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Mega Moolah Slot Review. Everything About the Game and the Jackpot

Mega Moolah slot review

You’ve probably heard of this title a lot. For years this jackpot network has been a household name appealing to millions of gamblers. So, what is it, and why it’s so widely known? Mega Moolah is a video slot and the name of the jackpot it and many other titles are connected to.

It all started in 2006 with the release of Mega Moolah title. Today there are dozens of other video slots connected to the network. The original slot itself is pretty simple. No fancy features or boosters are present as the game is over 15 years old.

The artwork is uncomplicated and fun and still looks great, but the visuals come second. It’s the chance of hitting a massive win that draws thousands of players across the globe. The secret to its success is the enormous amount of money its Mega jackpot accumulates.

For many years Mega prize pot had been seeded at €1 million before in 2022 the studio doubled the amount. The pot starts at €2 million and the average drop as of today is around 6 million EUR. No wonder gamblers go crazy looking at the figures and join the chase despite microscopic chances of becoming the lucky winner.

The seed value is provided by the supplier that charges operators for integrating the title. The rest of the money is contributed by punters as a small share of each bet goes into the pot.

Is Mega Moolah Available

As usual, developers set certain geo-restrictions as their licenses and certificates don’t allow them to work in every single market on the planet. Microgaming takes this extra seriously and therefore restricts access to its slots to numerous countries. The easy way to find out if you can or can’t play the title is to launch Mega Moolah without masking your IP.

If your country isn’t restricted, there are plenty of gambling sites that provide it. Not every operator that partners with the developer has this slot, but you’ll have multiple trusted casinos that have Mega Moolah and deliver a fun, safe, and rewarding environment.

Best Mega Moolah Casinos 2024

With so many great gambling sites that have integrated the studio’s content, finding the right one shouldn’t be an issue. Start by thinking about what your preferred characteristics and compare a range of options. If you aren’t sure where to start, visit our Microgaming casinos page. Use filters to set the desired parameters such as licenses, payment options, currencies, and languages.

Rating: 6.92
Bet $25 and Get $10 Bonus
No Deposit Bonus
Rating: 6.92
Min. deposit

Operators that score higher don’t necessarily excel others in everything, and you may want to consider other options as well. If a casino rating alone isn’t enough to make a decision, follow the Review link. We look into all key aspects from rewards to the T&Cs to find anything gamblers would or wouldn’t like. After reading the Mega Moolah casino reviews, it’s much easier to make up your mind.

To form your own opinion about selected gambling sites, take a look at some key things we pointed out below. The operator should:

  • Be licensed and have a good reputation
  • Set clear terms and conditions and other documents
  • Ensure great customer support and complaints management
  • Offer competitive bonuses and acceptable bonus wagering
  • Have a good library of content

One thing you should pay special attention to is the Withdrawal Policy which usually specifies cash out limits, deposit wagering requirements, payment processing times, and possible withdrawal/deposit fees. Check out Anti-Fraud Policy as deposit turnover may be mentioned there.

How to Play Mega Moolah

Load a game in the demo mode and you’ll be surprised how easy it’s to play it. The title was developed in 2006 when there weren’t many boosters and thrilling stuff. Traditional winning lines, free rounds, plus the jackpot round that lands randomly shouldn’t scare even novice gamblers. Players just need to bet and give reels a spin.

In this Mega Moolah slot review we discuss everything about this African safari-themed game. A lion is the highest-value icon. A bunch of other animals representing the region also appear on the screen. Everything that you should know about the slot is explained in its paytable.

Choose the Settings icon in the bottom left corner and then select the information icon to access the Paytable. Select the Settings icon to enable or disable sounds, quick spin, and mini paytables that pop up when you click on any symbol.

Mega Moolah review

Another feature that you most probably will love is the Jackpot Win History. Behind the trophy icon hides the statistics on the all four jackpots for up to 2 years. The stats are provided for each prize pool separately, and it shows the highest win, total won, number of wins, last win, average win, and the average time between the drops for a selected time frame.

Paylines & Coins

Some slots show the paylines right on the screen, but for this one, users should open the Paytable and scroll to the bottom to view how similar icons must line up. There are 25 lines and they have a variety of shapes from straight lines to zigzags and other symmetrical forms.

Mega Moolah slot machine review

The coins located in the bottom right corner will reveal a betting menu. There are several preset options to choose or simply drag the scroll bar to set a different bet size. A minimum bet of 1 penny per line is required. So, your min total bet per spin is €0.25.

