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Written by: , Head of Content November 1, 2022 at 7:19AM
Last Updated: November 1, 2022 at 7:20AM
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Player Wants to Take Casino to Court after a 13 Million SEK Visual Error

Winning big sometimes becomes a curse rather than a blessing. A player known as “Emma” thought she won a total of 13 million SEK in Mega Cash Stacks released by Bulletproof Games when in fact it was a visual error. She ended up being paid 130,000 SEK because, according to the casino representative, when displaying a win amount, a comma sign was misplaced.

Mega Cash Stacks error wins

The player and her lawyer now consider going to the court as they are confident that it’s the casino’s fault that this error took place and ATG must take responsibility. They say that ATG terms and conditions do not protect the operator from this type of issue.

Unfortunately for the player, all online casinos typically state in their T&Cs that any visual and technical errors won’t count as legitimate wins. That’s exactly what the casino representative told Emma. Moreover, the casino should declare the round void and pay neither actual win that landed nor the one that was wrongly displayed.

ATG warns that if Emma to take legal action, they can ask her to pay back the 130,000 SEK she received. The decision to pay the money that was actually won seemed adequate. But players probably understand how devastating this error must have been for Emma.