How SoftSwiss creates and promotes casinos. Negative customer feedback

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I ran into a story of a SoftSwiss customer, who ordered the creation and promotion of an online casino from them and was very displeased, to put it mildly. A reference to the source can be found at the end of the article.

SoftSwiss (Direx N.V) A great amount of negligence in creating a casino

Where should I start? Well, if you are going to order a casino from SoftSwiss, you first need to decide on your budget. The creation of the platform will cost you 22,000 euros. The provider offers other services at an extra cost, if necessary.

According to the SoftSwiss’ manager Pavel, the price was revised earlier this year. Therefore, if you are offered a cheaper cost, you should verify the reliability of the persons making you an offer. Aside from Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies can be added to your platform. The company manager recommended to integrate Ether, saying that the rest were not in great demand.

All the customer’s wishes (color schemes, panel) are taken into account in the website design. Unfortunately, the service does not provide support for users in the US, Spain and the UK, although their official website states that they do provide support in the UK. Such restrictions are due to the toughened regulatory policies of the states. Therefore, the access of the users using the IPs of these countries is blocked.

Aside from creating the platform, the company also offers player support and website promotion services. Under the agreement, the company is responsible for all technical issues on the platform and should handle any problems caused by the system failure.

Speaking about the additional services, particular attention should be paid to the player retention service. This function is not stipulated in the contract, but it can be included as an optional item at your desire. The service includes the platform support with marketing tools. SoftSwiss specializes in retaining the existing players and increasing their loyalty.

The service will be most useful for the operators who are unconfident in building a successful business. It includes a player retention strategy, its development and implementation, content and gaming management, email newsletters, and the casino presentation on various gambling forums.

The above services are provided at an additional cost through prepaid invoicing. The operator can refuse to use these services at any time. The casino creation will take 1.5–2 months. The deal is formalized by signing an agreement between the customer and the contractor (SoftSwiss). The agreement can be amended in accordance with the requirements, supplements and alterations.

What the customer faces after concluding the deal?

The casinos built on the SoftSwiss platform account for about a third of all the gambling services. It turned out that there are numerous negative reviews on the Internet relating to the activities of SoftSwiss and support provided to its customers. Our not-in-depth analysis resulted in finding the information, according to which positive reviews about SoftSwiss were written by SoftSwiss itself.

We also found many complaints proving negligence and low level of technical training of this company agents.

Firstly, the managers involved in the platform promotion do not make efforts to fully promote the customer’s project, because one employee leads several projects at the same time. In addition, such a negligent attitude is significantly influenced by the monthly advance payment for the service, due to which it is simply not in their interests to work efficiently.

Secondly, the customers may face the first difficulties when developing the platform. The programmers do not have the level of competence that may be required by the customer. As a result, the promised 1.5–2 months before the launch grow into years of creation and misunderstanding.

Thirdly, the company pursues exclusively its own financial interests and therefore can treat the customer at its discretion. This is proved by the review at—hqkp, as well as by the clause in the agreement, according to which the company may terminate the agreement with the customer without any explanation (Clause d).

Having read the reviews of their customers, we came to the conclusion that all those people fell for the fraud of the company CEO Ivan Montik, who kept deceiving unsuspecting new customers.

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Livespins Keeps Gaining Traction. The Social Streaming Platform Partners with SoftSwiss

The online casino fell a victim of this scam.

SoftSwiss has abruptly terminated service to this casino referring to the following:

“We hereby notify you of the termination of our agreement from today (May 10, 2017) due to a violation of the agreement and the use of the software to provide games in regions in which you have no permission to do so.”

Unfortunately, this clause was not stipulated in the contract…

While Ivan Montik’s company SoftSwiss claims equal treatment of all its projects, the gaming platform did not set a restriction on registration in the prohibited regions – although, for example, such protection was enabled in the casino and blocked access to users with IPs from certain countries to register:

It was due to the negligence of the Direx N.V. (SoftSwiss) managers that Satoshi N.V. was not provided the full bundle of services that the customer had been entitled to on an equal footing with other customers such as,, etc.

Therefore, the service was terminated due to the violation of regional activities in Spain and the US by the fault of the SoftSwiss managers and technical staff, despite the fact that SoftSwiss (Direx N.V.) fully serviced these regions throughout the entire life of the website before that, without even notifying the owner about the prohibition of activities in these territories.

Servicing the bitcoin casino in the US

However, the company managers warn their potential customers about banning user access in these regions in some cases.

“SoftSwiss: Our platform will be unavailable in the US unless the players find other ways to sign up, but all other markets are quite viable.”

The company also promises that attempts of such access will be blocked automatically, and any issues will be resolved by the technical support service in case of any malfunctions.

“SoftSwiss: the agreement will contain the provision that we are responsible for all the technical aspects of the platform, and we will handle any failures in the order of priority that you have set for our team.”

Nothing like this happened with Satoshigames.

In addition, after the communication with a casino representative, it became clear that in addition to the low level of advice, the company’s agents failed to perform even half of the works that the SoftSwiss manager promised before signing the agreement. According to the information provided by the manager, the responsibilities of internal marketing included controlling fraud and representing the casino on the major thematic forums: Casinomeister, AskGamblers, etc. However, none of these works was performed.

In addition, we were quite surprised by the newsletter template for new English-speaking customers:

Why didn’t they translate the entire template into English???!!!

As Ivan Montik says, “We treat all customers equally,” which confirms that anyone can lose their money, not to mention the time and efforts invested in their “own” casino, which will be simply disconnected from service one day.


There are enough specialists on the market today who will be happy to cooperate and provide you with the products you need to open a bitcoin casino.

Please do not forget that you should choose a company to create a turnkey gambling platform with extreme caution: the information about its background in the gambling business, reviews from customers and players, as well as a list of additional services and products offered by the company will help to prove its reliability.

Therefore, it is better to choose a company with an excellent reputation before deciding on the developer. This will be your first step towards the success and prosperity of the platform.

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