Spin Button

Once the wager amount is set, all that’s left is to start the round. The corresponding button is located on the right side of the screen. If you use your smartphone in portrait mode, all the user controls are located below the main layout. Choose the little “+” icon above the Spin feature to reveal the AutoPlay options and activate the Fast Spin feature.

The Jackpot Wheel

This is something every Mega Moolah jackpot fan is eager to see. The wheel gets triggered randomly after any winning or non-winning spin even during free spins. It has twenty sectors: 10 of them award Mini jackpot, 6 – Minor, 3 – Major, and 1 – Mega. An arrow pointing at a lion’s pawprint makes you are at least two million Euros richer. An elephant footprint is also a good prize that awards dozens of thousands.

Mega Moolah jackpot slot

Landing this wheel isn’t something impossible, but most of the time players get the two smallest pots, Mini and Minor seeded at €10 and €100 respectively. All four prize pots are progressive and grow continuously. When you play other titles connected to the network, the wheel will slightly vary, but all four prize pools are always there. Every activation is a guarantee that one jackpot will be yours.

About this theme
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How to Win

You can never be sure when the main prize is about to drop. The average Mega payout as of today is around $5.9 million but there are cases when it dropped within days from the last win awarding just over the seed value.

Other times it exceeds the €10 and even €15 million mark and still won’t drop. The average time between the wins is 8 weeks and 1 day. But these average figures can change with time, although they are unlikely to change drastically.

If you happen to land one of two top jackpots, remain composed until the confirmation comes that the win is legit and there weren’t any errors. This can take some time, so don’t celebrate, buy expensive stuff, or quit your job. After the win is confirmed by the developer, you’ll get it paid in a lump sum. But check casino T&Cs to make sure there are no limits imposed on jackpot withdrawals.

Mega Moolah Slot Pay Table & Paylines

This game isn’t only about that massive payout that draws everyone’s eyes. Just like any other slot, it awards regular payoffs for lining similar symbols. Winning any regular payout is also random. Higher-value symbols such as lions, elephants, and buffalos require just two similar icons to release the lowest payoff. At least three similar lower-paying symbols must land for a payout.

A set of 3 scatters grant you entry into the bonus round. But to sweeten the pill of coming just one symbol shot, Mega Moolah awards a relatively generous reward for two scatters. Combinations can’t be chaotically spread across the reels and must land on one of the paylines to award a win.

Mega Moolah slot paylines

Only left-to-right combinations count, which can be frustrating when you have three or four symbols landing on one of paylines but backwards. Load free play version of Mega Moolah and open the paytable to see everything you should know about how to win.

Tips for Hitting the Jackpot on Mega Moolah

Landing this popular jackpot is random. So, you just need to relax and take it easy hoping to grab the mouth-watering stash of money someday. One thing you shouldn’t worry about is the jackpot being snatched by professional jackpot chasers.

Jackpot syndicates, mentioned by Relax Gaming CEO, Simon Hammon, target low liquidity jackpots and end up grabbing them repeatedly leaving operators with the same winners every time. Mega Moolah protects you from having to compete with these syndicates by making the jackpot system highly unpredictable and extremely liquid. There are so many gamblers who want it that it isn’t profitable for syndicates to join the chase.

But random doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve your chances. Below we provide some tips that can help you in reaching your ultimate goal. Keep in mind that these tips will only slightly affect the likelihood of hitting the win, and the chances will remain minuscule regardless.

Wager As Much As You Can Afford To

Don’t take this tip as an attempt to trick you into spending more on gambling. Play responsibly and within your limits. But you should know that as your bet increases, the odds of the jackpot dropping also increase. It isn’t clear, however, how much better it is to place one bigger bet instead of multiple smaller ones, because the developer doesn’t disclose the information on how the chances change.

So, if you can, wager more per spin. This should make you a more likely winner. But as we have already mentioned in this slot review, play Mega Moolah responsibly, and use a variety of tools most casinos provide to help players enjoy gambling without overspending.

Play the Game As Often As You Can

Wait before jumping on a wild gambling spree. Every additional spin you make does get you closer to the desired outcome, but in the pool of total rounds that should be played on average, your extra spins won’t make a significant difference.

Suppose it takes on average 100 billion rounds to grab the Mega pot. You make 1,000 spins and decide to double the amount. This doubles the chances, but they remain very insignificant. So, it’s obvious that more rounds buy you extra chances, but they are never enough give you substantial edge.

Make Sure To Grab Promos

Don’t be obsessed by the idea of becoming an instant millionaire. Because in the gambling context is unhealthy. There should be no rush. Try to enjoy the experience. Casino rewards can contribute to having more positive experience and buy you more time.

