

In terms of the number of titles, there’s no common standard. Usually, operators have a few titles connected to a jackpot network, while more jackpot-oriented casinos can offer dozens of choices. For players, it’s best to know exactly what slots they are looking for and specifically look for operators that offer them. Because each time there’s going to be a different set of titles. Overall, casinos should be licensed and reliable.

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How Do Jackpot Slots Work

The idea of progressive prize pools is simple. Qualifying wagers contribute a small share towards the prize accumulation. Depending on the game specifics, there can be a minimum bet limit requirement to be eligible for a jackpot.

The pot is never empty as the amount resets to a seed value right after a win is landed. Jackpots can be seeded at a few thousand or a couple of million Euros. In some slots, the current jackpot amount contributes to the future prize pools. There are other key differences in how jackpot slots work.

  • Some jackpots are an integral part of a game and players don’t need to place extra side bets to participate. Others require a separate bet to be placed to have a chance of winning the main prize.
  • Guaranteed vs Regular. Today players have an option to choose one of the guaranteed jackpots that have to drop before reaching a set time or amount limit. The closer it gets to the limit the better the chances of hitting a pot. Regular jackpot, which initially was the only option, is the one that isn’t capped. Theoretically, it can grow infinitely and drop randomly at any moment.
  • Local vs Network. When players in different casinos contribute to the same progressive, it’s called a network jackpot. But when the amount is growing within a single gaming site, it’s a local jackpot. One of the extreme cases of the network jackpot is the solution introduced by Big Time Gaming and called Megapays. Its ultimate goal is to connect different slots produced by different developers across all casinos.

Jackpot Slots Types

There are many jackpot variations available, but they fall into two key categories: fixed and progressive. Below we’ll discuss what the differences are.

  • A fixed jackpot does not grow over time. Slots aren’t connected to a network. It’s basically the biggest pay a game can offer. There are two types of fixed jackpots. One depends on your wager size and the other one remains the same regardless of the wager size.
  • A progressive jackpot grows over time, and it usually drops a different size win every time. One player can get a little bit over the seed value, while another gambler collects much more. This uncertainty adds more excitement. The seed value is the initial amount of money in the pot after the current jackpot is dropped. This money is required to encourage players to join the chase in the early stages so that the prize can grow.

It’s hard to say what jackpot type is better. Some believe that fixed ones are easier to land, but it depends on the game settings. There are some massive max payouts non-progressive slots offer and they are much bigger than what some pooled jackpots can offer and therefore should be harder to land.

Popular Software Providers

Certain providers are more jackpot-focused than others. They regularly roll out new titles connected to existing networks or introduce brand-new progressives. Recently the popularity of growing prizes has significantly increased, and players now can play a wide variety of jackpot slots for free or for money.

The developer is one of the most active suppliers of the progressives. It has many content partners that produce multiple titles connected to famous Microgaming networks. The company has over two decades of experience producing jackpot titles and holds a few records in the online casino jackpot vertical. Its first pooled jackpot, Cash Splash, was introduced back in 1998.

  • Three record-breaking wins. In 2015 Mega Moolah dropped a €17.8 million jackpot to become the largest recorded win at that time. In 2018 the same network broke its record by awarding a lucky winner €18.9 million. April 2021 was when the network surprised the iGaming world once again by dropping the mouth-watering €19.4 win.
  • In 2019 the total amount of paid jackpots passed the €1 billion threshold. By the middle of 2021, that number increased to over €1.3 billion.
  • WowPot! offers the biggest seed value. With every pot refreshing to €2 million, this number is hard to beat.

Mega Moolah is one of the most recognized networks in the world. It connects many slot titles and their number continuously increases. In 2020 Microgaming rolled out the WowPot! network that has the potential to break the current win record as it is seeded at €2 million, which is twice the size of Mega Moolah’s seed value.

This is another incredible company that has built an amazing collection of jackpot slots. There’s a range of titles that offer small, medium, big, and massive pots. One of the most famous networks is Age of the Gods that was formerly known as Marvel.

Unlike Microgaming, Playtech games haven’t dropped any record-breaking wins. But the top payouts are still impressive. At the time of writing, Jackpot Giant tops the list with the biggest win being over $12.3 million. There are many other over $1 million winnings across Playtech portfolio.

One of the beauties of the Playtech collection is that there’s an incredible number of jackpot video slots. They all feature different themes, math and offer different experiences. The studio keeps producing new progressives and even offering some innovative solutions.

In 2018 the company launched Sporting Legends timed jackpots, which is a type of guaranteed jackpot. Two of the three prizes are guaranteed to drop within a specified time. Daily and Weekly pots are guaranteed to drop every day and every week, correspondingly. The Mega pot is there to grow as long as it takes for a lucky gambler to hit it.

Unlike the two above-mentioned studios, NetEnt doesn’t produce a large volume of progressive jackpot slots. It has a few of them, but they are very popular. Divine Fortune is the one that many gamblers know and play. This is a local type of progressives that accumulates within a single gaming operator, and therefore the amount is relatively small. It will drop anywhere from a dozen thousand Euros up to over half a million.

Another popular title is Mega Fortune that seeds at €250,000 and drops on average around €4 million. This amount is possible thanks to the slot appearing in many casinos, with thousands of gamblers across the globe contributing to the pot.

