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Written by: , Head of Content May 18, 2023 at 3:20PM
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711 Online Casino Reports a Large-Scale Bonus Abuse Fraud to the Police in the Netherlands

711 online casino has taken action after it determined a large-scale fraud. contacted 711 lawyer Johan L. Vissers to find out that the operator reported the incident first to the Gaming Regulator and then to the police. It will also seek compensation from those involved in the fraud.

The incident that led to the discovery of a large-scale fraud was extensively discussed on the OneTime forum with both parties present. A woman, known as dtensen, won €125,000 and was refused the withdrawal. Her case triggered an internal investigation that found a group of people involved in bonus abuse.

The woman denies any fraudulent actions and claims to be a legitimate player. She received two 100% bonuses for her €711 deposits. First time she lost the money but after claiming the bonus for the second time, she was lucky to hit two jackpots on Wild Depths by Pragmatic Play, collecting over €125,000.

The fact that the case was reported to the police shows that the casino is confident that the fraud took place. And it seems that operators are now willing to take more drastic actions to fight fraud. In April this year, bet365 was able to put behind bars a bonus abuser from Essex.