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Written by: , Head of Content December 7, 2022 at 3:45PM
Last Updated: October 13, 2023 at 4:59PM ()
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Trainwreck Joins to Help Creators Succeed Where Twitch Has Failed Them


On December 5, one of the most successful casino streamers, Trainwreck, announced that he joined as a non-owner advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster. He criticized Twitch for treating streamers unfairly and refusing to raise the pay despite boasting of performing better than ever. 

Twitch has built an empire off of our backs and has the audacity to spit in all of our faces by not only giving us no financial security, with its inconsistent policies, but by also cutting our pay in places that they have no right to cut. 

Trainwreck explains that Twitch takes the highest percentage split, which is 50/50. That means that each subscription earns streamers $2.50 or even less in some countries. He thinks that the platform doesn’t do much to earn this share. investors were willing to listen to creator input and that was the reason he joined the team. Their vision is to create the platform that appeals not just to huge but also small and mid-sized creators. Every Kick streamer will get a subscription button and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 95% of the subscription payment 
  • 100% of all tips with the same day withdrawal
  • Steady income based on hours watched and total viewers
  • Clear rules, no ambiguous bans

The team has also thought about viewers and in the new TOS there will be rules regarding ethical gambling. Streamers won’t be allowed to offer wager locked and code locked giveaways as well as lie to viewers about gambling’s losing nature. 

Trainwreck warned that requires time to become successful and users must be patient. Streamers will have freedom to stream on other platforms, but will be rewarded for choosing to work with exclusively.