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Written by: , Head of Content November 29, 2023 at 5:09PM
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Evolution Rolls Out Crazy Pachinko, Live Slot with Player-Favorite Pachinko Bonus

November 29 is the day many live casino fans must have been waiting for. It’s the day Evolution launches its live slot called Crazy Pachinko. According to the Evolution CPO, Todd Haushalter, Pachinko is the most popular bonus round in Crazy Time. And this popularity inspired the creation of Crazy Pachinko.  

Multiple Phases

This game won’t let you straight into the Live Pachinko round unless you pay 75x bet. There are two phases that players should complete. 

  • First, players must qualify by playing a slot machine and landing 3 scatters in one spin. This challenge becomes more achievable with the help of Sticky Scatters that nudge down one step every spin until they disappear. Or players can also pay 15x per spin to get 1 guaranteed scatter, which is called XXXtreme Spin mode.  
  • Next comes the Top-Up Phase that lets you boost the prizes that can be won. It’s another slot game but with a different set of symbols. They award either nothing or multipliers that are then added to random multipliers generated for the Live Pachinko round. This phase isn’t free as players pay for every spin.  

Live Pachinko 

Live Pachinko round is well familiar to most gamblers, especially Crazy Time fans. It’s the same vertical wall with pins all over it and prizes at the bottom. The game show host drops the puck that randomly bounces from pin to pin until it lands in one of the zones and awards different prizes. DOUBLE zone triggers re-drop with all multipliers doubled.