Verification in Casinos. What and Why is Required?

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All regular online casinos request for player verification at some point – this is not just a will of operators, but the requirement of the jurisdictions in which they are licensed. If you have repeatedly withdrawn money from the casino without being asked for documents, then the casino simply believed it was not necessary.

Why is Verification Required?

Verification in casinos is a method of complying with the Know Your Customer requirement, which may be referred to as KYC. Operators are legally obliged to check whether their website is being used for illegal purposes, such as money laundering.

In fact, casinos are obliged to make sure not only that they pay money to the same person whose name was used when registering the account. They should also know that the money deposited by the player into the casino account really belongs to the player and was not earned in a criminal way.

Verification is also security – both for casinos and players. In this way, a casino protects itself from cheating and non-compliance with the rules. The security for the players lies with the fact that if someone else gains access to your account, they will not be able to withdraw your money.

How Does a Casino Select Accounts for Verification?

The casino constantly monitors the players’ actions. If the player’s behavior seems suspicious, they can request account verification. Random checks are also common, when random accounts are selected. There are also certain limits on withdrawals, upon reaching which the casino is required to verify the user’s identity by law. Besides, verification in the casino is often required if the player deposited little and won much.

What Documents are Required for Verification in a Casino?

The player will need to verify their identity, address and payment method. The identity is confirmed by sending a scan of the ID or a driver’s license. Scans of utility bills are required to verify the address. If you receive the electronic bills, you can simply send a screenshot. You will need screenshots or photos of payment methods.

Verification of Payment Methods

If you top up your account with a bank card, you may be asked for scans or photos of both sides of the card you use. You will need to close the numbers in the middle on the front side – for example, 123456XXXXXX1314. The back of the card should bear your signature. You will need to close the CVV code. The numbers embossed on the front side are also visible on the photo of the reverse side of the card, so you will need to close them as well.

Verification of payment methods

It is assumed that if the players failed to close the information that could grant access to the money on their card, the online casino will do it before sending to storage. However, it’s always better to take care of it yourself as you can’t guarantee the casino will do it.

If the player uses a bank transfer, they will need to provide a bank statement. The casino needs to see your first and last name, as well as your full account number for verification. If you have an Internet banking feature, you can send a screenshot from the page where this information is provided.

Besides, casino verification may require confirmation of transactions between the player and the casino. In other words, the operator needs to see the reflection of your deposits and withdrawals in your bank account.

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The casino may require screenshots of the Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney and other profiles from the players who use web wallets to verify. Information about your ID or email, as well as your name should be visible. In addition, the operator may ask for screenshots of individual transactions.

Not every deposit method can be used for withdrawals. Therefore, if you top up your account in one way and withdraw in another, you will need to pass verification for both methods.

If you do not want to provide so many documents for some reason, then it is better not to play in online casinos at all. No honest operator can skip verification. Therefore, all players go through this procedure sooner or later. Documents where some important details are poorly visible will simply not be accepted. Everything should be clearly visible.

Problems with Verification

Unfortunately, problems with verification are not uncommon. Sometimes players do not expect that they will need to submit so many documents and remain dissatisfied. The verification process does not always go smooth and fast, and players often complain about delays in verification. However, this problem is not met in all casinos.

The suspicions are that some not entirely respectable online casinos deliberately delay the verification of players and decline their documents without a reason. In this way, they discourage customers from withdrawing money. If things get too complicated, many players will decide to cancel the withdrawal and spend the money. You can count on the top operators in our rating to avoid this problem. It is also useful to read player reviews.