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Written by: , Founder March 13, 2021 at 11:08PM
Last Updated: May 13, 2021 at 5:04PM
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How Online Casinos Are Abused Using Castle Builder and Castle Builder II Slots

We found a topic on a forum on how the abusers cheated the online casino Riobet:

  1. First, you take a registration bonus of €10. Playing at the minimum bet, enter the Castle Builder game and level up to the construction of the maximum possible castle in the Castle Builder (800–1,000 spins) and Castle Builder II (500–1,000 spins) games. After that, you lose the remaining bonus funds, if any.
  2. Then you top up your account with €250 and take a 100% bonus on your deposit.
  3. After that, you start building the maximum castle in Castle Builder at €3 per round, bringing it to almost complete construction; the same is done in the game Castle Builder II. If there are funds left, you lose or wager the remaining bonus in other games at large bets, because the bonus is wagered at less than 10% with this strategy.
  4. Once the bonus is canceled, top up about €10 and take a 50% bonus.
  5. Enter Castle Builder and Castle Builder II, finish building the castle at the minimum bet and get the prize that was accumulated for the €500 bonus (€250 + 100% on the deposit).
  6. Play any other games after receiving a huge prize.

Deposits (approximate expenses): €250 + €10 rub.
For withdrawal: ~ €500

The fraud was conducted successfully from 39 accounts for more than ~ €4000. These accounts are either multi-accounts or the ones created in collusion. In some cases, such as a verification requirement, we started playing at high stakes to either lose or hit the jackpot. This is exactly what happened on this account.

This fraud strategy works in any casino where Castle Builder games are not banned and allows you to win unlimitedly, using the deposit bonuses.