Curacao License: Detailed Review. Curacao Master Licenses and Their Holders

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My confusion about the Curacao license has been growing since I began to pay attention not only to the license presence, but also to its number. It looks like that nearly all casinos registered in this jurisdiction use the same license. How can it be? Let’s figure it out.

Curacao master license

First of all, Curacao eGaming turns out to be not an official regulator. It is just one of the holders of the so-called master license. The Curacao master license entitles the holder to issue sublicenses directly to operators. This is why license numbers are identical.

Everyone who applied to Curacao eGaming gets 1668/JAZ. There are other master license holders who sublicense many casino brands as well. This is why the numbers match on many websites. However, there should not be many holders of master licenses. According to Casinomeister, there are four. The Curacao Ministry of Justice issues these master licenses.

Unlike other jurisdictions, it seems that the operator cannot obtain a Curacao gambling license directly from the Ministry of Justice. In fact, the government has shed all responsibility and does not participate in monitoring and protecting the rights of players. This gives room to scammers who cheat players scot free.

However, you should remember that not all operators licensed in Curacao are scammers. Both an honest operator and a scammer can share the same license. Unfortunately, the shadow of scammers is cast on honest operators, and the players no longer try to distinguish the bad from the good. Don’t discriminate against all casinos licensed in Curacao.

Who Holds Curacao Master Licenses?

  • Curacao eGaming — 1668/JAZ
  • Antillephone — 8048/JAZ
  • Gaming Curacao — 365/JAZ
  • e-Management N.V. — 5536/JAZ

These four companies make up the entire Curacao gambling license business. In other words, they are a sort of the primary source. Casinos may work not directly with them, but through intermediaries – for example, through companies that provide White Label casino services.

How Can the License Authenticity be Verified?

In any case, click on the license logo in the footer. You should be taken to the validator’s website and see a page with a license confirmation. You can be taken to different websites, depending on the operator’s master license:

  • Curacao eGaming –
  • Antilllephone –
  • Gaming Curacao –

Curacao eGaming


Gaming Curacao

There are rumors about a fake website/websites with a close address, which confirm a false license – please be careful. We have only heard such rumors about Curacao eGaming, but there can be other fake websites out there.

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Curacao License 5536/JAZ – a Special Case

It must be noted that three companies provide the tools to verify the authenticity of their licenses. However, the Curacao master license numbered 5536/JAZ cannot be verified at all. It belongs to e-Management N.V.

We checked a dozen websites with their license, and none of them had a link to the validator (verification). There is no such option on the e-Management website either. Overall, the case is generally confusing.

There is no information about the owner of master license 5536/JAZ. It looks like that the owner of this master license does not want to get exposed. We found information on some forum that it belongs to e-Management N.V. To check this, we had to dig deeper.

We had to set a compass, since neither the casinos with this license, nor the company itself provided links to the license validator. You can check the registration numbers of companies registered in Curacao on the website of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce.

We checked the registration numbers of the companies operating the casinos with license 5536/JAZ. They had e-Management N.V. indicated as their official entity, and their registration number was 84670. It is the same company, even though the address in the report differs from the address provided on the e-Management Group website, because the names of the Board of Directors are the same.

How to check the details of a company in Curacao using the registration number?

Visit the Curacao Chamber of Commerce website and select Services from the top menu, then Search Company. Enter the registration number and see when the company was created, who runs it, and other details.

Can the Curacao license be trusted or not?

There was a statement on one website that holders of master licenses 1668/JAZ, 365/JAZ, 5536/JAZ and 8048/JAZ are not allowed to issue sublicenses. This is not true – they do have such a right. The matter is that no one regulates them, apparently. In turn, it makes no sense for them to keep an eye on the casino websites to which they issue licenses. This is how it turns out that being honest is not an obligation, but a choice.

There was an investigation on Casinomeister website regarding the case where casinos with license 1668/JAZ issued by Curacao eGaming were caught using fake software from NetEnt and Novomatic. Curacao eGaming was notified of these incidents, but has not ordered the casinos to return the money to the players.

According to Casinomeister, these casino scammers have simply removed the fake games and continue to operate. From this, Casinomeister concluded that the philosophy behind Curacao eGaming was “Don’t use fake software. If you use it, please remove it, otherwise we will cancel your license.” This means that the operators are not in danger even if their scam is proven.

Once again, it must be noted that not every casino using a Curacao license is a scam. There are also honest operators among them.