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How to Open an Online Casino? The White Label Solution

It may seem that opening an online casino takes lots of time and money. However, it used to be earlier, when there was only one option – to create everything independently from scratch. This is not the only solution today. How to open a casino quickly? Just use the White Label solution.

What is White Label?

The White Label concept is used in a wide variety of industries. Companies develop a product that is completely ready for sale. All you need is to attach brand marks to it and introduce it to the market – hence the name White Label. For example, a company produces White Label clothing items. Other companies buy them, attach their own labels and sell as their own items.

What is a White Label casino?

What is White Label Casino

As you can see, this concept is very convenient, because it allows to avoid the costs of the entire labor-intensive production process. The White Label concept is used in online gambling as well. You can buy a completely ready-made casino, choose the style, name and logo for the website, and launch it right away. We believe this is why there are so many similar casinos today.

White Label casino providers will offer you everything from software to customer support. Once the contract is signed, you do not acquire any rights to the software – you are just given the right to use it. It’s like a lease.

How to open an online White Label casino?

All you need is money, and the vendor takes care of the rest. There are many different vendors, the most popular among them being SoftSwiss and Every Matrix. Choose your vendor, then choose the casino settings, and you will get a ready-made, fully configured website in 2–3 weeks.

The customers won’t need to worry about anything other than website promotion. The gaming platform, affiliate program, games, payment systems and much more will be ready. The vendor will even suggest a website design. More importantly, you do not need to purchase a gambling license, as you will use the vendor’s one. Helpdesk operators and fraud prevention are also provided.

How much does it cost to launch a casino?

The price will depend on your configuration: settings, games, payment systems and license that you prefer. If the vendor can provide 2,000+ games in total, you don’t have to take them all. The same works with licenses. For example, you can choose between Malta and Curacao licenses, if you go with SoftSwiss.

The vendors charge a monthly fee as a percentage of your income for such services, on top of the fees for opening a casino. It covers the support service, hosting and software use.

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How to open a casino. Marketing

If you opt for a White Label casino, then all you have to do is concentrate on marketing. You were provided a product, you attached your label on it, and now you need to sell it. How to do it? There are different ways: using an affiliate program, paid advertising or SEO promotion.

Some methods of casino promotion are optional, but affiliate programs are launched by all casinos. This is probably the most efficient way. Affiliates are not paid for ad impressions or leads. They get a share of the profit or a fixed fee for new players who made a deposit. In this way, not a single cent is wasted.