Michael Gordon

Betting Machines to Use Facial Age-Estimation to Prevent Underage Gambling

Regal Gaming Technologies, which is part of the powerful Gauselmann Group, works with Yoti to integrate age-estimation technology into thousands of their machines across the UK. The software developed by Yoti is expected to effectively prevent underage gambling.

Once the system is in place, players won’t be able to bet unless they had their picture taken and analyzed. According to the developer, its facial age-estimation system is 99.65% accurate when detecting players under 23 years old. That should do a much better job than staff who are supposed to verify player age but most of the time fail to do so.

Privacy won’t be an issue because the technology runs algorithms to estimate age and doesn’t use any databases. Photos are never stored and deleted once the analysis is over. Yoti’s age estimation software has the potential to be implemented in online gambling as well. It soon will be used by Instagram to stop underage users from pretending to be adults.