How to Register in an Online Casino without Using a Referral Link

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Written by: , Founder February 28, 2021 at 3:03PM
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It’s hard to tell what the point is, and what is the difference who gets the money you lost – the casino alone, or the partner also gets some. After all, it’s actually only you who are losing, so if you don’t want to share with anyone, then just don’t gamble at all. Well, okay, this is all irrelevant – if you want to register at a casino without being any partner’s referral, here are a few ways to do so.

First of all, if you have already registered at a casino, the chances are high that you are already someone’s referral. It is extremely difficult to access an online casino directly right now – the websites are very quickly blocked, so you can often find only partner websites in Yandex or Google search results, while the original casinos may not be there at all.

In this case, you cannot reverse the referral link – I’m not sure, but this is most likely prohibited by the rules of the affiliate programs.

How to register at a casino without becoming a referral

Method 1

Click on the affiliate link under the stream, for example, or on the Play button on any affiliate website. The affiliate (referral) link finds an actual working mirror of the casino you have chosen and records the information about you in the browser cookies – this information that will link your account to a particular casino affiliate during registration.

Do not register until doing the following: you need to erase all cookies on the casino website before registering – thus, all your losses will go to the casino only, and the partner will not receive anything, because we’ll delete information about them from cookies now.

How to do it? This is an explanation only for the Google Chrome users – if you use Opera or Internet Exporter, nothing can help you… First, click on the green lock icon to the left of the domain name in the browser address bar, select the line with the cookies and delete all cookies used on that website in the pop-up window. Only after this you can register.

Method 2

After you have followed the referral link and accessed the working mirror of the casino website, copy the domain of the casino website – it may be ugly, with incomprehensible numbers and symbols, for example: – Copied (Ctrl + C).

Next, open a new tab in the incognito mode – no cookies are used in this mode, and the browser knows nothing about you. In Google Chrome, this is the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N. Paste (Ctrl + V) the copied domain into the browser address bar, and only after this register.

As for me, I use the second method to register at a casino and try it for a review – because registration using my own referral links is prohibited in all affiliate programs.

P.S. If you think that you are registered in a casino and are not any partner’s referral, you are sorely mistaken)) As you most likely never did the above manipulations. Although…