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Written by: , Head of Content January 3, 2023 at 12:46AM
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Gambling Commission Takes a Close Look at How Licensees Handle Player Complaints

UK Gambling Commission looked into the process of complaint management. After reviewing 34 operators, it published tips on how to handle player complaints. The Gambling Insider talked to Felix Faulkner, a solicitor at Poppleston Allen, to learn more about the regulator’s message. 

According to Faulkner, the Commission wants the process to be simple for players. There are a few things in particular that were pointed out:

  • Plain English should be used instead of language that may be confusing and hard to understand.  
  • Casino homepages should provide details on the complaints procedures. 
  • Casinos should provide players with multiple channels to receive guidance. 

The expert also talked about potential introduction of a gambling Ombudsman in the UK. He said that despite the theme being discussed a lot recently, it isn’t clear what functions will an Ombudsman perform. He thinks it will replace ADRs. 

The industry waits for the publication of the Gambling Act white paper to find out if there will be major changes in the complaints management.