In Which Cases Can Money Lost at the Casino Be Refunded?

Daniel C. White

There are different cases in which a player may want to get their money back. In most cases, they are players who regret losing money. They made bets deliberately, of their own free will, simply lost the money and want to get it back.

There are also rare cases where players were actually not aware that their money was deposited at a casino, or the casino had no right to take their money. Let’s figure out in what cases and how you can get back the money lost in the casino.


If you simply regret wasting your money, then don’t make up any stories to get it back. It won’t help – casinos constantly listen to such tales and are good at distinguishing fictional stories. Some players go so far as to claim that their cat walked on the keyboard and made a bet. This is very unlikely, and even if it were true, how would you prove it?

The casino does not have to return the money that you have bet of your own free will. If you lost, just live with it and do not bet so much in the future to regret it later. If you try to get money back from the casino with false stories, you risk getting blacklisted.

Transactions without your knowledge

As practice indicates, money often disappears from your cards or bank accounts through the fault of your close ones. For example, the UK is currently very concerned about protecting children and adolescents from gambling addiction. It is estimated to have 370,000 children making bets every week. Of these, 250,000 do so through licensed operators – most of them play casino slots.

Where does the child get money for the game? Stealing from parents is a common practice. An account is opened in an online casino in the name of a parent, the number of the parent’s bank card is entered, and the bets are made. Parents are left with paying off the debts of their children.

What should you do if you spot unauthorized transactions?

First of all, you need to contact the bank and ask to freeze your account. Then you need to contact the online casino and ask to suspend the funds on the gaming account. After this, you can start figuring out what happened and what the consequences are.

If someone else has stolen your card details, you have a chance to get your money back – this will require a police investigation. If they find that someone did steal the money, you can hope to get the money back from the casino.

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But if the money is stolen by relatives, it is a different matter. You will not report to the police in this case and, accordingly, there will be no evidence that it was not you who made the bets.

Playing during self-exclusion

There are often cases when players activate the self-exclusion mode, but the casino still allows them to bet for some reason. In this case, you have every right to get the money back from the casino. This rule applies in the UK, so you also need to know in which jurisdictions you can assert this right. The UK Gambling Commission even imposes heavy fines on operators who allow playing with requested self-exclusion.

It can be assumed that it will be much more difficult to recover money lost in a casino from the operators with a Curacao license. You can only hope that the casino cares about its reputation and will not want to tarnish it in this case, because the law will not be on your side.


It is understandable that casinos are not very enthusiastic about returning money, because players often try to cheat them. There might be players who use this loophole to play for free. They may look for websites where they can play after requesting self-exclusion. If they find one, they lose the money and demand to return it.

Casinos and gamblers are equally cheating. Casinos do not ask for documents and confirmation of the legality of your income as long as you lose. On the other part, players do not raise a dispute if they manage to win with active self-exclusion – at least, we have not seen any complaint of such kind.