How to Quit Gambling?

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For some players, gambling is not just a hobby, but an addiction that spoils their life. Too much money and time is wasted in the casino. Therefore, when entertainment turns into mania, something has to be done. Let us consider tips on how to quit gambling.

Detect a reason

The first step is to find out the reason why you are playing. This is important, because different reasons imply different approaches. Perhaps you are chasing winnings, and the casino is your chance to get extra money. Perhaps casino games pull you in, and you are just having fun spinning the reels and betting.

If the reason for playing is money

There are few lucky winners in the casino. There are even fewer of those who have remained in the black in the entire history of their play. Most of the players have more losses than wins. It may seem that you are winning a lot, but in fact this is just a mental trick. The player pays more attention to the wins but does not notice the losses. Therefore, the feeling of wins and losses is distorted.

If you really want to know how much you won or spent in the casino, then summarize your deposits and withdrawals or record the results of each session. If you look at the data over a long period, it will become obvious that gambling does not bring you money. After looking at these facts, you may not want to play anymore, given that money was your motivation.

Calculating wins and losses will help strengthen the idea that gambling is a loss in the player’s mind. We believe that this is an efficient way to withdraw from the game.

If the reason for playing is fun

Think about the interests you have besides casinos. It can be anything that can keep your brain busy and bring pleasant emotions or satisfaction. Recall your old, perhaps long-forgotten hobbies, or find new ones. Gambling is just one of many entertainment options, and you may find many of them even more attractive than casinos.

Make a list of what you like doing and include it in your plans. Do it even if you don’t usually schedule your time. In this way, you will know that something interesting is ahead, so the casino will fade into the background. When you are long for gambling, you can just go out for a walk, meet friends or visit your family.

You don’t have to fight the addiction to play alone. Involve your loved ones, they will certainly be happy with your decision and offer support. You can also find like-minded people on the forums. Read stories about the consequences of gambling addiction – it can increase your motivation.

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Bans on deposits

Banning deposits is one of the most practical tips on how to quit gambling. One of the players on a foreign website suggested this approach. You will need to contact the payment systems that you use and ask them not to allow deposits in casinos.

You can always find another way out. For example, if you can’t arrange disabling the deposit option with the company, you can simply not keep money in the electronic wallets. If this causes inconveniencies to you, then that is the price for getting rid of gambling.

Photos of your loved ones

A reminder of the loved ones can also help. If you have a strong bond with a person, you will be willing to put in the extra effort for that person to cope with the addiction. You can put a photo of the close ones next to the computer or in another place where it would be in sight if you suddenly want to play.

How to control the game?

Control over the game is also a victory over addiction. You can set a goal not to exceed certain limits. It is best to register at a casino where you can set limits on deposits, bets and losses. Additionally, there are time limits, and you can even withdraw from the game for some time or forever.

Make a rule to withdraw your winnings immediately. Not only losses, but also winnings cause a person to lose control. The players win, feel euphoric, play a bit more, then more and more, until all the money is lost.

You need to stick to this rule. Of course, it takes effort, but you won’t be able to quit gambling without any effort. At first, you will need to force yourself to do or not to do something, then it should become a habit.

Withdraw the money you won to make it less available – not just withdraw to an electronic wallet, but also withdraw the money from that wallet. You can even buy yourself something with this money.

How do you deal with the urge to gamble? Please share in the comments.