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Written by: , Head of Content February 16, 2024 at 8:58PM
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PartyPoker Blocks Player’s Account After He Won $1,000,000 in a Tournament

A player known as Exodus944 posted on the 2+2 forum explaining his incident with PartyPoker. In October 2022 he won one of the operator’s SPINS tournaments and got a massive $1,000,000 prize. Out of this amount he managed to withdraw only $300,000 because his account was then blocked.  

The company claimed that the documents provided to verify the player’s address were fake. He is from Romania but lived in Ireland at the time he verified his address. That’s why he produced an Irish utility bill with his name on it. PartyPoker accepted the document and around $100,000 the player deposited after that. But when the player landed that huge win, the operator claimed the document is fake.  

At the time of the win, the player was in Ireland and could provide other proves that he was there. Entain, which is the company that owns PartyPoker, initially requested more documents but eventually didn’t want them. The player also claims that Entain at some point offered to pay a smaller amount but then again changed its mind. 

The player explains that Entain never said what they found wrong with the document he submitted. But when he raised the issue with eCOGRA, the mediator sided with the operator and explained simply that Entain didn’t break its T&Cs.  

The account was blocked in February 2023, and it wasn’t until June 2023 that the company contacted Exodus944 directly. Prior to that, they would only communicate through an affiliate despite the player’s attempts to hear from the company directly. After June 2023 the player was informed that the complaint was closed. Now, Exodus944 is about to take legal actions to recover his $707,000.