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Written by: , Head of Content April 8, 2024 at 6:45PM
Last Updated: April 8, 2024 at 6:55PM
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Evolution to Launch Their Most Epic Game Show Ever and Spin Gifts Slot Feature in 2024

In a recent video, Evolution CPO, Todd Haushalter, announced some of the most exciting games, features and products the Evolution family will be releasing this year. And there are plenty of great things to come.  

Slots and Slot Features 

Spin Gifts Evolution

For slot fans the best news is probably the launch of Spin Gifts. The feature is available in slots and can randomly trigger a bonus round where players spin a wheel to find out how many free spins they get. The value of each spin is the same as their last bet. Evolution will be paying for those spins. 

Balloon Race Live

Another good news is that a new slot with a live bonus, Balloon Race Live, will be rolled out this year. Evolution CPO calls it their most refined live bonus game. Players enjoy a typical online slot, and their ultimate goal is to enter the live bonus game during which colored balls are drawn to move balloons upwards and decide which prize will be collected by players.  

The Biggest Game Show 

Lightning Storm Evolution

Later this year the studio will be releasing what it calls the biggest and the most ambitious game show they’ve ever made, Lightning Storm. This is the fifth-generation wheel game show with five bonus rounds and bigger average payouts than in any previous game show. Todd Haushalter thinks it’s the best work they’ve ever done.   

Dream Creator 

Dream Creator

2024 will also be an exciting year for casinos as they get Dream Creator. This software system allows them to easily create their own custom games. All they need is to select a few settings and style. Everything else is done by Evolution, including compliance.

Using Dream Creator, designing a slot will take operators less than a week. And in a few more weeks Evolution will have it certified and available on a casino site.