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How to Check an Online Casino License?

Every online casino must have a license that can be checked. In most cases, the footer of the website contains a mark of the relevant jurisdiction – for example, Curacao, UK, Malta. This mark should lead to the license confirmation page.

Now we will take a closer look at the three most popular jurisdictions and explain which website the jurisdiction mark should take you to, and how to check a license if there is no link on the casino website.

Casino License Check as Confirmation of Fairness

If you think that all licensed online casinos are equally good, and only those operating without a license are bad, you are sorely mistaken. Much depends on where the license was obtained, so it is not enough just to find confirmation of the license in order to check the casino for fairness.

The Curacao license is the least valuable. The online gambling business is completely uncontrolled on this territory, and many fraudsters have sailed there due to poor control. However, there are decent casinos as well. This is the most popular jurisdiction because a work permit there is relatively inexpensive, and there are not many requirements. There are four companies that were granted the right to issue permits to casino operators from the Ministry of Justice.

The Malta license is next in terms of reliability. The Malta Gaming Authority is a regulator that monitors casino websites more closely and makes efforts to secure fair and safe play. Some very popular casinos are licensed in this jurisdiction, such as VideoSlots.

However, the UK license is the most reliable among the most popular ones. This area is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This organization very closely monitors what is happening and loyally defends the interests of the players. The UK Gambling Commission regularly penalizes operators violating the rules and acting unfairly in regard to the players.

How to Check the License of a Curacao Casino?

VideoSlots Casino is registered in all three of the most popular jurisdictions, so this operator will be used in the examples. Scroll down to the footer, find the Curacao license icon and click on it. You will be sent to where the operator and the license status should be indicated.

Please note that you may be sent to fake validator pages when checking the license of a Curacao online casino. As such, be sure to check the address.

You can see an example of how to check the Curacao eGaming license using the link above. This is one of the owners of the Curacao Master License. There are four such companies, so you may face other verification methods. You can learn more about the licensing system in Curacao here.

Another popular Curacao license is issued by Antillephone. You can check the casino for a license in the same way as in the previous case, but there will be a different icon and validator address: The third company, Gaming Curacao, can be verified at

Problems may only arise if you want to check the online casino license from e-Management Group. There is usually no icon in the footer to symbolize a license on the casino websites (and even if there is, no link to the validator is embedded). There is no special website where you can check the license either. It turns out that players either take their word for it or do not believe the casino.

How to Check the UK Online Casino License?

Scroll down to the footer of the casino website again, there will be a Gambling Commission logo. Click on it and follow the link to Information about the license will be provided there, so that you can check the casino for fairness.

UKGC license validation

It may happen that you won’t find a link in the footer, only the information about the license. In this case, visit the regulator’s website to check the casino. Enter the name of the operator there and press the Search button. The results will be displayed as a list. You will need to click on a link to go to the page with the license status.

How to Check a Casino for a Malta License?

Find the MGA logo in the footer of the website. Follow the link that will take you to… Check the license status and registered websites there.

If you want to check it manually, just go to and enter the name of the casino or its URL. The convenient thing is that complete lists of licensed operators come out in both cases, so you don’t have to type in, but simply select.

Don’t jump to conclusions if nothing is found by the casino name. Try entering the website address in the URL box – the result may come out there. The reason is that casino brands can be registered for companies with a completely different name.

For example, PlayOJO is not found by name, but if you enter the domain, you are taken to the SkillOnNet license. The latter can be used to check the license of Titanium Brace Marketing Ltd, which manages PlayOJO.


Even if you need to check some other casino license, you know how to do it now. Checking the website footer (scroll to the bottom of the page) to find the regulator logo will do it in most cases. Click on it and you should be taken to the website confirming the license status. If not, then the easiest way is to contact the support service and ask them for a link.