What does the AskGamblers.com Trust Certificate mean?

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The AskGamblers.com Trust Certificate guarantees the casino reliability. Only the best operators who pay great attention to their service quality and are ready to fairly resolve any disputes with the players can receive it. If AskGamblers trust a casino, you can rest assured to trust it as well.

The AskGamblers Trust Certificate is not an official legally binding document. However, the trust mark from this website is highly valued. The casinos that have received this certificate will never take unfair decisions, as they can be punished by AskGamblers.

The matter is that the trust certificate is beneficial for the casino. It gives players confidence that the play is fair and that the casino is ready to resolve any disputes. Without it, many players would have doubts about unfamiliar brands. The AskGamblers reputation is so strong that the players register on the website without doubts, if it has the AskGamblers Trust Certificate.

Who can receive a certificate?

As a player, you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the operators who have received the trust certificate. The casino must cooperate with AskGamblers for at least six months, have a rating above 7.5 and at least 80% of the disputes resolved. Only in this case the operator can apply for the certificate.

AskGamblers Trust Certificate. What is it for?

AskGamblers value their reputation. Therefore, no trust certificate can be issued to operators that fail to meet the requirements. If you study the complaints submitted on this website, you will understand how correct and objective AskGamblers’ decisions are.

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Large brands need no introduction and surety, this is why mostly small gambling websites receive the certificates. They demonstrate their reliability and commitment to openness through this.

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Like AskGamblers, our website also offers to obtain a trust certificate. We place high demands on casinos to ensure that the players are guaranteed fair conflict resolution as well. Each operator receiving the trust certificate will have to register their representative on the website.