It’s unlikely to see any no deposit free spins released for Mega Moolah because jackpot titles require real stakes. Every casino manages bonuses differently, but usually, they all exclude jackpots from playing on bonus credits, even when you spend your real money first, but have an active bonus. However, clearing bonuses provides some extra funds to bet on any slot.

Top Mega Moolah Slots

The network grows quite rapidly. After having a fixed number of slots connected to the network for years, Microgaming decided at some point to significantly expand it. Now new titles are regularly added with so many great and modern options already available.

There’s a roster of studios that partner with Games Global, the company that took over Microgaming’s content development and distribution business. These studios roll out new Mega Moolah video slots and introduce popular older titles featuring the progressive jackpot. Thunderstruck II and Golden Factory are just two examples.

Mega Moolah record jackpot

  • Absolootly Mad remains a strong player favorite even two years into its release. Alice in Wonderland theme is easily recognizable in the game with the Mad Hatter as the main character and the iconic Tea Party. Unlike the initial Mega Moolah title by Microgaming, it features 243 ways to win engine with Rolling Reels.
  • Juicy Joker Mega Moolah is another amazing option. It offers a fun and upbeat environment with a classic feel to it. The game is centered around a variety of wild symbols: regular wilds, respin wilds, juicy, and returning ones. Despite the classic set of symbols, it has all characteristics of modern video slots.
  • Fortunium Gold Mega Moolah is packed with even more features and boosters. Stacked symbols are 5 rows high and improve the chances of landing multiple payouts. The slot machine features thrilling steampunk visuals.

Mobile Slots

Titles connected to the network are compatible with all popular mobile and desktop platforms. User interface changes to smoothly adjust to different screen sizes. You can choose both portrait and landscape modes on your handheld device without compromising on the quality of the experience.

Mega Moolah series contains great mobile slots as they aren’t typically overloaded with lots of features and plenty of heavy animation. No app download is required as these are HTML5 browser games.

Pros & Cons
  • The nail-biting experience of chasing the major prize appeals to a wide range of punters. The network holds the record for the biggest online payout at around €19.4 million. Every time its Mega pot drops, there’s one more millionaire in the world.
  • When you enter the jackpot round, you get at least something on your way out as there are three smaller prize pools up for grabs. The second-largest pot also offers some solid wins. Punters can get a few dozen thousand Euros.
  • Another nice thing is that every bet qualifies for a jackpot. Even the smallest amount wagered makes you eligible. In contrast, other jackpots may require a certain minimum bet to qualify or set a separate price for entering the chase.
  • Jackpot randomness is one thing that keeps you at the edge of the sit at all times. Whether it’s your first spin or you are an experienced player, you have a chance to hit it. One of the multi-million wins, for instance, was handed to a new player after he made just a few spins. With Mega Moolah you just never know when luck will strike.
  • One of the major concerns when playing Mega Moolah is its low RTP. 88.12% is what you get without a jackpot. The chances of hitting the Mega or Major jackpots are tiny. And with the competition being that high, it’s a miracle to land such a win. Without it, you end up playing a slot that returns around 8% less than high-RTP online slots return on average. But considering that many games now have flexible RTP with some versions returning just around 88%, Mega Moolah RTP shouldn’t seem like a big deal.
  • Multiple geo-restrictions are another issue. Players from many countries aren’t allowed to join the chase. Other studios are less strict in this regard and have their games accessible from many more countries.
  • Everyone has a chance, but chances vary. Larger bets give higher chances of hitting the dream win. The problem is Microgaming doesn’t reveal how much the chances change in response to the wager increase.

Final Verdict on Mega Moolah

This is an iconic slot that was one of the first to introduce these life-changing wins. Today dozens of new titles are connected to the jackpot network making it even more relevant in the modern gambling environment. Mega Moolah does have some disadvantages, but the dream of winning extremely big outweighs everything. As long as gamblers play responsibly and enjoy the process, chasing even this elusive Mega jackpot is worth their time and money spent.

Players from numerous regulated countries have access to the game. But unfortunately, there are quite many restricted locations. The sure way to find out if you are allowed to play or not is by loading a game.
You can win millions of Euros when the Mega prize drops. Only a few other slots can offer such a fortune. In this slot review we discuss Mega Moolah jackpots seed values and how to view the recent jackpot stats.
Larger bets increase the chances of hitting a jackpot. But always play within your means and remember that as much as you want it, the dream payout may never land for you. So, just enjoy the process and don’t think of it as a way to get rich quick.