Slots with Stacked Symbols

You can witness stacks of symbols on the reels when symbols appear not one at a time, but in groups, stacks, of different lengths. Potentially, if stacks of symbols of the same type appear on each reel, then the entire screen of the slot may be filled with one symbol and that leads to a BIG win. The greatest wins happen when the following symbols are stacked: Wilds, a clearing (full screen) of Wilds, or expensive symbols. Every player wants to see that.

Stacked symbols appearing are usually accompanied by additional animation (for example: when two stacks of the same symbols appear on the first and second reels, that means that if the third gets them too, this is already a good win; if both the fourth and fifth reels get the matching symbols, it’s definitely great news).

On this page you will always find an up-to-date selection of slots with stack symbols and their demo versions for free play. We are constantly updating and adding new slot machines from all slot developers to make this experience the best it can possibly be. Need advice? Want to introduce an improvement? Want to chat? Let us know.

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What about Stacked Wilds?

Stacked Wilds (you guessed it) are basically Wild symbols on the reels next to each other that provide multiple wins. Whether they’re random, sticky, or stacked, anyhow, they are a sure sign of better wins, so make sure to study their behavior and the chances of getting as many of them as possible with the least possible investment. And the first thing to do is to learn the rules of the game.

To sum up, stacked symbols are symbols stacked on top of each other, and spilling over they introduce greater chances of bigger wins. Research matters! To maximize your chance of big wins, learn the rules, the strategy, and the facts.

What to do for the best wins?

What are the chances? Are your odds better on some pokies than others where RTP is better? Are there “cold” and “hot” machines? In our articles you’ll find tons of useful info that’ll help you adopt a scientific approach, which is the only way to start your journey to the top.

The best way to get the most out of your experience with any game (slot or otherwise) is to do tons of research beforehand. Games, especially the business of casino gaming, has been built for centuries in order to maximize profit for casinos and extract revenue from players. The good news is, all the facts about how the house always wins are well documented. And we can help you learn the hard facts and the best strategies.

So if you truly want to get the best wins and have the best possible time, think in terms of mathematics, probability of rewards, costs of payments and so on – and make sure to make use of your resources. On our site you’ll find the latest, most effective, and most relevant strategies, tips, and tricks that will arm you with a formidable competitive advantage.

For example, some of the tactics that will definitely benefit you are:

  • Play slowly and as little as possible
  • Make use of skill games
  • Find out how the law affects games and which laws are current
  • Be prepared for the unexpected.

Another great technique is looking for reviews (about anything and everything). Reviews are a terrific way to get honest information about the pros and cons of a product by pretty much stealing the research data from people who have done the legwork and did all the analysis. We don’t mind though. We put out the reviews so that you’ll learn from our mistakes or share our joy, so make sure to visit us regularly for reviews, too.

A slot! Half a kingdom for a slot!

The Chef’s Favorite is currently Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire with its x1250 Max Win, multipliers, and 96.50% RTP. Nolimit City’s Bushido Ways Slot has lower RTP and basically no Wilds, Scatters, Bonus Games, or Free Spins (so basically no anything, so are you sure about this?) but features a Max Win of x 30000, which is quite impressive.

March 2021,
RTP: 96.1%, Max Win: x30000, Volatility: High

Fun Facts

  • You can get from 2 to up to 10 stacked symbols
  • Stacked wilds usually offer bigger wins than their colleagues, random and sticky Wilds
  • Stacked symbols were introduced by companies who felt that pokies needed more volatility and variety to reduce monotony and increase engagement. So when you’re seeing stacked symbols, they mean not only more chances to win but also more fun and change!