Mega Fortune Dreams is a sequel to the above-mentioned title, but the two do not share the same prize pool. Dreams version’s average win is a bit smaller and is just under €4 million and the biggest win is much smaller – €5.5 million against Mega Fortune’s €17.8 million.

Top 5 Most Popular Jackpot Slot Games

Progressive jackpots have become increasingly popular and the number of titles in this category grows rapidly. Both relatively new and all-time favorites are in the top 5 popular jackpots.

  1. Mega Moolah must be the ultimate winner in the world of progressives. This is a huge network that connects many slots and that has paid millions of Euros. It’s a four-tier jackpot with the Mega being the biggest pot. The guaranteed €1 million payout makes it the number one choice for gamblers dreaming of becoming a millionaire. Mega Moolah is one of the most recognizable networks. Introduced in 2006, it still is massively popular.
  2. WowPot! is another Microgaming masterpiece that has captivated many minds. It seeds at €2 million and has the potential to set the world record. From January 2020 to July 2021 the network dropped €61.7 million with the largest payout being €17.5 million. WowPot! connects a few games, including but not limited to: Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem, Sherlock & Moriarty. But as time progresses the collection of titles will most probably grow.
  3. Playtech is the only studio that can compete with Microgaming in terms of the volume of jackpot slots. Its most famous network is Age of the Gods that connects many popular titles such as Prince of Olympus, Furious 4 and many more. Seeded at €100,000, it often exceeds a €1 million threshold.
  4. Mega Fortune by NetEnt is also capable of dropping colossal wins with the guaranteed amount of €250,000. On average it takes three months to hit the pot and the average win is around €4 million. The biggest payout at the time of writing is €17.8 mln.
  5. Divine Fortune by NetEnt is the only local progressive jackpot here. It doesn’t award such massive wins as other top 5 networks, but still attracts an enormous number of players. Every casino accumulates its own prize pool, but the average Divine Fortune Mega win is a bit over €100,000.

How to Pick Good Jackpot Slots Online

Playing jackpot games can be fun and or frustrating, and the quality of experience largely depends on what games you choose. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the pot the harder it is to hit. There is a wide variety of jackpot networks that offer big, medium and small prizes. Often jackpots are multi-tier featuring a few smaller and one mega pot. Apart from the jackpot size, there are other things to keep in mind when choosing a perfect jackpot slot.

Look for Bonus Features

Because the main prize is usually unlikely to drop on the first few spins, it’s important to set up for a long journey. That’s why enjoying the game itself is the key to having a nice gambling experience while chasing a big win. Bonus features add a lot to the entertainment value. That’s why you should check what bonus rounds or modifiers slots offer and see if they seem to be exciting.

Look into RTP and Volatility

Two important slot characteristics are RTP and volatility. The former indicates how much on average a slot returns to players in the form of winnings, and the latter explains how these winnings are spread. In terms of RTP the higher the value the better. But it’s impossible to say which volatility level is the best since dispersion is the matter of each player’s personal preferences.

The Tie-ins

Massive progressive jackpots usually connect multiple slots. Some players will want to switch between different titles connected to the same network rather than playing the same game over and over again. Slots in the network sometimes provide a completely different experience and it’s fun to chase the same prize playing various games.

How to Win the Jackpot Slots

Winning is simple as it’s only a matter of good luck. There is nothing that players can do to secure a win, however, they can place bigger bets to have better chances. Being that lucky one who pockets the pot is the challenge, and when you embark on this mission, accept the possibility of failure. You can spin the reels thousands of times and spend a lot of money with no success.

Read game rules as there are multiple ways to win a jackpot. Some of them drop randomly during any spin, while others can land only during a special bonus round.

Once a long-awaited win is secured, it will most probably take some time to verify it with the game supplier. The casino will contact the developer providing win details. Once the slot supplier confirms that the win is legitimate, the operator can approve withdrawals.

All casinos set max cash-out limits. The difference is some of them apply those standard limits to progressive jackpot wins while others don’t. Read casino T&Cs to find this information or ask customer support about it. It’s always better if the casino promises to withdraw progressive jackpots in a lump sum. Otherwise, a big win can get stuck on your casino balance for a very long time.

Pros & Cons of Playing Jackpot Slots Online

Jackpot slots can offer life-changing wins, but they aren’t for everyone. The chances of landing a huge win are slim so you’ll most probably play a slot for a long time and most probably without landing the desired prize. One of the downsides is that a share of wagers goes to the progressive pot, and there’s less money for non-jackpot payouts.

Many players have collected colossal jackpots and the perspective of becoming one of those lucky winners is tempting. But always keep in mind that this is just a form of entertainment and is meant to be fun. So, don’t let this chase turn into obsession and just enjoy the experience and play responsibly.

As the selection of jackpot titles varies significantly, your best option is to know which jackpot you want to hit and look for casinos that offer them.
No. Operators don’t usually allow bonus credits to be used for playing progressive jackpot slots.
These are prizes that grow over time as players contribute to the pot. Huge jackpot networks attract many gamblers and can offer multi-million payouts.
This is an exciting jackpot type that must drop when reaching its time or amount limit. For instance, daily jackpots must drop within 24 hours.
Unlike progressive, fixed jackpots do not change over time.