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Written by: , Head of Content November 28, 2022 at 1:05PM
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Roshtein Is Back Streaming After a One Month Break He Took to Feel Like a Human Again

A popular casino streamer, Roshtein, returned to streaming a few days ago after being away for over a month. He did a test stream on, which is his new platform of choice after Twitch prohibited streaming gambling sites that aren’t licensed in jurisdictions with sufficient player protection.

In its announcement, Twitch particularly mentioned several websites, including Roshtein’s sponsor, Stake. The streamer pointed out that he had been continuously streaming for years, and the policy update was just the right time to take a break, recharge, and see the reaction to the ban. The time he was away from gambling he spent taking care of himself.

I’ve been just trying to get time to do things that I didn’t get to do when I was here being live, and that was to get sleep, get some nice exercise, eating good, really just detoxing, and just getting to feel like a human.

Roshtein hasn’t quit streaming and wants to do it for the rest of his life. Recharging was necessary to do things that he wants to do in the future to deliver more entertaining streams. He missed streaming but not gambling, and it was nice not to gamble for a month. But at the same time, he now hopes to gamble more than ever.