PlayAttack Responds to the Vituss’ Video Criticizing the Affiliate Program

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Written by: , Founder October 23, 2018 at 11:01PM
Last Updated: January 14, 2022 at 11:12PM ()
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A casino streamer Vituss posted a video a while ago, where he spoke negatively about the PlayAttack affiliate program. The video explained why the streamer stopped working with it and gave an example of several suspicious actions, in his opinion.

However, the affiliate program contacted him soon after the publication and expressed a desire to make things clear. They gave clarifications to all situations that Vituss criticized. The streamer published their response in the comments under the YouTube video and added that the affiliate program had paid him all the money.

I withdrew the money from the affiliate program in full
I was not blocked as an affiliate, although I could have been (they have a provision that they can block anyone without explaining the reasons)

Vituss paid much attention to the case with his referral, who hit a jackpot, in the video. He said there was an unhealthy interest in the player and he was being watched too closely. He made such a conclusion from communication with the affiliate program manager, who said that the player withdrew the money little by little.

A PlayAttack representative said on one of the forums that it was just misunderstanding between the affiliate program manager and the streamer. As PlayAttack explained, it was the player was asked for money in small withdrawals to prevent any questions from banks and tax authorities. The affiliate program noted that their websites always allowed to withdraw quickly if the player could accept that money.

There was also a commentary on Vituss’ suggestion that the casino cheated on the Girls With Guns slot from Microgaming to make him lose. They said they could clarify with the developer what information can be provided and would sort out the issue together.

They also commented on his statements about streamers and verification. Their complete answer is provided below.

1. Player verification: let’s find out who exactly was not verified and where exactly, which resulted in a situation that they were unable to withdraw the money. The casinos experience delays sometimes, and we always apologize for this. All casinos presented in the PlayAttack have done a lot of work to speed up these processes, we are ready to handle the issues of single delays.

2. Streamers registered through the referral links of other streamers are affiliates who violate the rules. All cases where such questions arose have been analyzed in detail. Both cases described by you were analyzed by the parties to the conflict in detail, and we can request public information from them (if they agree).

3. Regarding the player who hit the jackpot. The player contacted the casino on his own initiative and asked to withdraw the amounts upon request, as he feared concerns from banks and tax authorities. If it were not so, disgruntled players would have posted on forums and described the situation in bright colors.

Our casinos always allow to withdraw big wins quickly, if a player can withdraw large amounts – you and a lot of other players and streamers know this very well and could experience it on your own.

4. You claim that the casino deceived you when you played Microgaming. Let’s take a closer look at this case. We can check with the Microgaming managers what information can be provided and handle the issue together.

Vituss was not the only famous streamer to complain about PlayAttack in recent times. We discussed the situations with DimOK and Igromania. The affiliate program responded in all cases and said that they would set up a blog to publish official information soon, since they could not respond on all websites where issues with their participation were discussed.