Slots with Gamble Feature

When slot players are looking for an extra thrill, one of the options they have is to activate the Gamble feature also known as Risk Game. It’s a chance to get more winnings by risking the current payout. Here we’ve collected an extensive collection of slots with the Gamble feature. The selection is continuously updated to offer all the latest releases.

Today the Risk Game is less popular than it used to be because developers now have a wide range of exciting features to spice the gameplay up. However, there are still many slot fans that love the opportunity to take an extra risk and content providers ensure supply keeps up with demand.

The idea of doubling winnings or losing money gives some space for creativity. However, there’s a classic Gamble feature variant that dominates. But as time progresses slowly but surely new options appear and become a norm.

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When a slot features a traditional Gamble round, it offers to take a chance at winning more money after every win, usually except for bonus game prizes. Gamblers have a choice to accept or decline the offer. When they agree to risk the funds they’ve just won, they are asked to choose between two objects. One of them is a winner the other is a loser. Usually, players are offered to gamble up to five consecutive times. Any time they can quit the feature and collect what they have.

The classic version is based on playing cards. Gamblers are asked to guess whether a card suit is red or black. If they guess right, it doubles the amount of money at stake. Whereas the wrong guess means the money is gone. Sometimes to up the antes, developers introduce the option to guess not the color but the card suit. This is more challenging, but at the same time is more rewarding as players get four times their payout if they are right.

Risk Game Variations

There aren’t many versions of the risk game. Usually, developers use the same old method but can have different visuals. Instead of the playing cards, there can be other images. One of the interesting twists to the feature is the opportunity to risk just a share of the win. Typically it’s half the amount. This way players can still keep some of the winnings even if they lose the risk game.

What’s expected from the gamble feature is that the chances of winning and losing are 50/50. However, this isn’t always the case. Endorphina has chosen a different approach. Their risk rounds can offer 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% chances of winning, meaning that sometimes you are guaranteed to win while other times there’s a guaranteed loss. Players pick one of four cards that should beat the dealer’s card. After the choice is made, all cards are revealed and that’s when you realize what your chances were.

Bonus Round Gamble

Today players can also risk not just their winnings, but a chance at getting nice rewards. When the bonus game is won they are offered to risk it in hopes of getting a more lucrative deal, for instance, more free spins and a higher multiplier. There are usually multiple levels and once players upgrade to a certain level, they can’t lose everything and instead downgrade.

Extra Chilli is one of the examples. Initially, there are 8 free spins awarded, but players get a chance to triple the amount. There are four levels and after upgrading to the second level that awards 16 spins, there’s a guaranteed amount of spins in case the player loses. One of the greatest things about this Extra Chilli Gamble feature is that as players upgrade, the chance of winning more spins increases from 50% to 60%.

Slots with Adjustable Gamble Feature

One of the interesting forms of Gamble feature was introduced by Microgaming in their Untamed series. Untamed Giant Panda is one of those offering this type of bonus round. The unique thing about it is that users have full control over what their risk-reward ratio is. Microgaming called it Your Gamble. Players can win up to 20x per round, which is ten times what the traditional feature variant can offer.

There is a radar that is divided into 20 sectors and players can select anywhere from 1 to 19 winning/losing sectors to increase or decrease their chances of landing a win. Payout varies depending on those chances the lowest being 1/20 and the highest 19/20. Players can adjust the risk to their liking and change the risk level after every gamble. That’s why the name Your Gamble is very accurate. It’s also possible to set aside half of the amount to eliminate the risk of losing everything. The round can last as long as the Gamble Limit is reached.

Slots Offering Gamble Feature

There are all sorts of slots that feature Risk Game – older titles along with recent releases. It’s not that widespread in new games, but you can always find some fresh titles that feature it. Pick the “Most Popular” collection on this page to check out the greatest video slots with the Gamble feature.