Responsible Gaming: What is it and How to Use it?

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Almost any casino website has a Responsible Gaming section today. This section is created by almost anyone, even if they have nothing to offer. Let’s see what it is and whether it can be useful.

Some players find it very difficult to keep their temper in check during the game. There are many problems associated with gambling, which can turn the lives of players and their loved ones into hell.

To prevent such a gambling effect, various functions have been invented to help players cope with the desire to play more and lose more often. They were called tools for responsible gaming.

What tools are offered?

Some casinos only publish words about the need to be responsible and their desire for the players not to suffer in the Responsible Gaming section. Others offer real opportunities.

Almost any casino offers the opportunity to suspend your account for a while or forever. This also fits the concept of responsible gaming. However, there are often complaints that some operators do not actually suspend the account, and the players lose money because they failed to resist.

Limiting deposits

The player sets their threshold for a month, a week, or maybe other intervals. Once this limit is reached, they will no longer be able to make deposits. The threshold can be changed. A decrease in the limit is usually applied instantly, but an increase will only be applied after a while – usually in a week or the next day.

In case of losing, players want to win back, which may require a new deposit. This is why the increase does not take effect instantly. The player is given time to cool down and reconsider their intention.

Limiting bets, losses and time

These thresholds are set not to spend or lose more than expected. Limits on bets and losses can be set per session, per day, per week or per month. However, each casino will have its own conditions. The time of each session can be limited as well.

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Reality checks

To prevent losing their sense of time, players will receive messages that certain period has passed – for example, every hour. The game pauses when a reminder appears. However, the player can continue to play, confirming that they are aware of time. This is not a common option, but is still used by some casinos.

History of losses and wins

This also helps players control their behavior. It is believed that players can accurately determine how much they have lost or won. If they have a history at hand to show all this, they may play less. This is a good psychological trick.

Do casinos have to provide responsible gaming tools?

The rules vary across regulators. Let us consider the UK Gambling Commission as a showcase regulator. It requires a self-exclusion function, when the player can temporarily withdraw themselves from the game. The rest is just the initiative of the operators. For instance, here’s what EnergyCasino offers:

  • Set limits on deposits
  • Set limits on wager and losses
  • Set game time limit
  • Set self-exclusion for a certain period

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