Can a Casino Be Cheated? The Answer in Real Stories

Daniel C. White

You can get easy money at online casinos. You placed a bet and got a win. But guaranteed winnings are a different matter. There is no guarantee in gambling – therefore, hypothetically, it is possible only with some kind of fraud. So, can a casino be cheated? You don’t have to be an expert to answer this question. Let’s turn to real cases and see what they can tell us.

Proposals to cheat the casino

There are many proposals to take advantage of a bug in the casino software or some super-secret way to cheat the casino. Does it work? Of course! But not for those naive people who buy this. Sellers or virtues achieve their goals using such “tempting” proposals – they bring you to the casino or lure away your money by selling “valuable” information.

There are a lot of such proposals. The topic of scams in Telegram channels has been discussed on our website. Anyone would understand that this is a scam, if they do not look at the proposals with eyes lit with greed. Can a casino be cheated by tricks that are sold or given away? No, it cannot.

Real cases of cheating a casino

In reality, there have been cases when players got an advantage over the casino. Then why not believe that the casino cheating methods can be sold? Plain and simple: those who actually use software bugs or some other weak spots of the casino keep it to themselves and use the information quietly.

Gang from Saint Petersburg

Presumably, the gang from Saint Petersburg operated all over the world, cheating casinos for tens of thousands of dollars. They were caught in the US, charged there, and then expelled from the country. This is how they acted:

  • The player sat at the slot and rolled several dozen spins, filming it on the phone. The record was then sent via Skype to specialists who decoded the patterns by which random numbers were generated.
  • Having made a record, the player left the slot and walked away. When the specialists finished their job, the player returned to the same slot and held his finger over the start button for a long time, waiting for a signal to press it.
  • The signal was sent by a phone with a special app installed. The phone gave a signal to the player half a second before the winning combination. This is why the players sat with a finger hovering over the start button.

This situation is real. The cheating was discovered at Lumiere Place Casino in St. Louis, Missouri in 2011. Once other casinos in the state were informed, similar cases were discovered in other casinos. The scammers operated carefully – no more than $1,000 was withdrawn from each slot machine. However, according to the casino calculations, one player earned $21,000 in two days. We believe that now you have no doubt that real secrets are not sold, especially for a song.

Murat Bliyev was the player spotted at Lumiere Place, while Ivan Gudalov, Igor Larenov and Evgeny Nazarov also acted as players in other casinos. They all worked for unknown “bosses” from Saint Petersburg. They played only old slots made by Novomatic and Aristocrat, as they were vulnerable to their tricks.

The most interesting part is that the developers did not find any bugs and problems with the slot machines, and therefore they did not make any changes. On their part, the casinos decided that it was cheaper for them to catch such scammers from time to time than to buy new slots.

At the same time, Novomatic engineers admitted that, thanks to purposeful and continuous monitoring of individual sequences of the game and recording of individual games, it is possible that some kind of patterns can be identified in the RNG operation.

Can online casinos be cheated?

We do not remember any cases when players cheated online casinos. Of course, sometimes players win due to software bugs. But online casinos have clear rules in these cases: each operator has its back, indicating that winnings due to an error in the game are not paid.

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Only one very sensational case comes to mind. There are still two versions of what happened. Some were sure that the player used a special software that helped him win in Caribbean 21. Others pointed out that the casino had no grounds for accusations and that the operator simply did not want to pay. The only conclusion on our topic can be made for sure – online casinos can also be cheated.

The incident happened back in 2004 between a Pirateofc21 player named Brian Donahue and The $1,000 deposit brought the player $1.3 million. The win was a result of a continuous winning streak.

The case was complicated by the following facts. Firstly, Brian was a programmer. Secondly, there was a recording of a telephone conversation between the player and the casino representative, where the player confessed to using a prohibited robot. Thirdly, the game developer did not find any software bugs or any evidence that a robot was used.

Regarding the telephone confession, Brian later claimed that he was under pressure and confessed to what he had never done. After that, he continued to claim that he had not used any prohibited software. Since the developer Realtime Gaming did not find any prohibited actions, Brian demanded to pay him the money won. The casino agreed to pay the entire amount, but by $4,000 per week, extending the pleasure for 6+ years.

Once this agreement was reached, the player Pirateofc21 sent a message, where he jokingly claimed he had been so cool to hack their system and alter the game in his favor. The casino took this as a confession and refused to pay the money again.

Another recording of a telephone conversation emerged, where the player admitted after fierce disputes that he had created the program, which had taken him a month. Then again he denied using a prohibited software, followed by long disputes and accusations.

In our opinion, all this hype proves that online casinos can be cheated. Otherwise, there would have been no such heated disputes, which was even covered on NBC News, titled “Bettor wins $1.3 million; Net casino won’t pay”.


Can a casino be cheated? Yes, it can. However, it’s not that easy, so do not buy into scammers trying to sell you a cheap or expensive over-the-top secret method of cheating the casino. They will simply scam you. Real scammers who are able to cheat a casino do not disclose this in Telegram or any other platforms. They just do their business quietly.

Regarding the case with Pirateofc21 and, it is still not clear to us who was telling the truth. Hopefully, such an unlikely streak is possible, but it’s hard to believe. Did the player really use prohibited programs or the casino just refused to pay? What do you think?