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Written by: , Head of Content November 26, 2022 at 3:10PM
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Relax Gaming’s CEO Discusses the Problem of Jackpot Chasers and Jackpot Syndicates

The Barcelona SBC Summit that took place in September this year was a great opportunity for experts to share their thoughts on some of the issues that the industry faces. SlotBeats has recently published a transcript of the “Marketing the Jackpot” panel discussion, and it turned out jackpot chasers were quite a problem for both operators and suppliers.

Relax Gaming’s CEO, Simon Hammon, who participated in one of the SBC Summit discussions, agreed that jackpot chasers and jackpot syndicates in particular are a significant problem for the industry. They focus on local jackpots that don’t usually attract too many players or daily jackpots and try to tip RTP in their favor.

According to Hammon, the problem was the result of sudden increase in the supply of local jackpots and lack of traffic they attracted. Casinos now deal with situations when they have the same jackpot winners over and over again. And even though operators don’t like it, there’s nothing illegal in chasing jackpots.

When asked about the possible solutions, he said it’s all about math design. For operators a quick solution would be to offer fewer local jackpots to improve jackpot liquidity, making it harder for jackpot chasers to hit the win. But it’s all up to developers to design jackpot systems that are less predictable to discourage unwanted behavior.