Casino Without Verification. Is It Possible?

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Account verification requirements may look quite daunting. Many casinos are willing to get not just proof of your identity, but also that you live at the specified address and use the money that is really yours. Of course, few people would like to disclose so many personal details, especially to someone who is not a bank or other solid organization, but just a casino. Therefore, the issue of finding a casino without verification becomes relevant.

However, one needs to understand that licensed casinos are forced to ask their customers for such information. This is a measure to prevent money laundering, and jurisdictions such as UK Gambling Commission are very concerned about this issue and even penalize operators.

If you are looking for a casino without any verification requirements, then get ready to be cheated, because any honest casino can request verification for the sake of its safety or at the request of the jurisdiction one day. On the contrary, dishonest casinos can lure you with any promises, as they still will not need to fulfill them. Why don’t they promise you not to require verification?

Can you play in reliable casinos without verification?

Some players can play in a casino for a long time without verification, even if the casino rules do require this procedure. You may never be required to send documents to a particular casino. This is especially true for those who play with small money. Large casinos usually have many customers, and they simply cannot verify every player – moreover, they have no reason to do this, if there is no suspicion of fraud or they are not obliged to do so by the law.

For example, MGA requires verification only when the player’s withdrawals reach $2,300. Until this amount, the casino has the right not to request any documents. In this case, the casino decides how to act. Read more about verification and how the casino selects players for verification here.

When you play in reliable online casinos, there is always a chance that you will be asked for verification. However, you have no alternative, if you do not want to be cheated by scammers without a license. You need to understand that verification in a casino is a must. After all, there is money circulation, and its turnover can be huge.

Why are players looking for casinos without verification?

Obviously, it brings no pleasure to provide sensitive details into the wrong hands. It may seem that the casino will be unable to ensure adequate protection and fraudsters will take advantage of this. However, you should not worry. If you choose reputable, proven casinos, they will carefully protect your details.

However, some may regard the lack of verification as a chance to abuse the casino rules – for example, by creating multiple accounts. On the other hand, you need to understand what happens if you win a large amount of money in such cases – the casino will check your account and find out that you have violated their rules. Is the risk worth the small benefits?

Some casinos require verification, but this does not include address verification. In other words, you will not be asked to present utility bills issued in your name. For example, this is not necessary in FastPay Casino. All you need is a selfie with an identity document. If you do not want to send this either, they offer an option to request a transfer to a bank account issued in your name.

Account verification in FastPay Casino

The main thing is to choose a casino with a good reputation. You can use our rating for this. If you are interested in the minimum requirements for verification, it is better to first contact the support service and find out what documents you will need.

Not only should players be wary of fraudulent casinos, but operators should also to be careful not to allow fraudulent players. This is why normal casinos cannot avoid verification – it ensures protection from cheaters.

Can you play without verification in reliable casinos?

In fact, you can play at the casino without verification and even withdraw money. However, today all casinos reserve the right to request documents from you at any time. This is not only the operators’ own rules, but in some cases also the requirement of the jurisdiction they are licensed in.

There is such a procedure as Know Your Customer (KYC), according to which casinos have to know information about their players in order to prevent money laundering and excessive player spending in some cases. For example, the UK regulator is very attentive to ensuring that casinos comply with the KYC requirements and imposes huge fines on violators.

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Verification in Casinos. What and Why is Required?

If you play with small money and do not win big, the chances are that you will be able to withdraw money without verification in the casino. However, it depends on the specific rules of the operator.

Before, verification was often required only when a certain threshold of withdrawals was reached – for example, when the amount of withdrawals reached $1,000. However, this rule does not apply now, and casinos simply warn that they have the right to request documents from the player.

The moment when the verification will be requested vary across casinos. If there are no specific rules in this regard, then you can rely only on the players’ reviews, because the casinos will not be able to tell in advance when exactly you will be asked to pass verification.

You should not avoid casino verification and look for operators who skip this procedure. Requirements to submit documents are very common, and there is no need to suspect anything negative in this. The main thing is to make sure that you are playing on a website you can trust.

If you intend to play for more than one month, just save the documents that you sent during your first verification. You will use them later in other casinos, so this procedure will not be difficult for you after all.

Documents required for verification in an online casino

Every casino basically asks for the same documents. However, it’s best to find out what you may need. The list of documents that an operator can request is often provided in the casino’s Terms and Conditions. If it is not there, then approach the support service for the information.

Proof of identity and proof of residential address are usually required. In the first case, a passport, driver’s license or possibly another document with your details and photo will be accepted.

Players are often asked to take a selfie with a document in their hand, and some even ask for a selfie in which the player must hold a paper with certain lines. But the latter requirement is more extreme than a standard.

You usually need to send utility bills issued in your name as a proof of address. A payment method verification can also be required – for example, if a bank card is used, then a photo of the card on both sides can be requested.

Do not worry, you will have to remove the information that should not be disclosed. The casino does not need the series and number of your passport or the complete number of your card. All they need to know is that you are the person you claim to be and are using your real payment methods.

Please keep in mind that you can also find a provision about verification via Skype in the rules of the casino. However, these are extreme measures, and most players will never face it. Read here for more information on how to pass verification and what is required for this.

Is verification in an online casino a reason to delay withdrawals?

Indeed, sometimes players think that verification is used as an excuse not to withdraw money for a longer time – and in some cases this is true. The players just need to carefully read the reviews of other players in order to understand whether a particular casino does this a lot or not.

The problems with withdrawals are one the main for casino players, and they usually come up in player reviews. You can also learn about this from complaints about the casino. Delaying document verification is another common problem. Sometimes operators deliberately decline the submitted documents and repeatedly force the players to send copies.

This is done in the hope that players lose money before withdrawing it – the funds to withdraw are usually not blocked in such bad casinos. Considering that it can take some unscrupulous casinos several days to check documents and then a few more days to check new copies, it is not surprising that such a strategy works, and impatient players just lose it all.

Possible novelties. No play in an online casino without verification

The UK regulator is considering the introduction of a new rule, according to which you will first need to pass verification, and then gain access to betting. Casinos will not be eligible to accept deposits without verification.

This is not bad news for players, but some may not like it. The advantage of this approach is that players can withdraw faster, as verification is completed before playing.

Not only verification, but also check of income sources

Please note that casinos licensed in the UK have recently been required to check income sources of the players. This requirement does not apply to every player, but operators must ensure that players do not launder money and do not lose more they can afford in this way.

Why don’t casinos allow withdrawals without verification?

Operators cannot skip verification, because many players want to cheat casinos. In other words, this requirement is partly the result of dishonest behavior of the players. They register multiple times at the same casino in order to receive bonuses that are provided to each player only once. The casinos are forced to require documents in order to minimize losses from such behavior.