Music From Slot Machines: Its Influence on Our Choices and Behavior

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Silent slot machines are impossible to imagine. You get the reels rolling, and the machine doesn’t make a single sound. You will get bored quickly. Even slots that do not play melodies in the background still produce the sounds of spinning reels, winnings, etc. Music from slot machines is an invisible factor that greatly influences our choice of slots.

Some believe that players choose their favorite slots based on how much they like the soundtrack. This factor is usually neglected: graphics, bonus features and payouts are mainly noted. However, music and sounds indeed have a tremendous influence on our choice, we just usually don’t realize it.

The effect of sounds and music from slot machines

The Endorphina casino got a new Kamchatka slot machine recently. The preset level of special effects seemed too loud there, which interfered with normal game. Although the volume of individual elements can be adjusted in this slot and special effects can be made quieter, the excessively loud special effects left a generally negative impression of the game. There is no desire to spin the slot again.

The effect of music from the modern slot machines with a lot of animations and special effects is particularly noticeable: for example, in Necromancer from EvoPlay, which we mentioned recently. In addition to the background melody, various special effects are added, as well as the lines of the main character. If you take it all away, the slot machine no longer seems so epic, even if the camera rotates 360 degrees and the animation is the most advanced.

Play’n GO – creating a slot based on a song

The best developers put emphasis on creating sounds and music for slot machines today. Even famous musicians are invited for this from time to time. For example, the Play’n GO casino has a House of Doom slot. The song of the same name by the Candlemass band was written for this slot machine.

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The developer even noted on its website that Martin Zettergren, who came up with the slot concept, visited the studio during the song creation to make sure the game fits the music. In other words, the song was the main element in this case, while graphics and the rest were built around it.

Manipulating behavior through sounds and music from slot machines

Actually, various manipulations with sounds and music are a common practice not only in slot machines, but in many other areas as well. Soundtrack helps sell products in stores, adjusts the speed at which you eat in restaurants, etc. Various melodies, music and sounds are used wherever they want to have an invisible effect on people.

There is lots of research indicating how slot audio effects influence the perception of players. According to the scientists, the sounds accompanying the winnings are especially dangerous. They force a person play more. The player may even have the false impression that they are winning even when they are losing in total.

If any regulator wants people to start playing slots less, it will simply need to ban sounds and music in slot machines.