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Written by: , Founder February 26, 2021 at 5:35PM
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What does the certificate mean?

What are the benefits of the ThePOGG Deposit Guarantee certificate? provides additional guarantees to players. If you see the Deposit Guarantee mark, you don’t have to worry that the casino may steal your money. If this happens, ThePOGG guarantees that your deposit is compensated from its own funds.

ThePOGG offers greater protection for players through the Deposit Guarantee. This website carefully screens casinos that fall into the “recommended” category. There are quite a few operators who rank high on other resources but do not get approved on ThePOGG. Even fewer have received the Deposit Guarantee mark.

Sometimes players are denied to withdraw without any intelligible explanation. The casinos that have received the Deposit Guarantee mark are required to submit the evidence of violation of the casino rules. No general explanations, without specifying specific points with specific definitions in the rules that have been violated, shall be accepted.

Only the casinos that have been listed on ThePOGG for at least 12 months can receive the Deposit Guarantee mark. In addition, the operator should have no complaints marked as ‘Found for the Player’, which means that the casino refused to cooperation in the player’s complaint investigation.

ThePOGG promises to compensate up to £500 if the casino fails to present the evidence and explain the reason for the refusal to pay out. The money will not necessarily be refunded to everyone who submits a complaint. The players who indeed violated the rules of the casino would be denied.

Fake marks

Don’t take the word of any casino. There have been cases when operators who had no Deposit Guarantee mark claimed that they had it. If you do want that extra guarantee, make sure to check on ThePOGG to see if the compensation is guaranteed.