How Unfair Casinos Cheat Players?

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You will have many reasons to worry, if the casino is unfair. Online casino cheating can take many forms. The worst degree of “unfairness” is when a casino uses unlicensed, scripted software. The problem is that the owners of such casinos can change the percentage of payments in games as they wish.

Script casinos have many distinctive features. One of them is a relatively narrow selection of games. They usually offer games from Igrosoft as well.

Refusal to pay the winnings

This is perhaps one of the most common problems. This is the problem of the licensed casinos that use original software. Script casinos simply won’t let you win, but in this case the problem is that the player wins, and the casino refuses to pay.

In unfair casinos of this sort, you will be fine as long as you lose more than you win. Even if you get “lucky” enough to hit a big prize, nothing may happen if you lose this money again. The problems will arise if you decide to withdraw it.

Such casinos usually buy a license in the most undemanding jurisdictions – such as Curacao. This offshore zone issues licenses in large quantities without any special requirements. Moreover, this license is invalid on the island of Curacao. This is very thoughtful considering that players are not protected from fraud.

It is not difficult to obtain a Curacao license. However, the regulator does not care much about the players in these casinos. The regulator didn’t even bother to provide the players with consideration of disputes with the casino, as all reliable regulators did. In short words, players will not be able to complain to the authorities.

We don’t remember eGaming Licensing Authority, the Curacao regulator, revoking any license ever – even though there were cases when players were cheated.

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Cheating with bonuses

This also happens quite often. Unfair casinos can offer bonuses to the player, and then refuse to credit them, or the wagering conditions are not attached to the bonus description. By hiding this important information, the casino increases its chances that inexperienced gamblers register and deposit funds.

Most online casinos do provide bonus details, including wagering requirements. However, sometimes they are hidden somewhere far away. You have to check the Terms and Conditions, which some players don’t.

Cheating with winnings

The chance is that some casinos use this method. In case of a big win, when the player wants to withdraw the money, they delay the payment. After this, they claim that the prize was a result of a software error. A small amount may be offered as compensation. Software errors do happen, but quite rarely.

Online casino blacklist – it contains all scammers, all casinos without a license or those using unlicensed software.